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  1. 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont Discussion Thread

    Yes!Dustin. Smile and have a laugh! It will help you focus! Respect the 17th!!http://hubpages.com/sports/Drive-for-Show-Putt-for-Double-Bogey-The-17th-Hole-At-Oakmont-at-The-US-Open
  2. 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont Discussion Thread

    US Open at Oakmont, one of the toughest golf courses in the world. See this Article on the 17th Hole: http://hubpages.com/sports/Drive-for-Show-Putt-for-Double-Bogey-The-17th-Hole-At-Oakmont-at-The-US-Open Jordan Spieth is the man since he's an amazing putter. Jason Day is ranked first in stats in putting but he'll put his long drives into the deep deep rough. Watch Danny Lee, Brian Harman and Harris English too!
  3. Who Is Your All-time Favorite Golfer?

    Slammin' Sammy Snead, of course! Most wins on the PGA Tour, a time tested record, may not ever be broken....http://www.pgatour.com/tourreport/2013/03/10/all-time-wins-leaders-on-pga-tour.html
  4. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    Jordan Spieth has experience in in this major since he won last year but he's on his way loosing a comfortable lead. Jordan needs to relax. Easy to say but very hard to do in his situation right now. He needs a good and great golf joke right now like a recent bestseller golf joke book in Amazon, Absolutely Hilarious Adult Golf Jike Book. He needs to read the jokes and find the cart girl and have a beer and coast his way in. Wow what a tournament it's turned into!
  5. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    Very easy to come close to picking a winner tomorrow. See what the experts from Golf Magazine predicted before the tournament began.http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/masters-2016-predictions-and-winners there should be very very slow play in any event. Have beer available.
  6. Jordan Spieth's Slow Play

    Hard to keep your mind clear thinking usually about the most important shot which of course always is the next one
  7. Jordan Spieth's Official Thread

    See this vid - Colin Montgomerie comments on Bernhard's slow play. Speith is slow too? Seems all are going to get frustrated?
  8. Jordan Spieth's Slow Play

    See this vid where colin montgomerie talks about Bernhard's slow play and Speith is right behind watching it. Should mess everyone's tempo?
  9. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    Yes, well done Bernhard Langer! Have you seen this vid on Colin Montgomery's comments on Berhhard's slow play? http://www.golfchannel.com/media/colin-mongomerie-talks-berhard-langers-slow-pace-play/
  10. 2016 Masters Toonamint Discussion Thread

    The Masters: Bernhard Langer is 58 years old! He played with Jason Day today who out hit Bernhard all day and drove past Langer's drives up to 70 yards. On the second hole, a par 5, Bernhard had to hit a a three wood to the green while Day only had a 7-iron into the green? Even Jordan Speith said Langer is incredible. "Doesn’t he win most every tournament on the Champions Tour? He’s a force to be reckoned with....You can’t think of his age — he’s just another competitor tomorrow who is fully capable of winning this tournament.” Langer was quoted as saying he thinks he can win and if so, Bernhard's 16 year old son, Jason Langer, who wasn't even born when his dad won the Masters twice in 1985 and 1993. Tomorrow is going to be an interesting day to say the least. Bernhard's experience and his slow and deliberate play, plus the fact that he'll be playing in the twosome right in front of Speith, should be something to watch! The slow and deliberate play of Bernhard Lang may keep Speith out of rhythm and out of the amazing zone he's in right now. There were some cracks in Speith's armor bogeying 17 and then double bogeying the 18th. I think (for what it's worth) Jordan Speith needs a joke or two to stay relaxed tomorrow and to enjoy his round. There's a great new bestseller on Amazon now called "Absolutely Hilarious Adult Golf Joke Book" and it is funny and wish I could send it to him so he could give it read before he plays and to tell a few jokes if he has to wait in the fairway for Bernhard to get off the green and to laugh and disregard any of Bernhard's putts that may drop in right in front of him. Just my opinion - I wish the best to both of you and all the rest of the contenders. Remember to keep laughing (even though there's millions of $$$$ involved here, and have a great time and enjoy yourself out there and laughter will help you relieve stress and relax. As comedian Bill Murray has said: “The more relaxed you are, the better you are at everything: the better you are with your loved ones, the better you are with your enemies, the better you are at your job, the better you are with yourself.”
  11. I talked today with our Club Pro at Gulf Harbour CC in New Zealand regarding Kiwi Danny Lee and why he is doing so well on 13+ stimptmeter greens. He told me a few years ago he represented the North Harbour in New Zealand and Danny was representing Rotarua in the final two rounds of a New Zealand Competition. Both he and Danny shot 72 the first day, then our pro shot 74 the next except Danny shot a 63 to win. Danny can putt! Reminds me of Fuzzy Zoeller from SW Florida who was an excellent putter as well. If Danny doesn't get into any trouble his putting should make him a strong contender.
  12. Congrats to Lydia Ko - Major Win #2

