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  1. "Swing Machine Golf" by Paul Wilson

    Hi, I am a 25 handicap and play once a fortnight, I have always tried to seek out a method for more consistently. I played the Don Trahan swing for a year which worked great up until 7 iron and after that I was slicing my longer irons. Bit the bullet and took a series of a dozen golf lessons from my club pro. Great teacher who tried to change one small thing at a time, I just couldn't maintain consistency. I would have a few decent holes and then descend into shanks and slices and was averaging 115. Moved on to Graves golf and the moe norman swing, this got me hitting straighter with virtually no shanking but I lost a ton of distance, my 7 iron went from approx 135 down to 100 yards. Stumbled across Paul Wilson on you tube and watched pretty much all his videos and it just seemed to make sense and was well explained. First try at using the relaxed arm approach I carded a 102, and its the first time I enjoyed a round a golf in ages. Bought into his program and i just love his teaching style, played a couple of week later and scored a 97, my best score ever and first time I broke a 100. I also played with a 5 wood that I bought off eBay and its the first time I have been able to hit fairway woods well. I manage to get approx 170 out of it on a good strike, I had a 4 hybrid before which I sold as I just couldn't hit it consistently. I am looking forward to see what I can achieve this summer but Paul Wilson has made me enjoy the game again and that alone is worth the £10 a month to subscribe.