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  1. This information is really interesting and I am going to make it a point to work on my putting rhythm the next few weeks.
  2. I am now shooting scores of high 70's to low 80's, on a 7300 yard course. Goal is to start shooting level par or close to that score regularly in the next 3-4 months. If I can succeed in doing that and become that good within 17-18 months of picking up a golf club, I just might take the game seriously. I hit hit it plenty long but I might be one of the fabled amateurs with a solid long game but somewhat iffy short game. Key for me is to develop a repeatable and reliable chipping and putting stroke.
  3. Phew, that's a relief ! Yeah I know what you mean by the tip out thing. Difficult to keep the swing on plane.
  4. Needed to hit a big 210 yard hook around trees which was basically in front of the green on a 520 yard par 5 . Hit it perfect and it rolled right to the front edge. Literally the only way to get on that green in two. Three putted for par!
  5. Quick question, am I coming over the top here? Or is it just that my backswing plane is a little underneath and my downswing is on plane ? Thomas pieters does something a little similar here also :
  6. I've worked on getting more forward at impact and a more aggressive and balanced motion on the downswing. I'm really compressing the ball with my irons, though I feel I still lose the angle a little too early(lot better than before though). Sometimes the old tendency to leave my upper body behind also emerges, though that is not happening so much as before now. 5 iron- normal speed. Helps to get an idea of my swing tempo. 5 iron( slow motion ) As always, advice would be much-much appreciated.
  7. Three stand out. 150 yard hole in one. 200 yards to the green and I have to hook the ball a long long way around a few trees. Managed to pull it off. Getting on the green on a 575 yard par 5 with a 3 wood from 260 out to the front edge. The way that hole is shaped(dogleg right, but with trees on the right corner and some on the left corner directly interfering over the fairway), even a long drive is not enough, there's a very narrow corner where you have to fit your drive to have a reachable distance to the green
  8. I can hit balls all day long if I just have to hit them. But when I concentrate on the grip , alignment, target area and keep in mind a repeatable shot pattern I want, then I can hit about 100-150 balls. And 150 is pushing it. But this kind of practice is always better, for me anyway. A month ago ago when I was struggling with my tee shots, I went back and just focused on getting center contact, from my irons to my woods. I had to make someone remind me again and again that optimum contact was primary objective for the time being and nothing else. I managed to fight out that rut and now take great care in my practice, especially the ball flight. Pushed shots keep me up at nights !
  9. If Day thinks this'll make him play better then I can understand why he'll do this. At his level, you aren't going to think too much about what other people think. If I was in his shoes and this is what I think will make me better, I'd do the same.
  10. 250 yards is not only respectable, it is a phenomenal carry distance. Very few people I know can consistently carry that distance.
  11. Hitting down steeply with the driver is what usually causes the sky shots. People who have this problem swing the club almost like a sand wedge.
  12. One , on a 150 yard par 3. Flag in the center, nice and balanced 9 iron and it was one of those shots that never left the pin. I was even muttering to myself while the ball was in the air, this might be a hole in one. And it was !
  13. So I understand the part about more knee flex, but what do you mean by the sliding forward-left knee part ? Will it help with my arms falling down more quickly ?