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  1. Are you playing the correct tees?

    always fun. gives you a new perspective on approach shots and how to play a course. i like to do that once a month in the summer, go find a mid length course and play all irons.
  2. Are you playing the correct tees?

    what fun is that tho. lol its always fun going to a short course or retirement course and playing with like 5 clubs. lol
  3. "PING is going to help me be fast and forgiving with the new G Driver and Crossover!" Dustin Johnson -13 under Rory Mcilroy- 14 under Jason day -16 under
  4. Dream Golf Trip

    still good choices
  5. Dream Golf Trip

    If you had a week to play 3 rounds of golf at any courses in the world where would you play and in what order? alll free rounds. I would start by playing Pinehurst #2 then i would travel to Dubai and play the Emirates Golf Club and i would finish with a round at the old course St. Andrews.
  6. Are you playing the correct tees?

    I might be in rare air here. If this chart is a true reflect on what I should be playing I should be playing over 7k yard courses. Those are hard to come by and when they are most of the time they don’t have tees that far back. When I play with my buddies on our bigger courses in the area we tend to always play tips which avg. out to be close to 6600- 6800. Which seems close but we are all close to 300 off the tee.
  7. The Death of the Low Irons

    I feel the same way. I would have been upgrading my irons by now but I love hitting the long irons. It’s almost an art form to hitting long irons off the deck. I went in to a golf shop to hit some hybrids and just don’t feel the same way about them compared to irons. I wish I still had my 2 iron still (traded it in). Now days it’s almost like your being forced to hit a hybrid. I can hit my 3 iron 220-230 avg. then my 3 wood is 270's so I have a big gap on the upper end. Not good to have. I have to try and layoff a 3wood to hit anything about 250. I feel some pressure to have to get a hybrid sometime soon.