    I think Lydia is a typical person with a strong golf talent. I belong to Gulf Harbour CC in New Zealand and was at the club Saturday morning watching the Masters and one of our club pros joined us and commented on Lydia who practiced here for years as a young teen and the pro and all at our table agreed that she was a typical teen age girl just like most of the rest of girls in their early teens. She would generally think about things other than golf, typical teen things and was laid back, as she walked the course but when she came to her ball she completely golf focused in a very relaxed way. Another guy at the table commented on what past PGA Tour player John Lister (John played the PGA Tour in the early 70s and early 80s and plays Gulf Harbour quite a bit) said about Lydia as he watched her on the practice range one day. John said Lydia hit a pin 90 meters out 3 times in a row and he personally hadn't seen anyone do that before and kind of knew she was special. Anyway, I think it's best to think of her as just like anyone else except she just has an exceptional talent for golf. Most people who are at the top of their profession just simply have a knack for it. I may be wrong but I don't think there's any magic formula or magic practice routine, you're either born that way or not.
  13. Congrats to Lydia Ko - Major Win #2

    Lydia is getting very famous. Will fame spoil her head? A personal story to share: Lydia started at young age under the excellent coaching of Guy Wilson at the North Shore CC just north of Auckland and as the years progressed she kept winning amateur events. We didn't know anything about Lydia when we came to New Zealand in 2006 and settled here and joined the Gulf Harbour CC in Gulf Harbour NZ about 45 min from Auckland. Lydia left North Shore CC and practiced every day at Gulf Harbour when we joined the club and we got to know her very well. The club had a reception for her when she started to play certain LPGA events as an amateur and all wished her well and I talked at length with Lydia and her original coach Guy Wilson. I told them the story on how Jack Grout (who coached the young Jack Nicklaus) shied away from people calling him the greatest coach in golf. Grout would respond to the effect, "Well I told Jack to do this, and he did it perfectly. I wasn't a coach I just shared what I knew and Jack just simply did it effortlessly." Guy Wilson laughed and said he could relate to that. Lydia impressed me as being very relaxed and kind of matter of fact. Yes, she knew she was a very good golfer but that's just the way she was and didn't think that was anything overly special. I was still amazed at how respectful people in New Zealand are to each other no matter who they are. Frank Nobilo can attest to this and probably explain it better. The bathroom cleaners at Gulf Harbour CC get the same respect as the Prime Minister. In contrast, we had visited Arnold Palmer's Bay Hill Country Club in Orlando several years ago and saw Mark O'Meara and other well known PGA players practicing around the practice green and passersby and golf fans would stop and stare and watch them practice sand shots and I got the impression when you're a big star you have to live with it and it was a bit annoying to the golf stars. We were surprised to find the people in NZ aren't celebrity seekers - they respect each other's privacy and it's sort of an every man society. For example, my wife and I were in Wellington at the Portofinos Restaurant on the water and two tables away were Peter Jackson and Tom Cruise (probably discussing movie work) but Kiwis respected their privacy and no one bothered them - no one sought autographs, took photos, etc. So I hope Lydia doesn't get too annoyed at the celebrity seekers in other parts of the world with her increasing success and fame. I don't think it will bother her too much since her personality is very cool and laid back. We're all glad she's got a great caddie now too (even though he's an Aussie, Ha ha!). Just wanted to share this and conclude with a wish for Adam Scott and Kiwi caddie Steve Williams do it again this week!
  14. Golf Jokes Master Thread

