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  1. I miss golf, i miss human contact! 110 days in lockdown and still counting. You just miss a handshake, get over it!!!
  2. I played completly gloveless for my entire life. Last year I found 2 gloves while playing outside my home course that were the same size of my hand, nobody asked for them so I kept them. All my life, because of playing gloveless, i ve got soared hands after playing like it happens when you lift weighs without protection, and it was worst when I used to practice in the week. I decided to give the gloves a chance and it didn't make any difference at all in my game but my hands thanked me about it after every round, no more soarness. So now I became a glove On player, just for long game. Around the green and putting the glove is out.
  3. In Buenos Aires ( Argentina), 18th holes walking at my home course on a weekend cost around 10 UDS. It´s a relatively cheap course to play in the area. In a top Tier course (Buenos Aires Golf, where Tiger played the World Cup in 2000 with David Duval) you can pay 80 UDS on a weekend for 18th holes + 10/15 UDS if you share the cart.
  4. Not diverse at all. Most of the members of my club are ex military and their wifes. And average of 70 year old people, all white.
  5. p1n9183


    Forget about other players scores. Only care about your own. I prefer to play a great round of golf and loose to my playing partners than winning but playing poorly. Only care about other players playing by the rules if you are in a tournament or gambling with them, if not... 100% focus on your game.
  6. I play with really slow players. It never crossed my mind that i could be slow. As a matter of fact i'm really quick to play around the green and putting, despite my low handicad. But after a few comments i realised that i take a little to much over the ball in my long shots. I take less than 40 seconds to hit the ball but i was looking also to have a quicker routine to avoid the need to harry up. Now i only take a practice swing just to loosen up the muscles (that i can do when other players are hitting their shots) and quickly proceed to take a proper stance and hit the ball. I'm not a fast player but at least i'm faster than before and never received those comments again.
  7. Someone told me this like 20 years ago but not with the word "mind" but with the word "subconscient". He told me that in the subconscient part of the brain the world no/not doesn't exist. This part of the brain only understand more basic / straigth forward language. So.. "do not hit it left" is the same as "hit it left" for our subconscient. Your subconscient is going to try to hit it left while your conscient is going to try to avoid it. Sometimes the subconscient wins over the conscient part and well... bad things happens.
  8. Driver for me and aim exactly at were @klineka finished his 3 iron. If I hit it straigth i'll be left to the green with 50% birdie chance. If I miss it right I will be on the green, or with and easy chip/pitch. 75% birdie chance. If I miss it left I will be on the rough with a 50 yard shot. Same chance of bogey/birdie. With this strategy i guess that after 4 rounds of a tournament i can finish the hole -1. Laying up... If I hit it straigth i'll be on the fairway with a 50 yard shot with 25% birdie chance. If I miss it right I will be on the sand with a 50 yard shot thats 25% more chance of bogeys than birdies. If I miss it left I will be on the rough with a 70 yard shot. Same chance of bogey/birdie. With this strategy i guess that after 4 rounds of a tournament i can finish the hole Even. Driver all year long!
  9. Google "ricky shields adjustable club".
  10. Since last night Argentina entered in a 2 week quarantine for everyone. You can only go out to buy food or medicine. No golf for me for at least 2 more weeks.
  11. You just need to worry about going out and having fun with her. When she wants something more than just going out she will brought it up. You never have to do it. If you speak about relationships in the beginning of the interaction with her she will feel that she is going to loose her freedom with you and she will run away.
  12. Here in Argentina sports are now played without fans, but at the same time we still travel by subway or train one over each other. It make no sense.
  13. Numbers can be deceiving and the media always will take advantage of it to sell more. In 20 days of the virus almost 5k died in the world from coronavirus. (around 250 each day). Every day 150k people die around the world. Only the 0.0017% of the dead each day are from coronavirus... there are monsters out there more lethal than coronavirus.. just saying.
  14. 1- not at all. but i guess that maybe in a few weeks i will be doing home-working all week. 2- not at all. same thing, maybe in a few weeks my club is going to be closed or with some attendence restrictions. Here we have Dengue and Influenza, both kills a lot more people everyday than coronavirus so we are still not much worried about it.
  15. They gave me a 69(-3) last saturday. Maybe i should stop playing until they forget about it.. i´m scared..
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