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  1. Mark Broadie Strokes Gained Scrambling Piece

    I think that you can separate yourself from the field more with wedge play than putting because it´s just harder. On putting the ball it´s always on a perfect surface, on short game it can be on nice fairway or in the fescue or buried in the sand. Same applys if you compare wedge play agaist approach to the green and the same with driving vs approach to the green. Driving > approach to the green > wedge lay > putting. Sory dear pelz...
  2. Play Fade or Fix Path?

    Like u, i like to test on the range different club path a face angles in orther to produce a consistent type of ball fligth. I ve been doing this in the last 2 years. Before that i always played a pull-fade with an outside to inside swing path with a square face at address. At this moment my most consistent shot it´s a push-draw with an inside to outside swing path, hit down on the ball with a closed face. This works perfect for my mid to short irons. But long irons fly really low and i want to hit up on the ball with driver so this isn´t an option. So i have to have 2 swings, that´s not ideal. The other problem is that it´s hard to close the face of the club exactly the same degres every time in orther to be consistent. How i solved it? with a stronger grip. I make a practice swing and stop at the ball, I look at the face angle and regrip the club in orther that the club it´s perpendicular to the target, my swing always make the face angle to be open at impact. That´s it. with that new grip i know that my hand will close the face of the club the exact amount i need in order to hit the draw. I tried it hitting it down and up on the ball and works like a charm with every club in the bag. Keep trying new things till you get the results you want.
  3. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    68 (-4) yesterday with no sixes and just three 5´s. I already won the challenge but it still a good one to keep in mind on the course to keep the score low.
  4. There are people that cannot be alone, and need someone close, others need that space between each other. Just lookup for the one´s that are like you and respect the ones that not.
  5. If you could ONLY carry two wedges, which ones?

    i currently carry 60° wedge - 95 yards (Draw) 56° wedge - 105 yards (Draw) and then a 47° 130 yards (Draw) Thats a 25 yards gap between my wedge and the first club of the iron set. It doesn´t matter. I can close the 56° and hit 110. I can play a fade with my 47° for 115 yards I can hit a knockdown shot with the 47° for 125 yards. No more big gaps for me.. and i just have 2 wedges.
  6. 1st Golf Holidays

    This last 2 weeks i took holidays from work to compete in 2 (inter)national tournaments and my club´s championship. It was the first time i did this, all the tournaments where played less than one hour from my home so i didn´t have to travel. The holidays started on the 28th of october and ended yesterday 12th of november. This is a summary of what and where i played. My handicap it´s 1 but trending to 3 :(. Oct 28 Sat: Club´s Championship Qualifier at my home course. 1st round, shoot 74 (index 70). Oct 29 Sun: Club´s Championship Qualifier at my home course. 2nd round, shoot 73 (index 70). Won by 5 strokes. Oct 30 Mon: Rest Day Oct 31 Tue: Practice day on the range. Nov 1 Wen: Practice day for the TailHade International Cup at Los Lagartos Country Club, Par 71, Rating 73,3. Stroke Play, 4 rounds. Nov 2 Thu: 1st Round for the TailHade Cup, shoot 80. Nov 3 Fri: 2nd Round for the TailHade Cup, shoot 75. Miss cut by 3 strokes. Nov 4 Sat: Club´s Championship at my home course. Quarterfinal, I won 6&5 and shoot +4 against a 11 handicapper. Nov 5 Sun: Club´s Championship at my home course. Semifinal, I won 6&5 and shoot -2 against a 5 handicapper. Nov 6 Mon: Rest day Nov 7 Tue: Practice day for the "Nacional por golpes" (same field as in the tailhade cup) at Argentino Golf, Par 72, Rating 72,3. Stroke Play, 4 rounds. Nov 8 Wen: 1st Round for the "Nacional por golpes", shoot 78. Nov 9 Thu: 2nd Round for the "Nacional por golpes", shoot 80. Miss cut by 3 strokes. Nov 10 Fri: Practice round at my home course. Nov 11 Sat: Club´s Championship at my home course. 36-holes Final. Won 7&6, hole 30th. Shoot +2 (+4 first 18th holes, -2 last 12 holes) Nov 12 Sun: Stroke play at my home course, shoot 68 (index 70,8) Played 14 rounds over 16 days, i´m so tired but happy! I will definively do it again next year when this international tournaments take place. Did you have this kind of holidays or this amount of rounds played in just 2 weeks?
  7. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Finally! i gather around a decent round on my club´s championship qualifier and shoot a 73 (+1) with no sixes to lead by one. I upload the only evidence i have. I putted for birdie in all par 5´s and have no penalties. They are all kind of short but they almost always play against strong winds.
  8. Agreed with Typhoon92. This game is hard, don´t make it harder playing players irons. I play Titleist AP1, the most forgiving Iron of the brand and I´m at 0 handicap and I hit a lot of misshit shots.
  9. Minimum distance requirement for PGA Players