    Here's another great golf joke: Ernie Els died and was up before God for Judgment. He was met by St. Peter at the Gates of Heaven who greeted him. “Mr. Els, you were a great golfer but before you meet God, I thought I should tell you that other than your great golf career, you really didn’t do anything for the common good or for the bad, so we’re not sure what to do with you. We don’t have any golf courses in heaven but what particularly did you do on earth that was good? Ernie pondered for a bit and said, “Once after playing a golf tournament in California, I was driving back to the hotel and there in the parking lot, I saw a young woman being tormented by a group of Hell’s Angels – you know revving their engines, circling her, taunting her with obscenities?” “Go on,” said St. Peter. “So I stopped and got out of my car with my 5 iron and went up to the leader – the biggest guy there. He was much bigger than I, very muscular, had tattoos all over, a scar on his face and a ring in his nose. Well, I put my index finger in his nose ring and tore it out of his nose. Then I told him and the rest of them they’d better stop bothering this woman or they all would get more of the same!” “Wow, that’s very impressive Ernie!” St Peter replied. “When did this happen?” "About two minutes ago," said Ernie.
  15. Golf Jokes Master Thread

    In my humble opinion, here's how to tell a great golf joke: - Be relaxed and confident. - Vary your voice and give sound effects. - Don't prematurely laugh - but keep a smile going. - Long jokes are best. - Wait a beat before giving the punch line. For example: "John Daly walks into a clubhouse bar and reads a sign that hangs over the bar: FREE BEER! FREE BEER FOR THE PERSON WHO CAN PASS THE TEST! So John asks the bartender what the test is. Bartender says, 'Well, first you have to drink that whole gallon of pepper tequila, the whole thing at once and you can't make a face while doing it. Second, there's a 'gator out back with a sore tooth... you have to remove it with your bare hands. Third, there's a woman up-stairs who's never had an orgasm. You gotta make things right for her.' John says, 'Well, I've done some outrageous things in my life, but as much as I would love free beer, I won't do it. You have to be nuts to drink a gallon of pepper tequila and then it gets crazier from there.' Well, as time goes on John drinks a few, he asks, 'Wherez zat teeqeelah?' He grabs the gallon of pepper tequila with both hands, and downs it with a big slurp and tears are now streaming down his face. Next, he staggers out back and soon all the people inside hear the most frightening grappling and thumping followed by a fierce roar, and then silence. John staggers back into the bar, his shirt is ripped to shreds and big scratches are all over his body. 'Now' he says, 'Where's that woman with the sore tooth?'" This joke is easy to remember and change from you John Daly voice to your Bartender voice while telling it. Make sound effects for the thumping and roaring. Stagger our like John Daly does and exaggerate he's torn to shreds. Another example: A New Yorker and a Texan, both high handicappers, were spraying their shots resulting in the Texan driving and bouncing the cart through very rough tough terrain trying to find their wayward golf balls. It got so bumpy the New Yorker hit his head a few times on the cart's roof then fell out of the cart. "Hey, take it easy partner. This ain't a rodeo," the New Yorker said as he got up rubbing his head. "Pardner, you oughta learn bronc riding," said the Texan. The New Yorker said, "Sounds great but there aren't any rodeos in the Big Apple." "You don't need a rodeo, Pardner. Just get your girlfriend down on all fours and mount her from behind. Then reach round and cup both of her breasts and whisper, 'Your sister has bigger ones', then try to hold on for eight seconds!" Remember to change your voice from a Texas accent to a New York accent and act out the joke. You should get a ton of laughs!