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  1. Thanks for the reply mate. The point you raised about my right hip turning late in the swing is very interesting and something that I will be working on for a few weeks. Out of frustration a couple of weeks ago I just sped up my backswing and I guess subconsciously I tuned my right hip at the correct time as the swing was bang on plane that day. Unfortunately, don't have that video as I deleted it out of anger as the problem returned. Let's see where the swing is in a few weeks, feedback was much appreciated.
  2. Any suggestions people?? Bare in mind what I want to improve first is that the wrist hinge happen at the correct moment, not at the top of the backswing which complete dislodges the club from its plane. I tried to do it consciously for a few weeks but that has not been working. Any help would be welcome as I am kind of stuck at this and this keeps on bothering me.
  3. I carry a PW(45), a 50 degree and a 55 degree wedge. These three are more than enough for me and in my experience I have found that it is better to master these clubs and be able to hit a variety of distances and trajectories with them. It's easier to hit short distances accurately if one is in-between distances. It gets much harder if distances are increases which is where I feel the distance gap must be closer between clubs. And it kind of forces me to get good with these clubs. So it's a win win for me but golf, as always, is a game where one should carry clubs that suits their own sensibilities.
  4. Here goes- Sw(55)-110-115 Aw(50)-135-140 Pw(45)-150 ish 9-160 8-170 7-180-185 6-190-195 5-200-210 4-around 220 5 wood-240 ish 3 wood-260-270 Driver- In and around 300 All carry distances. I kinda know this is a little unbelievable considering I only started playing 7 months ago but that's the way it is. I just hit it long and now I am glad to say mostly straight. For irons I am completely confident that these are close to my exact numbers , ditto for 5 wood. It's the 3 wood I am not sure about if I am honest. As for the driver, well either I am genuinely hitting 300 plus or there is a tailwind every single time I hit it.(420 yard straight holes leave me with around 110-100 yards to the green regularly, longest drive ever left me with 170 to the hole on a 500 yard hole, I honestly went wtf on that hole) I would like to add that I very very rarely hit a full swing on clubs from Sw to Pw, and generally avoid hitting full shots with the nine iron. I don't know if I am alone in this feeling but it feels more strenuous to hit full swings on shorter clubs than the longer ones.
  5. That is for the feedback mate. yeah ebow could be an issue, I just don't know if it actually is because there isn't a major problem with contact. Here is a face on video (really really sorry for the quality but YouTube won't let be upload higher quality on my mobile) Watching this, I feel as if one of the reason for my club not being close to 90 degrees when my arm is parallel to the ground and it being off the line and over swinging is because of the way my head moves with the body. I don't know if I am right though. Feedback would be nice and some way to stop the head moving so much and getting the club in the proper position in the backswing.
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 7 months My current handicap index or average score is: high 80"s My typical ball flight is: high and slight draw The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: pull Videos: [ This one is normal speed of the above swing ] About me : I am 22 years and started playing golf around 7 months ago thanks to my dad. I am pretty athletic and was a junior tennis player. I feel I've picked up the game of golf relatively quickly showing natural affinity to it and regularly score in the low 80"s from the back tees on a 7000-7100 yard course. My strength: my distance is a huge asset because I can now hit the ball straight(for the most part ) and very long. For some reason I just hit it a very long distance. What I want to improve: I know I have to tendency to not keep my shoulders square at impact and even in the video above I have a slight pulled shot but that is not my main concern now as I am improving fast in that regard and my pulls are not anywhere near disastrous. Two things are bothering me greatly though: I don't hinge my wrists correctly and when my arm is parallel to the ground my club is at a 40-45 degree angle rather than being close to 90. And of course, my club is completely off the plane on the backswing. Still my ball striking is consistent and for the most part I feel confident I can hit the ball where I want with any club in my hand, but the above two things still bother my head and I don't know how to correct it. If I go about it consciously then that just messes with my swing. Any helpful advice is welcome.