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  1. Born with Clubface Control

    I will give it a go next time i hit the range. I think i will succed.. but you never know.
  2. Always. I returned a lot of clubs to their owners, and a lot of my clubs were returned to me. Around the course there are poor people living, if you leave a club on the floor it wont take to long till it desapear.
  3. Impact of lessons....

    Trainned with teachers from 12 to 19 years old. lowest handicap 1. Quit the game. Started last year in self tough mode and i reached my lowest handicap at +1 and i think i have even more to improve, muy putting skills sucks. It´s important to have a couch ones you start playing, to learn the basics. After that you can improve by yourself. A teacher can speed up the procces but it cost more money too. At the end of the day it´s your money, it´s your game and it´s your call.
  4. Between 1995 and 2005 i played with a set of irons from the 2 iron to PW, 3wood and Driver. Last year bougth a new set from 4 iron to PW + WW, and bougth also a 19° hybrid, 3 wood and Driver.
  5. I think short game it´s the part of the game we get out of touch after not playing for a while, so i suggest to practice that area as well. Day 1 - Start with putting, then chipping, pitching and shorts from the sand. At that moment you already did some half or 3/4 swings. Then hit a small bucket of balls and go home. (75% short game, 25% long game) Day 2- The same as day 1 but this time take more time hitting balls. (25% short game, 75% long game). Day 3- Play 18 holes and try to shoot as low as you can. The most important it´s to enjoy been back playing golf. Don´t bother if you don´t play like you used to 6 months before.
  6. What'd You Shoot Today?

    36-37=73(+1) at my home course. Good ball striking, regular chipping and putting. The wind got strong on the back 9, everyone else crack under it but i keep the score low to win the tournament. First one in the last 2 month.
  7. 100 Holes in One Day

    My record it´s just 38 holes walking the course. I have more dayligth to play but i already won the match and the club championship final.
  8. I play the Bridgestone E6, yes it have less workability and less "sidespin" as you said on long shots. On wedges from 100 yards the ball stops where it land with no backspin. Around the green it will not check like a premium ball and you have to learn to play with the extra roll. I don´t like back spin so i love this ball and i can buy it cheap here in argentina. But i can tell you that when i hit the ball bad there´s no ball that will avoid me going intro trouble.
  9. Shoot 77 with average short game and awfull 37 putts. But i hit 14 GIR and 4 nGIR. I will never shoot 77 playing the long game like i play the putter that day. Off 20 rounds my worst and best Stroke Ganined values are as follow: Stroke Gained (Best / Worst) Tee Shots: 0 / 5,1 ( 2,5 strokes to improve here ) Approach to green: -2,4 / 3,8 ( 0,7 here ) Around Green: -1,4 / 1 ( Im better than an average pro :D, why waste my time practicing this??? ) Putting: -1,9 / 4,7 ( 2,8 here, yes i´m the worst putter player in the world and i´m working on it) If i play my worst long game and my best short game i should shoot= 5,1+3,8+(-1,4)+(-1,9) = 5,6 If i play my best long game and my worst short game i should shoot= 0+(-2,4)+1+4,7 = 3,3 The roof for improving the long game it´s higher than the short game. It takes more time, but on the long run will lower your scores more than the improvements on short game. 7 years ago i only practiced short game. I reach 2 handicap and quit over 2 years. Last year i returned to practice shot game and lower my handicap from 4 to 2, this year i focus on long game and now im at +1, best handicap of my life with the same short game i always have and i still can improve a lot my ball striking.
  10. The TST Member tournament play thread....

    Played the las mid-am of the year. Shoot 81-77, very dissapointed. On Saturday my game arround the green save me from shooting even worst. Long game where off and putting it`s getting frustrating in the last months. On Sunday i decided to play the majority of the shots with a power fade despite of my regular draw and long game was really good, hit 14 GIR and 4 nGIR. 2 of that 4 end up in a gimmie for par and the other 2 i leave me 6 footers for par. In a normal putting day at least i should shoot even par or better. My putting... oh god.. i was desparate. I figured out speed on fast greens but this ones where fast and with big slopes making it hard to lag. I guess i loose 1 or 2 strokes there. But my main problem was inside 3-6 feet range. I only sunk 4 out of 10 trys. Tour average arround 80%. 4 strokes lost. Not a single birdie out of 14 attempts. Lately my short putting it`s my big weakness, im not improving with my practice sessions, just getting worst.
  11. I will keep playing my Bridgestone E6. Low spin on wedges, hate the backspin that premium golf balls have.
  12. How many wedges

    PW (43°) 140 yards WW (47°) 130 yards GW (51°) now out of the bag in order to bring in a 2 hybrid. SW (56°) 105 yards LW (60°) 95 yards Yes i have a 25 yards gap between my WW and my SW but i can easily play a cut WW that carry 115, and a punch draw that carry 125. The gap between my 3 wood and 4 iron was 40 yards wide, needed to reduce that gap for long par 3 and "off the tee" strategy pourposes. The 2 hybird (19°) worked like a charm, and it´s my go to shot on 2nd shot´s on par 5s.
  13. What kind of Amateur tournament?

    Love 72 hole scratch tournaments. I have 2 on november. I´m a Conservative player so this kind of tournament benefits me.
  14. What'd You Shoot Today?

    79/77 at my home course. Windy, cold and no roll weekend. Poor ball striking and putting. Amazing game around the greens, all the shots with my 60°, even the bump an run with the face riddicusly close.
  15. Low scores in relation to par

    I think that a low score should be compared to what the whole pga tour would shoot on that day in average, not the current field or the course par or rating. Examples: A- It`s better to shoot 60 when the rest of the field shoot 70 in average than shooting 59 when the rest of the field shoot 65 in average. B_ It`s better to shoot 5 under the field when the field it`s filled with top100 players than shotting 5 under the field while the field it`s filled with players not in the top100. I think doing math between both aspects in the examples will give us a better perspective of how low a round was and you can compare it to another round of another tournament of another year.