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  1. More birdies

    Boring and easy it´s the best way to play and score.
  2. More birdies

    3/4 birdies per round?? that´s imposible. As a +1, i average 2 birdies per round and 3 bogeys. It´s not about the good shots, it´s about the bad ones. Figure out how to make less bogeys / hit more greens and your score will lower down.
  3. 2 years ago i started playing with my 2001 clubs. While i played for fun they where perfect. Last year i started to play national championships so i decided to purchase en new set of clubs, bag.. balls etc. I invested 2.000 Uds in high quality clubs, and i will keep them for a lot of years to come. Maybe in another 20 years i could change them just because i will be older i and will need more senior clubs.
  4. People just don't "go to sleep" anymore

    I always watch tv before going to sleep but i turn it off the first time i close my eyes beyond blinking time. If i´m tired i just go to sleep 5 minutes after i turned on the tv, if I´m not, just see something boring and that´s it.
  5. Yes, this is the one I made and used. (I think I made a post so everybody can use it). It´s pretty easy, you just need to remember the distances and lies of your resent round. The spreadSheet have and example of a real round i played in 2017 where I shoot 70(-2). You need to fill all your shots from a hole on the "Hole SG" panel with distance (multiple of 5) an lie (t:tee, f:fairway, r:rough, x:recovery, s:sand). In case of penalty add manually on the left the penalty to the responsable area... like Long Game - Driver if you hit it OB from the Tee.long game day. Copy paste each SG value on the left panel and do another hole till you do all 18 holes. (Play a little with it, you will figure it out) As you can see in the example, on that day I hit pretty good my driver from the tee but not my woods. Overall it was a decent day from the tee. In approach to the green from 4 to 9 iron i wasn´t acurrate but my wedges worked really good, for an overall of 1 stroke gained to a pro. Average Green Side game. Bad putting day inside 10 feet. For the distances I played a Pro should shoot 69,8 as you can see in the rogth panel... i shoot 70. thats the same as a tour pro. But.. course rating was 71 (pro plays 76 courses) and not competition conditions... so a tour pro would not shoot arround 69,8. I think he would shoot arround 63-65 in average. You can create another tab in the spreadsheet for the results of the last 10 rounds in order to have an average value for each category and look for your weak areas. Hope it helps! MSJ Stats.xlsx
  6. For the next 10 rounds you play, track your stroke gained stats. After that you will know where a tour Pro it´s better than you. Last time i did it, it show me the reality vs a tour pro. I was loosing 3 strokes on driving (i was a short hitter), 2 strokes on putting(yes I suck) and 1 on approach to greens. And off course i was loosing 4 strokes in course rating for an overall off around 10 strokes worst than a tour pro, despite been a scratch golfer.
  7. As I always answer when someone ask me.. why don´t you just give it a try as a pro (after shooting a 67..68 at my home course)? I respond HELL NO! I´m at +1 handicap, but i average 75 strokes on 72 rating courses on tournament condition away from home, that´s an average of 3 over par. The average tour pro average 71,2 strokes on 76 rating courses. That´s almost 5 strokes under par. Moreover, their PGA tournament conditions are far worst than mine, so they score 8 shots less than me in worst conditions. I repeat again, HELL NO! i have no chance at all. I´d better play national amateur tournaments just for fun and make money with my daily work.
  8. If you have time and you are bored read this.. I googled earth the hole and mesured some distances from the rigth back tee. 155 yards to the middle of the green. 165 to the middle back bunker 147 to carry front bunker 163 to back rigth pin. 158 to carry water if you miss rigth but you are still on the green. 29 yards green wide. The green is not perpendicular, the left part of the green it´s closer and the rigth part is farther away from the player. So the green is not perpendicular it´s more diagonal from left to rigth. This kind of greens are bad for righties and good for lefties. Why? a righty when he misses left he normally miss long (closed face = more ball fligth) and when he miss rigth he normally miss short (open face = less ball fligth). So long left you can lose your ball in the flowers or short rigth you can be in the water. A lefty do exactly the opposite so he normally misses long rigth and short left exactly as the green shape, so if you are a lefty you have a great advantage over a righty. As a rigthy i´m doomed.. I carry 150 my 9 iron and 160 my 8 iron. My shot zone for that irons is 28 yards so exactly the wide of the green so i always have to aim at the middle of it. Because of the water i prefer to miss long so if i have a 155 shot i prefer to hit the 160 club, the 8 iron. If i hit it good i will be in the middle long of the green between the bunkers. If i miss left i probably be in trouble long, maybe i could lost the ball in the flowers and have to re-tee and some of the shots will land safe in the green or just rough. If i miss rigth some of the balls will be on the green and some will go for a drink because a didn´t reach the minimun 163 yards carry to hit the green on the rigth. As a conclution, you need to hit a really good iron into the green or try to play lefty for a while before you play the hole!
  9. How can I go up from 105 mph?

    Your problem it´s your swing, ball flight or smash factor. A year ago i got fitted for my driver and I averaged 103 M/h, 240 carry and 250 total messured by Trackman. I used to play a high pool/slice. I changed my ball flight to a draw, changed the angle of attack (aoa) into a more positive one (around +3°..+4°). That gave me a more penetrating ball fligth and roll. I also lifted weigth at home twice a week for 6 month. Now i hit 260 carry and 280 total. I don´t think I increased my swing speed, just optimized my ball fligth for the speed i already have.
  10. What'd You Shoot Today?

    Played 5 rounds in a row from last thursday to this monday. 1- Home course: 70(-2). Bogey free round, 1st time in my life :D. 2- Orquidea golf club: 74(+2). First time i play there. 3- Home course: 75(+3). A good practice round. 4- SmithField Golf Club: 75(+3). First time i play there. 5- Home course: 74(+2). Another good practice round.
  11. Wow! last night i said = "It would be grate to play there someday" while i was watching the new videos on Augusta youtube channel. This is a great oportunity for the best women players in the world. Is there a am championships for men too?
  12. Statistics Help Needed

    The ball only cares about the face angle and the club path at impact. You can hit a perfect shot with all that out of sync and an awfull shot with all that beeing in perfect sync. Just find a swing that works for u and give you the narrow dispersion you can achive. How? making the face angle and club path changes as minimun as posible shot after shot.
  13. Here in Argentina, Nordelta Golf Club. Par 72, rating 76,2 from the tips. Shoot 79/85 on very windy days on 2017. In the US, played the Blue Monster at Doral on 2001 at age 18. Shoot in the 70´s from the blue tees rating 72,9.

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