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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    shot 72 (nett) today, bogie on the last kinda ruined a pretty solid round!
  2. I've recently fitted some GP Multi Compound grips to my MB 714 irons, I gripped them logo down and it got me thinking what other people use in this department.
  3. Common root causes of flipping

    I know a few people who suffer from this in varying stages. it always seems to me that they are almost trying to rush the body through to let the arms smash the ball as hard as they can and it doesn't always work for them. The hip slide is the hardest thing to control in an "out of control" golf swing. I used to suffer from this but spent 2 months on a range just hitting balls hands and arms, no body movement. This corrected it once I started to introduce fractional hip and twist movements. Now I don't have a swing as fast as it used to be and it is a lot more controlled... Might work for others too?
  4. Common root causes of flipping

    sounds to me like the players down swing body movement is much quicker than the arms, essentially it sounds like letting the club lag behind to me
  5. Limited flight ball, would you play it?

    in tournament play, absolutely, on a Sunday morning round with the lads? Not likely.. If the R&A introduce it as a standard for all golf I'd obviously comply but why would anyone give up longer drives if they don't have to ?!
  6. I'd have to have a Masters hat, it just seems right to not promote anything other than the tournament, specially when you aren't going to be getting paid for it!
  7. Driver: 285 3W: 245 2 Hybrid: 220 3 Hybrid: 210 5I: 190 6I: 180 7I: 175 8I: 165 9I: 155 PW: 120 Sw: 100 60deg: 70 64deg: 50