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  1. Hooking irons or driver while trying to hit my normal fade. It always happens when i slide a foot and don´t let the hands release. Happened this month in the mid-amateur championship. Hole 2, 1 under for the round, Par 3 190 yards, OB left. Ended with a triple bogey. Have to change my shoes.
  2. Congrats Ron for returning back ! In January i began to play again after 8 years of inactivity, they gave me my old handicap 3. Started to play on weekend at the same course trying to remember how to hit straigth the ball. At the beginning you don´t have to play with spectations of scoring good, just enjoy playing! If you can afford lessons you can be in good shape sooner and start to spect better results to beat your co-worker or at least shoot decent rounds. After a year of been a weekend player without practicing or taking lessons i´m a 1 handicap rigth now specting to be scratch in the near future. Don´t rush ir, good game eventually will come back, but in the meanwhile enjoy playing !
  3. So no OB stakes in your side of the course near the road? In other words.. if you hit the ball an rest in the road it´s not OB ? In that case the OB stakes of the other fairway are Internal OB and do not afect your hole, so it was OK to play the ball from the other fairway. I guess you have to check your local rules to clear it out.
  4. Like you my natural drive shape (irons too) is a Slice. I intensionally aim left between 10/15 yards. I was trying to hit a draw with my driver too because i wanted more distance. This weekend i played 36 holes and i messured all my drives with google maps after the rounds. The result is that when I hit my slice i average 259 yards with a dispersion of 50 yards wide. The average of the drivers i hit a draw averaged 266 yards with a dispersion of 70 yards wide. In my opinion the 7 extra yards but more dispersion it not worth it. In your case ill prefer to keep trying to hit that power fade to gain more distance but keep hitting your natural shot shape.
  5. Here are mine: Broke Par (Also broke 70): Did it in the 90's in my college years. Did it again a few times during 2016 after a lot of years of inactivity. Tournament Winner: 3 Club Championships and the Region Champion of the Season 2000, which gave me the price of compiting in the US at the Publix Junior Championship at The Doral, great experience. Albatros: never made a hole in one but holed in 2 a Par 5 on Playa Grande (Argentina) while playing in a pro-am tournament.
  6. Saturday - Match play championship of my club with handicap (i'm 1 at the moment). Semifinal. Shoot 1 over to win 3/2 against a 7 handicap. Close match but never been down. Good ball striking but poor putting. Sunday - Final - Shoot 1 over to win 2/1 agains a 12 handicap. Really hard game, was 3 down at 3.. Birdied 2 holes to be all square at 6. But again on 10th i was again 3 down on the match besides i was shooting even par for my round. A 12 handicap shooting 3+ over 10 holes its pretty hard to beat. Just think about keep making par and spect that the handicap and nerves starts to afect the other player. Hopfully thats whats happened. He shoot bogey or worse in every single hole till the end on 17th. Lesson to learn, never give up !! We are all humans and can make mistakes so as our competitor.
  7. Respect! your so close. hang in there. A 3&2 won in match play. Quarterfinal´s of my Club championship with handicap. Im´at 1 handicap against a 9. Gave him 7 strokes. (85%). We both played really bad, but really bad. On 14th, Par 4 OB left i won the hole with a triple-bogey... Won on the 16th with a 20 footer for par after missing my approach shot 30 yards rigth from 130 yards. A guess i was 8 over at that point. After lunch Played 9 more holes to practice that day and shoot a 38 ( 2 over). Without stopping played solo 6 more holes with 3 balls shooting 75 (3 over). 30 holes for that day, i was really tired, but ended the day hitting pretty good solid punch shots.
