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  1. Well that is a bummer. So there is NO hope of it running on Windows 8 ? Is there another handicap program that you recommend and hopefully I can transfer my 160+ rounds of data ? Thanks, Kent
  2. Hello, I have been using the Scorecard 2 program since 2009 to keep track of my rounds. I have 166 rounds and the program is working great. Here is the problem ... I have a new laptop and can't get it to install on Windows 8.1. I have sent many tech support requests but have never received an answer. Their website is still running but their support is not existent ... Has anyone got the Scorecard program to install and run on Windows 8 ?? Thanks, Kent
  3. Today has been a great day !!! I shot my best round ever. Only got to play 9 but I shot 36 with 2 bogies and 2 birdies. I had 6 GIR. The weather was perfect 70 degrees. Only way it could of been better is if I could of played 18. Also got my handicap below 10 for the first time every to 9.8. Best day of golf ever !!!! I have been working on my wedge game for the last 2 weeks. I build a 120 yard driving range in my back yard and have flags at 75, 90 and 110. I have been hitting at least 50 to 100 balls a day and it really showed up today. Can't wait to play again
  4. Rocket

    TPC Sawgrass

    It has been about 2 years since we played TPC Sawgrass stadium course. We have been getting better so we decided to go play it again and see how we do. We played Saturday April 7th and the conditions were very windy, some gusts to 25+. They were busy setting up the grand stands for tournament and the course was in great shape. Can't wait to watch the tournament in a few weeks. We played much better, Kelsie won with 85, I shot 89 which was better than last time and Lynsie shot 93. We had the best time. Highlights: we all hit on 17 and parred again, so much fun. I hit on 16
  5. Only played 9 after work today and had a great time. Shot 38, bogied last 2 holes. Finally hitting my driver straight, so much fun.
  6. My 3 iron is my favorite club in the bag. It saves me everytime. I played Saturday and used my 3 iron at least 5 times to recover from the right ruff. Great for low burner shots under trees.
  7. She is a normal 13 year old, but she is very athletic. Her 15 year old sister can hit her driver around 230. They can both out drive me on most holes ... I had to move up to the white tees this year so I can have a chance ... I think I am going to start making them play from the white tees very soon Life is Good !!!
  8. Not sure what you mean ? Don't have a video, but the 5 young guys standing around the green witnessed it, and congratulated me. I was playing with my middle daughter, she is 13 and will be in 9th grade next year. Very proud of both my golfing daughters.
  9. Played with my daughter today and we are on the third hole, par 5 dog leg to the left. We are playing behind a group of five young guys. Waited at the tee box for them to clear the fairway and hit a great drive over the trees on the left, best shot I have ever made on that hole. Daughter crushes her drive and is 10 yards behind me. We get to our balls and the group ahead waves us thru. Daughter hits a great 3 wood, it hits just before the green and rolls just off the back left. I was so proud of her to hit this 200 yard shot with 5 guys standing beside the green waiting. Then it wa
  10. Had a great day at the course today (could have been better ...) Broke 80 for the second time ever, shot 38/41 for 79. Had my first ever Eagle on a par 5 chip in. I credit it to my new FT-IZ 3 wood. Best part, I beat my daughter by 1 stroke ... Life is GOOD !!!
  11. Rocket

    TPC Sawgrass

    Played TPC Sawgrass stadium and valley courses this weekend with my daughters. What a great place !! Both courses were so much fun. We had a forecaddie for both days and they both where awesome. Saturday we played the stadium course. Started out great par, par, bogey, par. I thought this is easy ... finished the front with a 45. Back 9 did not start good but I did birdie 13 and was so happy to hit 17 on the first shot and made a par. Shot 92 and was very happy. Sunday we played the valley course. Started out with a triple on the first hole ... not fun. Then bogey, par, bogey and ... got o
  12. Played TPC Sawgrass Stadium course yesterday. On 17, the island green, hit from where the pros tee off, 135 yards, hit an 8 iron and got on in the first shot, just 2 feet from going off the back edge. I putted to within 4 feet and made a par. What a great feeling !!!
  13. Great round, congrats for sure. I know the feeling, I broke 80 for the first time last month with a 39/39 for 78. Best feeling ever.
  14. Congrats !!!! I broke 80 for the first time just last week. It is such a great feeling. Wish I could have backed it up with a good round today ...
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