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  1. My Swing (Ks golf)

    Finally learned(somewhat) on how to release the club properly. I can't go for a lesson for some time, so looking for some pointers on what to improve on next
  2. My first U.S. Open Local Qualifying Experience

    290 ish drives are good enough at any level. And so is a 270 carry. Both are pretty long if one can actually do it consistently. Anyway , interesting read. Shows one how tough it actually is as the top and most importantly, how little the margins are between a great score and a bad score. 12/14 fairways is extremely impressive.
  3. Can I Make the tour??

    I guess we'll have to agree to disagree then. You're never going to make it anyway of you don't think you are good enough at 25. I don't begrudge the dude's decision, he can tell me to sod off anytime for having my opinion , I don't mind, I won't change my opinion but won't mind it one it. But at the same time, giving up at 25, when you are closer than 99.99% of golfers to realize your dream is not computable to me.
  4. Short backswing, big hit

    Somebody can correct me if I am wrong because what I am about to say is only from observation, but the guys with shorter backswings all make a full shoulder turn, but it seems to me that they make a wider turn so they're backswing looked to be short. Even though they have turned fully. Of of course, none of them do so in an uncomfortable manner as so many newer players try to do so in an attempt to 'widen' their arc.
  5. Can I Make the tour??

    Hey I welcome differing points of view, and I had guessed I would come off as a so and so because of my views. But I stand by them, I cannot fathom how someone can quit at 25. I simply don't understand.
  6. Power of the Pause

    I'm working with a slight pause at the top on the range. I don't want to adopt it permanently but it is helpful for me because I was stating the hips for too early. I know so many advocate stating the lower body, just as the backswing is about to finish, but I was staring it way to early and the path then could only go left with my hands trailing and the upper body slightly hanging back. The pause has really improved the synchronization between my hips and the rest of the body. There really is power in the pause if you know what you are working on.
  7. Can I Make the tour??

    Am I the only one who finds this article rather infuriating rather than daunting ? The dude decides to quit at the grand old old age of....25. I mean it's his decision and all that, but he was never going to make it anyway with that kind of a mindset. I'm sorry if it sounds harsh, he might be a great dude, but that's the mindset of someone who gives up way too easily. Which is a nicer way of saying it's a losers mindset.
  8. This post kind of proved that how there are very few fundamental truths in golf. Flaring the left foot I can understand, but I play much better with my right foot square, it kind of locks me down into an athletic position. But then again, for some people, flaring out the right foot might help them. Different strokes for different folks.
  9. What are your 2017 Golf Goals?

    I am now shooting scores of high 70's to low 80's, on a 7300 yard course. Goal is to start shooting level par or close to that score regularly in the next 3-4 months. If I can succeed in doing that and become that good within 17-18 months of picking up a golf club, I just might take the game seriously. I hit hit it plenty long but I might be one of the fabled amateurs with a solid long game but somewhat iffy short game. Key for me is to develop a repeatable and reliable chipping and putting stroke.
  10. My Swing (Ks golf)

    Phew, that's a relief ! Yeah I know what you mean by the tip out thing. Difficult to keep the swing on plane.
  11. Most amazing wasted shot?

    Needed to hit a big 210 yard hook around trees which was basically in front of the green on a 520 yard par 5 . Hit it perfect and it rolled right to the front edge. Literally the only way to get on that green in two. Three putted for par!
  12. My Swing (Ks golf)

    Quick question, am I coming over the top here? Or is it just that my backswing plane is a little underneath and my downswing is on plane ? Thomas pieters does something a little similar here also :
  13. My Swing (phillyk)

    Looking forward to seeing the videos :)
  14. My Swing (Ks golf)

    I've worked on getting more forward at impact and a more aggressive and balanced motion on the downswing. I'm really compressing the ball with my irons, though I feel I still lose the angle a little too early(lot better than before though). Sometimes the old tendency to leave my upper body behind also emerges, though that is not happening so much as before now. 5 iron- normal speed. Helps to get an idea of my swing tempo. 5 iron( slow motion ) As always, advice would be much-much appreciated.