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  1. Welcome! My brother lives in Abu Dhabi too. He will get for me a rangefinder when he visit´s argentina next month. Not a golf player.. so he couldn´t help you! jaja
  2. "Ryder cup" format at my club" Won my fourball match alone, my partner was ill. Shoot 6 over with 3 balls in the water. 7-0 my record match play this year. Next weekend starts the club championship, hope to keep the winning streak.
  3. Any thought starting with "i can´t do that..." it´s not good. Last Saturday, 1 over at 13th, missed green pin high on the fairway 15 feet from the pin. 3 putted. I said, "I can´t make a silly bogey like that!" That made me really angry, led to a blow up hole. 2 balls OB on 14th for a 9 on a Par 4, also leaving the putter in the bag for the rest of the round just because been mad at it. End up shooting 10 over. Intead of that i should calm down and say what i generaly say "Even Pro´s make supid shot and bogey/doubles" and keep on the good round i was playing 2 over thru 13th. . How to recover from a blown up hole ?? Really don´t know, never recover from one. I guess is easier to avoid it by better course management.
  4. Take a look at that and you are rigth (like a few more that said the same). A tour pro from my distances espects in average 33.5 putts. 2,5 strokes less than what i did. So my putting wasn´t that bad after all. I could be better thou. Like DaveP043 said, it was a worse-than-average putting day. Just that. To clear up the "scoring" thing... I was pretty happy to shoot even par and i´ll be happy to shoot everything under 4.5+ (my scoring avg). Shot 82 (10 over) the day before!! so don´t get me wrong, shooting par was scoring to me. What i meant is that i spected to shoot lower hitting 16 GIR (moreover I hit two Par 5 in two). A tour pro average 12 GIR and a score of 71 (i guess in par 71 courses). So spected to shoot under par after an unrrepetible long game day for me. If i cant shoot under par after my best day ever, then when ??? Found the stats of the round i shoot 3 under: 0 penalties - 14 GIR - 3/7 up/down - 29 putts. 3 of those GIR where on par 5 i go for it in 2 a miss the green. Well rephrasing myself... if you can´t putt, scramble and have a solid ball striking you can´t shoot under par.
  5. That`s what i learned yesterday after checking my stats for the round against my final score. Played at my home course from the tips (6550 yards, par 72, 71.8, 22 miles/h winds ). My hándicap is 2, score average is 4.5 and GIR avg is 10. Hole 1: hit water with my iron tee shot. From 180 yards hit Green, 15 feet for par. Hole 2: hit Green from 120 yards to 33 feet for birdie. Hole 3: hit Green from 155 yards to 24 feet for birdie. Hole 4: 2nd shot on par 5 from 230 yards rests 2 yards short of Green, front pin 21 feet yards away. Hole 5: hit Green from 70 yards to 6 feet for birdie. Hole 6: hit Green from 110 yards to 10 feet for birdie. Hole 7 hit Green from 140 yards to 10 feet for birdie. Hole 8 hit Green from 180 yards to 20 feet for birdie. Hole 9 hit Green from 140 yards to 25 feet for birdie. Hole 10: hit Green with 2nd shot in par 5 from 220 yards, 25 feet for Eagle. Hole 11: hit Green from 200 yards to 45 feet for birdie. Hole 12: hit Green from 110 yards to 15 feet for birdie. Hole 13: hit my tee shot to the tres, lay up sideways and hit Green from 90 yards 12 feet for par. Hole 14: Hit Green from 110 yards to 12 feet for birdie. Hole 15: Hit Green from 155 yards to 20 feet for birdie. Hole 16: Amazing recovery shot from behind a tree into a dry water hazard to hit the greeen from 150 yards to 20 feet for birdie. Hole 17: Hit Green from 150 yards to 15 feet for birdie. Hole 18: Hit Green from 110 yards to 30 feet for birdie. As you can see ball striking was amazing. 16 GIR, 2 par 5 reach in 2. A lot a birdie chances. Don`t had to chip/pitch in the hole round because i hit every Green i attempted, never happened to me. Long game did it`s job, it all depended in holing a few putts and i will sing a round of 3.. or 4 under. well... I`ll shoot Even Par. :( Holed the birdie on 5th hole. 3 putted on the par 5 4th. And then 2 putts the other holes. 36 putts. Shoot 3 under a couple of times this years and all of them where because of good putting day`s. So.. if you can`t putt you can`t score. Still think that "Drive For Show, Putt For Dough" prevails.
