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  1. p1n9183

    Zach Johnson Drops Damon Green

    I smell trouble at the gates!
  2. Even when i was at +1... i said that Pro´s play another sport. They hit it miles further and straigther that mortals.
  3. IF OB/water/deadZone left, i like to release my hands to the rigth of my target and work the ball back to the target with a draw. That´s my normal shot shape, no problem there. IF OB/water/deadZone rigth I try with this approach: But in order to do that i had to release my hands towards trouble and that felt awfull, make me block it way rigth into trouble or hit a nasty hook left. My dispersion with OB rigth was bigger than my disspersion with OB left. Instead I worked to find a go to fade for this scenarios releasing my hands left of the target and away from trouble. I really feel more confident now with this scenarios, and my SG Driving improved a lot so it´s a win win. Totally agree.
  4. She is a great player but among women. In comparation with a pga pro she is not even close. The tournament format and a really good performance from Finau make it look that she wasn´t that far from them but in stroke play she will be dead last. Despite that, the tournament have an special atmosphier, an a better suited format for her so i think it´s ok that she was invited.
  5. p1n9183

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    Yes, but when they are faced with equals the one with better mental skill prevails. That´s the meaning of competitive golf, players with similar physical skills playing under presure. It apply on every sport at eny level. One of tiger best skills besides his irons was his mental skills, he was really strong to beat in his head. Just one case from a great female player of Argentina. Between 10 and 18 years old she won everything inside her age by far and a little more tigth against Argentina´s best players, all ages, between 16 and 20 years old. She finaly decided to go and play in the USA, she was so good that she was invited to play in the US Women OPEN in her early twenties. What happened to her? she turned pro an start losing and she simply just could´t handle it. Just could´t handled the pressure and after a year she quit golf for good and turned into faith. No more golf, just God. An incredible gifted player.. but with poor mind skills.
  6. p1n9183

    Favorite Golf Quotes

    Bobby Jones: “Competitive golf is played mainly on a five-and-a-half-inch course, the space between your ears.”
  7. With my 4 iron i can do the same shots. hands foward, ball in the middle of the stance. Far draw it´s easy they naturally goes pretty low ball fligth. With fade hands foward make the trick. In both cases i grip down almost where the grip ends. 1 club just for punch out will gave me a lot of trouble picking a club to take out of the bag.
  8. This! I practice with my old set of irons. In case of losing or breaking them it doesn´t matter. I never practice with my gaming set. Putter and wedges are easy and "cheap" to replace so sometimes they are the exception. Absolutely! Besides that i have SG Short putts (-1,9), SG Mid Putts (-0,2), SG Long Putts (-0,1). I consider short putts everything inside 10 feet and I really need to work on them. Can´t roll my putts in my intended line consistently. So i´m working on it.
  9. I ride a motorcycle so i can´t carry a lot of clubs. when i go to the driving range i always carry the same 3 clubs: PW, 7 iron, 4 iron aka: short iron, mid iron, long iron. That´s because i always struggle with approach shots. (that´s why i improved it a lot). About the offtopic.. I agree that what separate players the most it´s long game (tee and approach shots), but that´s in general. You can´t use that against someone that said that he need to really focus on short game to improve his score. At least in my case i´m currently loossing 4.6 strokes against a pro: SG Driving: -1,9 (I carry 250, pro 290, broady said that 40 yards equals to 2 strokes so i´m a decent driver for my length) SG Approach: -0,1 SG Around the green: -0,4 SG Putting: -2,2 In my case I really need to focus my practice on putting, driving it further or straighter and a bit around the green. But as you can see if i focus my practice on the short game (-2,6) i can gain more strokes than if i focus it on the long game (-2).
  10. p1n9183

    Amount of practice?

    As much as you can. Every hour with a club in your hand it´s better than doing nothing at all. Obviously 1 hour of pure focus on every shot could be better than 3 hours just smahing one ball after another with nothing in your head.
  11. p1n9183


    Here in Argentina we play on winter too so.. from age 12 to 21 i played at least 1 round of golf each month. That´s a streak of 120 months jaja. After that i quit golf for 5 years. played 2 years between ages 27 and 28 and i restarted playing on Dec 2015. My current streak it´s 36 months.
  12. I really don´t know them yet. I have to take a look at them in december.
  13. I watched Scott Fawcett´s videos a few years back and as a math geek like him I studied this idea myself and put it into play on my home course and for courses i had to play that I never been before. On my home course it helped a little bit because after a lot of rounds i already just figured out the best strategy for each hole off the tee. It helped the most in approach shots, aiming at areas in the green where the pin is but never to the pin itself. On away courses it helped me a lot. I stepped in courses I never played before and just with the help of google earth and it messure tool for the course i already defined the best strategy the day before i have to play in it. Either for the tee shots and approach shots. In scratch tournaments i score better than players that have better ball strinking than mine (and similar short game). Shot shapping it ins´t that important. Angles matter but our dispersion is too wide from the tee to think we can just pick a side in the fairway... just aim to the middle and sometimes the angle will be better and sometimes it will be worst to the ping. The most important thing it´s to to put it in play and as close as the hole you can. Scott Fawcett´s target is scratch and pro players. It´s true average numbers (math) changes for player out of his range. If you are a bad player from the bunker you should consider it like it is a water hazard or even OB if you can get it out. But the formula it´s still the same and works great, you just need to adjust the values. Currently i hit my driver 270 with roll. And 90% of my shots are inside 60 yards wide. If i play N°5 at sweeten Cove I will hit driver every day and I know that my average score will be lower than if i lay up to the 90 yards range.
  14. My PWedge have 43°! Really strong. Then i have the WWedge with 47°. Both from the original set AP1 716. This 2 clubs are the last ones that i hit full swing, After that i have 3 wedges. 51,56,60. with wedges i kind of make a particular 3/4 swing far more accurate but doesn´t work with lesser lofted clubs. With those 5 clubs i can fill the short distances quite well: 140,130,115,105,95 respectevely.
  15. p1n9183

    Shaping the Ball

    Really like that guy videos.

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