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  1. 40-37= 77 (+5) still playing in cold and windy conditions. Good practice thow.
  2. That's ridicusly low! Pga tour player's low. Have u ever give yourself a shot at the US AM?
  3. My scoring average at home it´s 73, it depends on weather conditions. Earlier this month in good sunny days I shoot a couple under par rounds, but last week i shoot 82 in almost the worst conditions i can imagine.
  4. Played 27 holes yesterday, +6,+4,+2. Played in the worst conditions i can remember and it didn´t rain. 0° C real feel, no roll fairways, 40 miles winds, and greens under maintenance (full of sand, stones and little holes). I only tryed to keep the ball in play (failed, 2 balls into water) and accept i would´t play as i usually do. Not good score, but a good practice under hard conditions.
  5. I´m toast !! jaja Yes, really odd. that´s even harder. it´s hard as sh$%... a perfect pure round/unicorn, can only be dreamed by mortals like us (not iacas).
  6. Have you ever shoot a bogey free round ? Not me... Break par a couple times each year but on every single round of my entire life there was at least one bogey in it or worst. As i´m still waiting for the first hole in one to come, shooting a bogey free round it´s one of my big milestones in golf. Could a bogey free round worth a place in the TheSandTrap´s achivements??
  7. Forgot to post my best start at home, ended in the best round of my life and amateur record for the course. 4 under at 7th tee. Par - Par - Birdie - Birdie - Birdie - Birdie. Ended 32-35 (5 under).
  8. Page 3 it´s an historic view of your average index rounds grouped by 3 months. You can easily see if you are improving over the month/years. Something i forgot to say is that it´s better to keep track of the rounds played in the same course one after another. Why ? because your stroke gained would be a lot different if you play at bethpage black after the PGA championship than at the easiest muni of your town despite playing the same level of golf. 150 yards shot from the fairway to a big receiving green it´s not as difficult as a 150 yards shot to a small green with hard green sourrounded by water in one side and deep bunkers in the other. Same as pitching from tall rough into hard fast greens than chipping from ligth rough to soft slow greens. As you can see i only include round at my home course San Patricio Golf. If the course and the stroke gained reference don´t change, the only way to lower your stroke gained value is that you get better and score better in the same course. This last page is easy, you only have to add new scores on the top left and add it to the average values for the interval of the year you are at in order to see it on the chart. That´s it ! Hope it helps.
  9. You are rigth, uploaded an old image i tanslated that part too. Here´s the last one. In short game: Putting it´s putting from outside the green. Chip: it´s where I use my pitch wedge around the green, the classic bump and run. Pitch: loft wedge used with just a bit open face. Lob: loft wedge with the face way open. Sand: everything from a greenside bunker. I consider short game inside 50 yards, outside it´s a wedge from approach to green category (or iron play).
  10. Thanks! main reason i find it better it´s because is custom, i only see the stats i want to like the way i want to and all of it in only just one page. This would be another reason. Maybe one day you are 1 stroke gained worst than a scratch in the driving category and after a month without playing now you see you are 0,5 strokes worst than a scratch in the same category. You get a half stroke better without playing ?? No, the average of the scratch players get worst in that month for driving . You think you get better but you don´t. In the spread sheet the stroke gained values are fixed in the tool so you don´t have this issue.
  11. Below it´s the page 2 with and example of the 2nd round of the first page. It have the same areas and sub areas on page 1 and blank spaces to fill with the strokegained values for each shot. For simplicity instead of managin partial values i multiply them by 100, So a 0,03 stroke gained have to be input as 3. On the rigth it´s the offline stroke gained tool. You only have to input distance and lie for all the shots in a hole like the example and on the right you can see the stroke gained value for that shot. In the tool there´s the example of my 18th hole, The hole it´s a par 4 410 yards long, that day played wind assisted. hit driver to the rigth rough (water left) to 105 to the green, hit Sand wedge to 20 feet, 1st putt close to the hole and tap-in for par. As you can see The driver to the rough lost 0,03 strokes, X 100 = -3. The approach to green gained 0,16 = 16 and so on. Then you take that values and copy them in the column of the subcategory of each club. And like that proceed with the other 17th holes. Yes it´s all manually and you have to remember each shot, for me it´s easy and my memory it´s really not good. Ones you finish with all the holes you can see for that round the stroke gained for each category and sub category. That day i was on fire with my iron game, specially 130 yards an in. Now you have to go to first page and copy/paste the values from the 1st to 9th round a paste in the place of the 2nd to 10th round and erase the values of the 1st round. The you fill it with the values you get in the subcategories in the 2nd round. That´s it, on the first pages the values are recalculared and you can check easy what you need to improve.
