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  1. 1) Royal Melbourne Golf Club 2) Old Couse at St Andrews 3) Augusta
  2. Not entirely correct. Before I used to have OptiShot 2, I did solely rely on a handheld GPS rangefinder (Bushnell) it was accurate within 1-2 yards. I had originally acquired accurate club distances via a hitting bay at my local PGA Superstore. Once I lasered the distance, say I was 160y out, I knew that my 8i played right around that, so I would club select based on that. Now, same principle, as I stated before; on a 450y Par4 and I laser in a 145y left to pin, I know that my previous shot was 305y. And yes, even before I tee off, I take a measurement (whether it's laser or GPS app), and at m
  3. I use OptiShot 2 to practice, and I use "Track My Golf" app. If I'm on a 450y Par4 dead straight, no hazards, and my tee shot goes "X" and I have "Y" left to center of green and "Y" via my GPS app says 145y then I know I hit a 305y drive. It's pretty simple.
  4. I'm really religious about this. I tee up pretty high, I use a long 3 1/4" tee and I barely stake it in the ground at a slight tilted angle backwards (for driver), usually on any other shot I use a broken tee and just push it in to sit my ball a little above the blades of grass, just enough to when I tee my ball I can barely slide an index finger underneath, maybe 1/4". Next, since I draw an orange smiley face on my ball as a marker, I point my little smiley face guy down the target line and hit him in the back of the head!
  5. This is a spill over from last year, 1) single digit hcp 2) drive 340+ consistently 3) pitch/chip inside 150 to within 5ft consistently 4) play more local tourney's
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