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  1. Good game from Canada to beat Tonga today. (p.s GO NZ)
  2. I got closest to the pin in a scramble. Ended up getting $200 worth of roundup transorb and other chemicals which is quite funny considering i work for a spraying contractor.
  3. Back out on the course after a few injuries. Played not to bad. 81 (+9) ,1 Birdie but a few good chances for more that i missed. I was hitting my new cobra driver straight down the middle most of the time, Im looking forward to getting some short game practice in and getting into single digits over summer.
  4. Shot 84 with a couple of 3 putts . I couldn't hit my irons at all today. But I was driving the ball pretty solid so had alot of chances at the greens.
  5. My first tournament I was really nervous. After slicing one OB off the first tee it took me 7 shots to hole out on the easiest par 4 on the course and it didn't get much better from then on doubles and bogeys all day. I did learn alot from that round though and can't wait to play tourneys when they come up.
  6. Wow Thats awesome. I only have one golf shop in my city and its small and doesn't stock very much at all. I could spend hours in that Superstore.(and money lol)
  7. Played Front nine and shot 43 (+8). Bogey golf all day. Just can not get off the tee as well as i would like, leaving long shots into greens.
  8. Par 5 third shot in from 100 metre marker. Hit a good pitching wedge to 3 feet and sunk the putt for the bird.
  9. Went out for 9 holes today. Shot +5 (40) 5/7 FIR 3 GIR 16 Putts I was going abit easier at my drives trying to hit more fairways it seemed to work most of the time.
  10. After being on the forum a while now and reading so much about S&T; and how it benefitted so many people's games I to decided to try get my weight on the front foot and see how it went. I am exactly like you I have never hit my irons with so much consistency and power. My driver was horrible before hand but is slowly getting better. I would stick to it with all your clubs, I sure am.
  11. Finally got back out for 9 holes for the first time in a few weeks because of rain and flooding on the course. I shot a 42, 5/7 FIR, 1 GIR, 14 putts. I was really happy with the driver today :).
  12. I seen a car with a number plate surround one day saying "I'd rather be driving a golf ball". It could go with alot of them number plate options.
  13. 8 iron 135 metres into a par 3 and got it pin high around 8 feet away. Left the putt short though
  14. I played a course i have never played and shot an 87. Driving was all over the place. I was hitting my irons nicely but thats about it.
  15. Even worse when its the warriors and the highlanders your supporting lol.
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