    This is the 2017 stat you need. https://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02409.2017.html The shortest carry distance in average for a tour player it´s Ken Duke with 250,9 Yards. Next to him it´s Jim Furyk with 254,1. Longest Rory McIlroy with 305,1. To be in the middle of the pack you need to hit 279 yards carry.
  10. What a Difference

    I think the difference it´s in the shaft and the face angle. The new one makes you hit the ball in better numbers than your previous driver. How much velocity a club head gives to a ball it´s pretty much the same than the previous version of the head of the same brand.
  11. Best Shot of the Week

    Short of the year for me yesterday. Hit my driver towards a crossbunker on the rigth on a Par 4 after making birdie on the previous hole (Par 5). When I walk to the ball i saw that the ball climbed the rigth wall of the bunker and stayed there, 50cm from the wall. I had 2 options, make my stance on the bunker and hit the ball like a baseball player or stand over the wall and grip the club from the shaft halfway to the head, like it was a club for a 5 year old player. I knew that i was facing to give back the birdie on the previous hole. I choose the 2nd option, take an 8 iron from 120 yards and hit it as hard as I could towards the green. The flag was short left, with a bunker guarding the middle/rigth portion of the green. I make a perfect contact and the ball took a really low ball fligth towards the flag. Landed 30 yards on the fairway shorter to the flag and start rolling until I saw it disapear on the cup. Yeah!! Eagle!! :D. Raised my arms before it drops, and my playing partners start clapping, they wheren´t close to me to celebrate. A couple of high 5 closer to the green and big satisfaction when i pull it out of the hole. 3 under in 2 holes. Yes, it was luck that the ball went in but i made an amazing recovery shot.
  12. The sample size it´s small. 32% over 30 players it´s just 10 players. If they intencionally ask most players that they know they will choose mizuno the numbers will be twisted in they favor quickly. If the study will be performed by titleist, im sure the numbers and the interviewed players will be a lot different.
  13. The (No) Sixes Challenge

    Played 3 rounds this last weekend. 79-76-72 (Par 72). All of the rounds have at least one 6 or more. On the 72 round i was 2 under thru 16, bogied 17th and on 18th I 3 putted from 30 feet. But i also bogied 2 Par 5´s before, both with 3 putts from 25 feet. From this distances i always try to lag the putt, never try to sink them, this weekend the greens were slow, maybe that´s way i couldn´t lag well. This challenge it´s getting hard to achieve.
  14. I say no before watching it and i nailed it, but i was amazed on how many balls finished inside 6 feet. It´s good to point out that he took 12 hours to hit 500 balls. 1 minute and 25 seconds between shots. On the range i normally see guys hitting 100 balls in half an hour, thats just 20 seconds between shots. Too fast!!
  15. 40 Putts per Round, Average of 96 (Dave Pelz)?

    Just to fool around, I played a putting stroke play against a friend on the course. He is a 15 index, im at 0. It doesn´t matter how many shots we took to put the ball on the green. We only count the putting strokes. After the round we tied up on 30 putts. Im better putter than him and that day i was on fire. He played well also but he have the advantage of chipping a lot more balls into the green, so in average his first put distance was shorter than mine. Conclusion... putts per round it´s not a good statistic to determinate putting skills. It´s way more accurate to use stroke gained putting. Pelz gain money with his short game´s books and lessons, it´s obvious that he will show us the stats that support that the short game it´s the most important aspect of the game to lower your score.

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