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  1. Yes, i`ll do that. I know some store fitters try to force the fit to their new drive by twiking the monitor to show more carry and total distance than real.
  2. On the 2nd midAm of the year Titleist fitting staff will be at the driving range of the course. Talked to them and they let me do the fitting of one club for free there and for the rest of the bag they offer me to go to theirs fitting facility´s.
  3. Thanks ! i will read tour post rigth away, I read that an AoA+ is better for maximing driver distance, i guess that with a proper shaft i could hit the ball lower and lower my spin. We´ll see on saturday what the expert have to say.
  4. I have 5 wedges on my bag. P(43°) 130 - W(47°) 120 - G(51°) 105 - S(56°) 90 - L(60°) 80. The problem with it is that i jump from my 4 Iron 190 to my 3 wood 230. One less wedge would allow me to fill that gap with an hibrid.
  5. Hi all ! Next Saturday I´m getting a Titleist fitting for my driver. I have a Titleist 915 D2, 9,5 loft (lowered to 8,75 draw setup). Shaft: Rogue Black 95MSI 70-3,3-S. I hit 250 Carry in average but everyone i play said I hit the ball to high and I agree, i hit up on the ball (AoA +) with draw. Never been fitted before, so i don´t know my swing speed, lunch angle, spin rate.. etc. Do u have any good/bad experiencies of driving fitting? Any recomendations for me to do or to check douring the fitting ? (A video of me hitting the driver it´s on the proper section of TST) Driving it´s the worst part of my game, even in length and accuracy so i hope with this fitting mybe i could improve a little bit al least one of those areas. It´s to much to ask for a fitting?
  6. Played the velocity a few months, changed for the bridgeston E6. Both are distance/forgiving balls. The birdgestone it´s a little better but when i play both balls at a practice rounds there´s little to no difference.
  7. 1- In the video is the "new" swing with a square stance to the target, that´s why it appears im not coming over the top. I actually coming from the inside like i wanted. 2- You are rigth! my driving is the worst of my game. Short for my index and with a wider dispersion than normal. It´s not penal at my home course (short and wide course) but on competition courses I get a lot OB, water hazard and unplayable balls. Have to work on that, any suggestions ?? 3- I think it´s not, in the video appear outside my left foot but because of the camera angle, in reality it is closer to the middle of my stance. Thanks ! started playing at 7 years old, and with teachers from 12. That helped to develop a decent swing. I want to change it because i think I reach the limits of my current swing, And yes, i have the desire to improve and be a better player in the near future.
  8. Here are the videos from yesterday`s 9 holes practice round after shooting 68 (-4) on the morning. Both shoot`s with my new intended inside to outside swing. 4 Iron: Driver: My carry distance it`s 250, played this week with the best amateurs in the country and they hit it around 270/280 carry. What do you suggest me to do to increase my distance?? Heigth: 178 cm, Weigth: 77 kg Thanks in advance !
  9. This week played 5 times and walked 18 more holes to view a match. Tuesday, practice day at Nordelta CC. Wednesday, day 1 of the Argentina Amateur. Shoot 79 (+7), rating 76.3. Thursday, day 2 shoot 85 (+13). Same course, missed match play cut by 11 strokes. Winner at -4. Friday, played at Los lagartos CC, 71 (E) rating 69.8. Saturday, walked to saw the semifinal of the Argentina amateur. Sunday, played at my home course, 68 (-4). Rating 71.2. After that played 9 more practice holes. Im so tired rigth now.
  10. I have a video when i was 3, hitting a ball with a plastic club. At really started at 7 with metal clubs. At 11 I get handicap. And at 13 i started compiting in national tournaments. I guess i was around 1 to 4 handicap when i was 15 years old. Never get to 0 handicap while been at college and train a lot. Now with 33 years old i´m at 0.
  11. Home course, windy day. 39-35 = 74 (+2). After that played another 9 holes with 2 balls, shoot 36-38 = 74 (+2). Been trying to reduce my lateral dispersion with my long shots. Apparently i did it better by swinging slower, maybe 10 yards shorter with driver and no yards lost with irons.
  12. Or you hit a ballon with your driver or the machine is wrong.
  13. On the cusp, started tranning a week ago and i´m already seen the results. Changing my swing for a more consistent one to lower my index even more.
  14. 0.2 on each par 3, average 170 yards. For 9 holes that would be 2 over.
  15. 320 yards drive into hazard in the middel of the fairway. (Hard fairway and Wind asissted )