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  1. Couldn't agree more, the idea that we'd all cheat on our other halves if something "better" came along is one put forward by people who want to rationalise their own lack of morals.
  2. Did you see the Spurs match yesterday?
  3. Yeah if that helps you remember it, but like the other poster said "closed/open stance" is in relation to your target line, its not just a needlessly confusing term.
  4. Yeah he's right, that's an open stance. Funny I'd never thought of it like you did but I see how you got there.
  5. I've played with scratch players who would kill for a swing like that; I wouldn't make any big adjustments at all. One observation I can make is that your posture isn't quite perfect, your back could do with being a little straighter (you're hunching just a tad) but really that's all I can think of!
  6. Paddy Power have done this a few times; last season they paid out early on Stoke City Fc getting relegated......They stayed up comfortably in the end and the booky lost out big time. I think its a marketing ploy, theres so many bookies out there (close to what economists call a perfect market in its nature) they have do do something to differentiate themselves from the pack. Punters have alot of choice, if I was a betting man I'd bet with the "stupid" booky. Perhaps I'm giving them too much credit!
  7. A slicer doesn't tilt he turns. If you could look straight down at the top of your head (assuming you are right handed) you would see your left shoulder and right shoulder moving counter-clockwise rather than up and down. The left shoulder pulls backwards and the right shoulder lunges forwards and the plane immediately goes from a diagonal line to the ball to a line straight down on top of it.[/QUOTE] I noticed you are an advocate of the "Golf Machine", I've watched everything Brian Manzella has put on youtube (a fantastic Golf Machine instructor you've probably heard of). I tried one of hi
  8. Thanks for the input, you obviously have a firm grasp of swing dynamics, but I think you patronise me slightly. A slice/pull slice categorically IS caused by dragging the club excessively inside AFTER impact (the out-to-in move with the emphasis on the "in"). That was the problem I set about trying to solve, I've had a modicum of success getting the club arriving from the inside (although nowhere near consistantly). My shortcoming has always been I'm too eager to drag the clubhead inside after I've made contact and have tried countless tips and fixes to chase the ball through impact and proper
  9. Interesting to hear your comments on the right foot, but I'm eager to hear what people think about the idea of not fanning out your LEFT foot; instead having it pointing straight ahead or slightly inward. Is that something you've ever heard of, do you think it will have any negative effects down the line? I havn't posted on technique before but this one change had such a dramatically positive effect I thought I'd see what you guys thought. In case I haven't explained it properly I've attached a crudely drawn diagram of what I mean.
  10. This isn't an anti-Hogan post, far from it, but I thought I'd share my variation on the Hogan set-up because it really has done wonders for me. My "bad" shot has always been a pull slice or if I leave the face open (rarely) a normal slice. I'm self-taught but have used the fundamentals as as my main source of guidance. Hogan set up his swing to guard against the hook, his bad shot. That got me thinking isn't a pull slice/normal slice basically the polar opposite of a hook? Keeping the same stance (that is my right foot is about 6 inches behind my left foot, set-up for a draw) exactly the way
  11. Did a quick search and didn't find anything quite along these lines; My problem is I've been hitting alot more draws than usual, especially off the tee and 2/3 of them are fine while the other third are horrific pull hooks. I've worked long and hard to get my club coming on an inside plane and my clubface slightly closed but I still often revert to type on impact and pull the club drastically inside. The resulting divot looks like an arrow pointing away from the ball. Anyway what I'd really like is if someone could give me a swing thought to make me extend through the ball for a few inches and
  12. Certainly TKAMB is one of the most important novels of the last hundred years, but I sometimes think that it gets more publicity and plaudits than it deserves. I suppose it has a special place in the American education sector because it kills two birds with one stone (pun intended). That is, it's an enriching read and addresses an issue that's always at the forefront of American consciousness, race. But from the last century "Steppenwolf", "The Beautiful and Damned", "The Trial" "Midnight's Children and especially "The Outsider" have resonated with me on a much higher level. I recommend them
  13. "The only way he's gonna get more distance is if he hits it and then runs backwards" Great line
  14. You know nothing of Anderson or Manchester United, Why you decided to write a blog on Manchester United is a mystery to me. That passable pastiche on Anne Hall aside I'm still shocked that somebody I assume has watched Anderson play a few times fails to see the immense talent the lad has. A few months ago Ryan Giggs was asked about the current crop of youngsters at Utd's disposal and who he was excited about. He answered without a moments thought that Anderson was the most exciting player he's seen for decades and that his potential was such that he could quite seriously have a shot at being t
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