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  1. I was at a demo day and hit some drivers. One of the reps helped me with various shafts and heads.  I really liked the Callaway Epic Flash.

    here are the numbers and I want to get some opinions if this is the combination I should go with or continue to refine numbers. The club felt good but I have never been on a TrackMan before so I don’t know if he is just being a good salesman or if he is making the best recommendation.  With a regular shaft the spin rate was a lot higher.  Can you help me decipher these numbers?  Thanks in advance.


    about me:

    Age 52 . Index is 9.7

    club speed 102.3

    attack angle 1.7

    club path -0.1

    launch angle 10.7

    face to path -3.1

    ball speed 151.5

    spin rate 3667

    spin axis 3.1

    carry 261

    total 279

  2. 8 hours ago, chilepepper said:

    Try going to "Roadrunner" , it's a runners store, they make custom insoles-inserts as well as selling running shoes and related stuff. Feet are different, what works for me might not be comfortable for someone else. Custom insoles might be the ticket.

    I imagine other companies make custom insoles-inserts  too

    Love this idea, thanks for the suggestion.


  3. Hey all,

    I am in the market for a new pair of shoes.  I have been always had FJs and like them but as I get older my current shoes are less than desirable for walking 18 holes.  My feet get more tired walking 18 holes than they do hiking Idaho trails.  When hiking I wear Hoka shoes.  Any suggestions on a traditional looking pair of shoes that offer comfort and support?


    Thanks in advance,


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