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  1. I would go to a golf course and see if you can give the pro there the gift card in exchange for some lessons...if you have no luck with that, I would find a good training aid for putting or a good used sand wedge or putter. If you feel you have everything you need for now, slowly spend it on gloves and balls. Get fitted for a ball before you go buying any.
  2. In many ways I agree with everyone's response here. I started with a 2-ball then switched to a blade. I like the look, the setup and ESPECIALLY the feel of MY blade. You see, every putter is different even within brands. Some like dots, lines or even nothing for lining up...some like non glare, bling(as I call 'em) and even black...try every putter out there. I've used Odyssey, Ping, Yes, heavy putter(the brand) and now a Scotty Cameron. Forget about what everybody else does. Remember this, Tiger uses a totally different putter than what Phil Mickelson uses...they're both on top.
  3. Hello everyone, my name is Frank. I am National Sales Manager for the company I work for. I do some traveling and at times this allows me to play in other cities. I enjoy my job, but I miss my family when I'm away from them for a week.
  4. I agree as well...I had all of my clubs down 1/2" and I think it made such a slight difference...the good thing is I might hit 1 in 1000 a bit chunky...before it was about double that. Length wise...I don't think a 1/4" is going to make a difference. Now, on a putter, that makes all the difference in the world I think.
  5. This makes a lot of sense...there is also one small thing you can check that I experienced with my irons. I know you were saying pull, but if you saw a hook that followed, check to see that your face is square and not closed due to offset in your irons. As I improved, I noticed I began to hook all my irons. Now, the face looks open at address, but I hit them straighter.
  6. My goals for 2009 are to break 70, practice more and get really tight with my short game. I think I will spend at least an hour a day working on these things. My other goal is to work on forgetting about the last shot...and focusing on "this shot". Callaway FT-9 Callaway Squareway 3 Callaway Squareway 5 Callaway Hawkeye VFT irons Callaway Forged plus 52 Titleist Vokey 56 bent to 55 Titleist Vokey 58 Odyssey White Steel #1
  7. I've been pretty partial to Callaway for the better part of 15 years. I have owned the original S2H2 irons, the Big Berthas and now the VFTs. I absolutely love the feel...I am in the market for some newer irons in maybe a tour version as I don't need or like the offset anymore as I am improving. As far as drivers go, I have owned and used Big Bertha, Steelhead, ERC Fusion, I even have a Titleist I used, FT-3, FT-5 and I now use the FT-9...I know you're thinking...why so many drivers? The funny thing is...I have more used wedges than drivers...irons I'm funny about though....but that something totally different. As far as drivers are concerned, I loved my FT-3...more than FT-5. As a matter of fact, the 5 stayed at home until I traded it in on my FT-9. I think you need to try before you buy. That was the mistake I made with the FT-5. I thought, "it's newer, it must be better!" Boy was I wrong! Also, I would you to know, the FT-9 is the FIRST NEW driver I've ever owned. All the others were demos, preowned or gimmes. I highly recommend you try the drivers. I bought this one with an open mind. I tried several other brands and models. The FT-9 felt the best and was giving me great results and has on the course. I highy recommend you get fitted. shaft kickpoint, stifness, weight and length make a BIG...HUGE difference. What one person hits well you might hit GREAT and vice versa. I love to talk golf and equipment so excuse the lengthy reply. I enjoy writing, too.
  8. That's interesting...I joined this forum to talk information on new irons and was looking at the x-20s...I am very partial to Callaway, but I am open-minded. I have a set of VFT irons from 2002 and am starting to hook them a lot. I have to open the face and press my hands forward to cut a ball. I'm wondering if it's the offset. Any thoughts anyone?
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