  6. Just according to the stats you really need to start practicing putting. After knocking down 2 or 3 strokes against scratch golfer you can divide your practice between putter and short game.
  7. Broke 2 balls the past month :(, both with only 2 rounds. (nike PD Long)
  8. 2 rounds this weekend at my home course. 76 (4+) : good ball striking. 13 GIR, but really bad putting. Really nice to hit 3 drive´s over 300 yards (Obviusly width the wind and on hard fairways. 77 (5+): started the round with rain, but stopped by the 4th hole. Another good driving day, but irons fail to me and again putter didn´t help either. My handicap go´s up again to 2.. Some day i´ll be scrath. Missed my chance to get there a couple of times i´ve been in 1 this year.
  9. Hooking irons or driver while trying to hit my normal fade. It always happens when i slide a foot and don´t let the hands release. Happened this month in the mid-amateur championship. Hole 2, 1 under for the round, Par 3 190 yards, OB left. Ended with a triple bogey. Have to change my shoes.
  10. Congrats Ron for returning back ! In January i began to play again after 8 years of inactivity, they gave me my old handicap 3. Started to play on weekend at the same course trying to remember how to hit straigth the ball. At the beginning you don´t have to play with spectations of scoring good, just enjoy playing! If you can afford lessons you can be in good shape sooner and start to spect better results to beat your co-worker or at least shoot decent rounds. After a year of been a weekend player without practicing or taking lessons i´m a 1 handicap rigth now specting to be scratch in the near future. Don´t rush ir, good game eventually will come back, but in the meanwhile enjoy playing !
  11. So no OB stakes in your side of the course near the road? In other words.. if you hit the ball an rest in the road it´s not OB ? In that case the OB stakes of the other fairway are Internal OB and do not afect your hole, so it was OK to play the ball from the other fairway. I guess you have to check your local rules to clear it out.
  12. Like you my natural drive shape (irons too) is a Slice. I intensionally aim left between 10/15 yards. I was trying to hit a draw with my driver too because i wanted more distance. This weekend i played 36 holes and i messured all my drives with google maps after the rounds. The result is that when I hit my slice i average 259 yards with a dispersion of 50 yards wide. The average of the drivers i hit a draw averaged 266 yards with a dispersion of 70 yards wide. In my opinion the 7 extra yards but more dispersion it not worth it. In your case ill prefer to keep trying to hit that power fade to gain more distance but keep hitting your natural shot shape.
  13. Here are mine: Broke Par (Also broke 70): Did it in the 90's in my college years. Did it again a few times during 2016 after a lot of years of inactivity. Tournament Winner: 3 Club Championships and the Region Champion of the Season 2000, which gave me the price of compiting in the US at the Publix Junior Championship at The Doral, great experience. Albatros: never made a hole in one but holed in 2 a Par 5 on Playa Grande (Argentina) while playing in a pro-am tournament.
  14. Saturday - Match play championship of my club with handicap (i'm 1 at the moment). Semifinal. Shoot 1 over to win 3/2 against a 7 handicap. Close match but never been down. Good ball striking but poor putting. Sunday - Final - Shoot 1 over to win 2/1 agains a 12 handicap. Really hard game, was 3 down at 3.. Birdied 2 holes to be all square at 6. But again on 10th i was again 3 down on the match besides i was shooting even par for my round. A 12 handicap shooting 3+ over 10 holes its pretty hard to beat. Just think about keep making par and spect that the handicap and nerves starts to afect the other player. Hopfully thats whats happened. He shoot bogey or worse in every single hole till the end on 17th. Lesson to learn, never give up !! We are all humans and can make mistakes so as our competitor.