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  1. is this mostly because of cost of joining a club? also your league does it have prizes per event and per set term? Our comps have prizes for each event, and then quartley add up events too
  2. it's a whole different ball game here - in Sydney there are a lot of courses that have waived entry fee, and then yearly playing fees are between $1500-$3000 per year depending on the course. I think thats why I stayed here instead of moving back to north america .. golf is abundant and cheap
  3. cool - the one thing i love about golf here is the comp rounds, you can play one every day of the week if you want to. Different clubs offer open comps meaning you can play a great course in a competitive round for like $50. I dont play social anymore - i do have groups at my home course that I play with often and we may have our own game inside the competition - but we are always in the competition.
  4. When I played up there in the Bay area it was the same way, and it was obvious that a lot people self report based on ego not ability. I met quite a few players who were obviously 10 shots worse than their handicaps .. As I said here its all done in competition where your marker is there when you enter your score and then the card itself is checked by the club.
  5. how are handicaps created there - in competition or by individuals? meaning here your scorecard has to be marked by a playing opponent, no gimees etc. same question - how are handicaps created there - in competition or by individuals? meaning here your scorecard has to be marked by a playing opponent, no gimees etc.
  6. what I forget to ask is - does your club hold competitions played under the rules of golf?
  7. Hi no this isn't a marketing message - just a real question. Here in Australia if you belong to a Golf Club you can play in a sanctioned competition just about every day of the week. We call them comps. Your own course will run between 2 to 4 per week, and some other clubs will have local "Comps". They are Stableford events, Stroke, Par or sometimes scramble. The are played under the rules of golf (strict) so no gimmes, a playing partner keeps your scorecard etc. In fact down under you can only establish your handicap through these events, there is no self registering scores to create your handicap. I used to live in North America and I don't ever remember competitions like this. Any feedback from where ever you are would be great thanks

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