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  1. Thanks mate. Appreciate your help. I'll be staying in Brooklyn so I have no idea about traffic (although I think you drive on the wrong side of the road) or how long it takes to go anywhere - but very excited by the whole trip, let alone the prospect of playing golf. Sister in law works in the corporate world so hoping she has a contact that can take me to a course somewhere. Anyway, so long as I don't get run over (did I mention I think you drive on the wrong side of the road ?) then I won't be too fussed about which course - I'm more hopeful to meet up with like golfers and get to play a rou
  2. Have a good look at the usage of your fairway woods and do yhe math.You may find it better to take ,say,your 3 wood out and use your hybrid wood to cover off. I like the thought of more wedges whatever the combination.Having the right wedge in hand will give you greater connfidence all up.
  3. Thanks for the heads up mate.any ideas on which is the next best course out of the 4 you mentioned ?
  4. Hi there,traveling to NYC from Australia in August,would love to play somewhere,any New Yorkers here? I've heard of the legendary Bethpage Black but,don't fancy sleeping out,plus I think the Barclays are on the week after I'm there,so probably a no go. Are there other public access courses you could recommend ? Thanks,mate.
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