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  1. Brent


    I would have to give that title to Disciple, ( in the Christian category. ) I'm not much for live shows, but on the scale most people range live performances, it would be some mentally challenged guitar-busting crowd-surfing hooligans. Disciple throws down even more, though.
  2. Brent


    I believe I've seen them 3 times live now. They throw down.
  3. 20ish foot putt from the fringe today.
  4. I hit my longest drive ever tonight ( this is my first golf season. ) I usually get about 240-260 off the tee, but I've been changing my swing after my lesson yesterday, and today, I ripped one 365 yards straight down the middle of a 475 yard par 5. I still managed to make par, though.... The fairway was extremely hard and after I carried 300 yards or so, the hole starts going down-hill slowly but surely. It bounced like a super-ball.
  5. Good point, but you, them and the other guy aren't pro. Go figure.
  6. Thanks for the video, Mirv. I believe I've seen that before, but may'be I didn't get enough out of it. I usually play the ball back quite a bit, and I know I don't have it to far forward. I am going to try to make my swing a little more vertical, and hopefully that will help me to put a little spin on the ball.
  7. Let me first say that I am in no way a skilled golfer, and this is only my first season, but there is one aspect of this game that I have found quite difficult to understand. My home course is a semi-private course, and the greens aren't exactly perfect. I honestly don't know if they are Bent Grass or Bermuda, but the club pro/greens-keeper likes to burn them a bit so he waters them during the day (is this bad?) If I hit the ball far enough that it lands on the green, it simply rolls over. I guess it might help if I hit the ball a bit higher, but I have quite a bit of forward shaft lean on most shots... Would this make my trajectory lower? I guess my question is.... Is it possible to get a ball to check, or possibly spin back, on a green of this nature. I'm not somebody who want's to distort their distance ( I see a lot of them around here ), just because I want to be able to put back-spin on the ball, but I'm tired of playing links golf in Illinois!
  8. I'm hoping to gain access to a video camera soon, so that I can have my swing analyzed. Keep up the good work TMO.
  9. Adding a video would definitely allow the community to better evaluate what is causing you to hit these, moon drives .
  10. Masters British Open U.S. Open PGA Championship
  11. As many other SandTrap members have stated, playing with another golfer who you are not extremely comfortable playing with, could very well lead you to play better. On the other hand, some people do not do well under pressure, but you will just have to find out whether intense pressure is good for you. Congratulations on your progress.
  12. I like to get the ball rolling as quickly as possible on most shots, which leads me to often use a 9-iron.
  13. I am by no means an expert, but I can spot plenty of things in your swing that would lead me to believe that a 20 handicap, you are not. Your Back-Swing is a bit too much. You are going well past parallel. Gradually speed up the club on the way back, and then really accelerate on the way back through the ball. You would probably be able to hit the ball cleaner if it was further toward your left foot in relation to your stance. Don't get to antsy with your knees, it seems like your left knee is making an uneeded movement at the beginning of your swing. Visit your local PGA professional.
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