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  1. Hey -- new user here. just found this board. I am playing Firestone Country Club on Tuesday afternoon. Was supposed to play with my dad, but due to back issues he can't play. Looking for someone to fill the slot. Details: $150, includes lunch and then golf at 1:30. Let me know if anyone is interested. --aaron adunifon@gmail.com
  2. It's interesting, because if you go by pricing on the secondary market, it's generally the most popular day of the week behind Thursday and Friday.
  3. Get there before the gates open so you can be one of the first in. Take a chair with you and know ahead of time where you want to put that chair for viewing for later in the day. After that, walk the course. It's pretty fantastic walking the second 9 early in the morning before anyone is out there. Wait in line to have your picture taken in founders circle. They will tell you where you can download the picture once you get home. Enjoy the cheap food and drink options. Make sure to spend some time in the merch building stocking up on masters gear. Most of all, enjoy your time there. Get there as early as possible and stay until they make you leave. It's an incredible experience. I'll be down there Saturday and Sunday for my second time. Can't wait.
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