  12. Been working on an easy spreadsheet to track my rounds and find my weaknesses in order to give them more importance on my practice sessions. It is based on stroke gained analysis but backwards ( let´s call it stroke lost against a pro), it came with an easy (offline) tool to input a new round. Post it here for someone that need one and is lazy to create it on his own or maybe he didn´t know how to do it. Below it´s the first page an the most important. You can see your stroke gained over the last 10 rounds divided in categories. Also a comparation between your last 5 rounds and the other 5 rounds in order to see our tendencies and if our changes are improving our game or not. Score is my gross score for that date. Course rating it´s the rating of the course agaist par, my home course is par 72 and 71,2 rating, so course rating it´s 71,2-72=-0,8. Rating it´s score - course rating. This info is complementary, not that important. I divided the stroke gained analysis in 4 categories , and in subcategories each one. In Approach category, long it´s 4,5,6 iron, mid it´s 7,8,9, short it´s Pitch and gap and wedges includes my sand a loft wedge. In putting short it´s inside 10 feet, mid are between 10 feet to 30 feet. And long are putts longer than 30 feet. The other 2 i think they are pretty clear. For every round i record each area with the tool in page 2. Below each sub-area, on the top, you can see your average of stroke gained over the last 10 rounds, and below it´s the average for the area. In my case Long game it´s my worst area with 2 stroke gained lost each round, followed by putting with 1 stroke gained per round. This clearly tell that i need to train more on those areas. Sub areas are important too. The worst sub areas are Driver with 1, wood 0,8, Mid putting 0,6, Mid approach 0,5 and 0,4 on short putt. With this i know specificaly what i need to work on to improve each area. Look that my approach area it´s ok by my mid irons are not good at all, need to work with them too. Below it´s the comparation between the first 5 rounds against the last 5. I made huge changes on my long game and approach shots and as you can see in the last 5 rounds i improved 0,8 strokes on long game and 0,7 in approach shots. I´m not practicing short game and my putting practice isn´t give me any improvements, so i know i have to try something else. On the rigth below i can see the projected improvement i could get if i keep playing like the last 5 rounds. Above the current stroke lost against a pro. Page 2 next... MSJ Stats.xlsx
  13. Saw it live, for me it´s definitivly a penalty. He lifted the ball from a side of the ballmark and place it in front of it, closer to the hole. It´s an advantage and a break of the rule despite been unintentional. if we apply all the rules like lexy´s then this one must be upplyed too. I guess they favor the less controvertial call...
  14. I practice as much as i want to, ones or twice a week. But i just can hit the course during weekends, so 0 to 2 times depending on the weather. My ideal week would be 1 practice day and 3 or 4 rounds at the golf course.
  15. I´m in the same quest as you for the last month. Been self tough it´s a slower process to fix things. As iacas said in the putting post, you need to practice one thing at a time. Let´s start with ball in line. You need to hit the ball with no side spin and with the face perpendicular to the target. On a flat surface aim to a coin 6 feet away. Aling the ball logo to it a hit the putt, if the logo it´s all over the place you hit the putt with side spin, if it´s always in the middle top of the ball then that´s ok. After that is ok you have to hit your target, if you miss left or rigth you know the face it´s not perpendicular to the target and you have to fix that. When you achive the logo rolling in the middle and you hit the coin most of the time you get the "ball in line" award and you can work on the other aspects of putting. Let´s continue with ball speed. In this case you have to practice to a wide target (the line it´s not important), the same brake over and over from different distances and keep the ball inside 3 feet past the wide target for long putt´s and inside 1 or 2 feet in shorter ones. When u can do that in almost all the putt´s you archive the speed award and you can move on to green reading. This you can attend to an aimpoint seminar or figure out yourself. I don´t have drills for this one. I would be cool to have the tool to messure green speed in order to roll balls thru it after guessing the line and speed of a putt and see the true outcome. I still have issues with Ball in line, but working with the above drills to fix it. Hope it helps!