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  1. Personal experience. I play on a windy course. Strong winds and heavy rain are the factors that affect scoring the most.
  2. 1) No wind you will shoot 1..2 strokes below average. 2) 1 club wind you will shoot your average score. 3) 2 club wind you will shoot 2 stroke above your average 4) 3 or more clubs wind you will be all over the place. In average 4..5 strokes above your average. Wet conditions affect also. The course play longer but greens are softer. It depends on the course length and green softeness to figure out wicth one will prevale. About compression, your concept is wrong. The ball desform itself in contact with the club for just a few miliseconds before lunching away from it.
  3. Maybe he thought that you needed to wait for him to finish, he got there first so it was his turn to use all the chipping facillity... don´t know, there´s a lot of crazy guys out there.
  4. Like everyone said, if that handicap can travel and it´s from tournaments only that´s an impresive player with some tour future. If not.. it´s just a good amateur and he should study and think about another way to earn his money.
  5. Full swing: no idea! never hit them full. Only the driver. Normal swing: 51°: 115 56°: 105 60°: 95 3/4 swing: 51°: 85 56°: 75 60°: 65 Less than 60 yards i play my 60° by feel.
  6. You are not definitevily going to play profesionally and make a living from it. As an amateur take it as serious as you like. I love to compeete but at the same time i don´t want to be consumed by the sport. So i give golf the amount of time i want to and leave some free time to do other things. I still compete at scratch level but just for fun, no intention to win anything. I leave that to the ones that wants to practice all week long.
  7. Go out to play 9 alone. On each hole hit 4..5 balls with different Irons. Keep track of the yardages with each club and at the end of the round you will have a good idea. I normally round up irons distances in numbers divisible by 5. After that each club hit 10 yards more or less than the other. Remember than even a pro have from the fairway around a 15 yards gap between a perfect shot and a little mishit with the same club. Don´t bother remembering that a 6I carry 161 and a 7I carry 152. Just remember... 6I 160 and 7I 150 average carry. Do the same for each wedge and wood. That´s it!
  8. I think that it´s a good speach to take pressure out of his shoulders. Maybe the press will be softly with him. If he belives in it even better, but i don´t buy it.
  9. Heavy rain with lightnings. Young stupid player, not aware of the danger it represented. Made par on the 9th hole in front of a big gallery of players waiting for the storm to go away. I trayed to walk to the 10th tee but they didn´t let me. Now when i heard a thunder or see a lightning i get the hell out of there.
  10. Same at my club, i always say: "It´s so bad it´s good". That´s when i hook it or block it hard and end up in the fairway of another hole.
  11. I think that if you just play once a week your improvements will be really small. If you are a 30 handicaper you can archive 25.. or if you are a 10 handicaper you can archive 7..8, but that´s all. You will stop improving and get stucked in the same handicap. In my high 20´s i played for 2 years once a week. Started with 4 and danced around 1 and 3 handicap. The same at my early 30s. I lowered it to +1 after 1 year playing 3 times a week. (Driving range + 36 holes) For the last 2 years I quit practice and i play once or twice a week and i´m dancing again around 1 and 3 handicap.
  12. Just 230. Water front, water left, bunker on the right and sloping away from the green on the back and on the right. The only good miss its in the bunker on the rigth. Everywhere else it´s a lucky bogey, or worst. Played it in a 72 holes tournament, 2 pars and 2 bogeys, really happy with that. Hitted 4 iron and hybrid.
  13. The best player "To Appreciate Course Architecture" is the one that hits 250 off the tee in average, it´s below 10 handicap and don´t hit driver on every tee shot.
  14. Bottle of water and something to eat. On summer the bottle is always half filled with ice.
  15. Very interesting topic. I don´t have a clue about business but i will follow the topic. Thanks for sharing.
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