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  1. Handicap card completed - Off a 23 which is a bit higher than I'd like, Going to play in my first comp next month hopefully. Still working on those blow up holes. Shot an 86 yesterday which is my best round in a long time!
  2. Shot 86 yesterday on my home course. A back 9 of 39 (+3) really helped, 2 birdies, 2 double bogies included in that back 9. Got my handicap last week as a 23, so to shoot that I'm super impressed
  3. 2 holes in a row I played shots I was really happy with yesterday. Par 5 - 15th hole, drove the ball well but slightly to the right and landed in the 2nd of 3 bunkers. Thought I'd lost all hope to get on the green in 3, as I approached the ball it had sat up pretty nicely, pulled the 9 iron out the bag and swung, caught it perfectly and landed it 100 yards from the green. Next up was another Par 5 for the 16th with bunkers either side to catch any wayward drives. I stepped up and drove it perfectly between them splitting the fairway completely, my playing partners said it was
  4. Ended up playing with a different group to the one I was meant to as they ended up having a 4 ball but joined 2 other guys on the next tee time. Shot 104 which I'm really not happy with but it was a few bad holes that really blew me up including 2 out of bounds on one hole.. :( was actually happy with a lot of my stroking today
  5. Get my handicap and then steadily improve on it throughout the year. Enter at least 3 club competitions this year Remove the "blow up" holes from my round that always appear Get into consistent 80s would be my top goal.
  6. Got the Masters on the TV this evening so figured I'd immerse myself in some more golf talk! Playing with a group of 3 tomorrow to get my first card in towards my handicap, always get strangely nervous playing with new guys.
  7. Hey guys, just signed up having read the forum for a while. Been playing for a few years now with friends, nothing too serious but started playing more over the past year and just took my first membership out so looking to get playing regularly, get a handicap and get into some competitions.
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