  8. Here is my experience at the Argentine Mid Amateur. The course was "Club Nautico San Isidro" Par 71, rating 70,7. Pretty fast and sloped greens with narrow three lined fairways. Never played there, no practice round for me just google it for strategy purpouses. 54 holes stroke play with a cut after 36 holes. My goal was to make the cut and shoot in the 70`s in all rounds. Friday, 1st Day. Arrived at the club 1 hour and a half earlier to get used to the facilities and start my putting and chipping warm-up. A few full swings and streching movement and i went to the hole 1 tee. I was preety nervous. Because of a lot of rain in previous days course was really soft, drives rolled 0 yards but the greens where firm and fast. The weather for the rounds where pretty the same, 20 Celsius, 15 mile winds. First hole miss left from the middle of the fairway and chip-in for birdie, amazing start. But that make me more nervous. 2nd hole par 3 hit and amazing hook left OB with my 4 iron. Miss left with my 3er shot and two putts for triple bogey. 3 putted on the 3rd for bogey and missed long the 4th for another bogey. Par next hole with GIR. 6th hole hit the flag with my approach shot witch me the ball bounce left 15 yard, still into the green, really bad luck, 3 putted... next hole miss green rigth for another 2 putt bogey. So after 7 holes i was 6 over for the round and at that point i get a bit frustrated because i already see myself shooting in the 80`s and seeing my chances of make the cut go away. Happily i started to hit my irons better, and pared 9 missing a short birdie putt. Nice recovery over the trees on 10th to hit green an made par on 10th. GIR on 11th for another par and birdied the short par 5 12th from 60 yards. This streak was encouraging now i was 5 over thru 12 holes. 3 putted on 13th for bogey, pared 14th and 15th with GIR and missed short on 16th for a stupid bogey. Pared 17th with gir and 3 putted 18th for another bogey. 12 GIR on 1st round for a 79 (8 over), i was specting shotting a bit better but the OB on the 2nd hole and a lot of 3 putters didn`t let me. Drive home thinking that i was not in a good position for making the cut. Happily scores where not that good and i finish 41 over 75 players and the cut was the first 42 players. Leaders shoot 68 (3 under). On 2nd round i put in my mind shooting 77 (6 over) to be sure i make the cut. Same start on first hole, but this time made up and down for par. bogey on 2nd because of hitting it short of the green but 2 shots improment againts day one in that hole. pared 3th with gir. 3 putted 4th for bogey and really silly bogey missing long green on 5th. 3 over thru 5 holes wasn`t what i was spected in order to shoot 6 over and make the cut. Pared 6th with gir and pared 7th with a short up and down. really good shot to 6 feet in the par 3 8th but missed that too. Up and down in 9th hole to finish 3 over in the front 9. Pared 10th and 11th with girs. 12th really pised me off. Par 5 missed driver left, good recovery shot to 90 yards of the green, the flag was in the back of a 35 yards deep green. I hit a decent shot but ended in the front bunker, 2 clubs short.. hit my 4th shot over the green, good pitch to 4feet and miss the putt. double bogey from 90 yarda, hitting the iron OK to a wide and easy green. On 13th i made the exact same mistake and made another bogey. 6 over thru 13th holes. I couldn`t make more mistakes. The miracle happened on 14th where i drained a 30 footer, 1st and only putter over 10 feet i made in the hole tournament. Im a decent putter but this greens made me look like a 30 handicap player. According to my putting measure system (similar to stroke gained of mark brodie) i was 5 strokes over my average among the 3 days. Been the first day the worst with 3,5 strokes over my average. Pared 15th and 16th with gir, and birdied 17th after a greate shoot on the par 3 leaving it 6 feet to the flag. 3 putted 18th for bogey. 76 (5 over) for the 2nd round and i was pretty happy about it because i was sure i will make the cut. When i get home i checked scores and i was in place 31 so i make the cut with my overal 155 ( 13 over). Leader at 139 (3 under). 3er round, the objective was to finish top 30 and obviusly shooting again in the 70`s. Identic 1st hole for a par with up and down. 1 under for that hole without hitting GIR in the tournament. 2nd hole was my worst hole in the tournament, 190 yards Par 3, OB left, river on the right. Lake on the front but 60 yards from the green. OB 1st day for a triple bogey, bogey 2nd day and in the 3er round i shanked it !! i was lucky to hit some trees and be safe from the river, but it was totally blocked so i have to lay up to the fairway for a 50 yards pitch, make double... 6 over in that hole for the tournament. 15 strokes. a tipical score for a par 5, not a par 3. Birdied next hole from 10 feet. Pared 4th, almost drained a 60 foot putt for birdie. Pared 5th with up and down. Miss long on 6th, and make bogey. Up and down on 7 and 8 for pars and 2 putts for par on 9th. 2 over in the front, pretty happy with that ofter hitting it very bad. Pared 10th and 11th with gir. On 12th i made the same mistake i made the day before, hit my iron good but missed 15 yards short to the bunker, bogie. 3 putted on 13th for bogey. Up and down on 14th for par. On 15 i go for it on the par 5 but missed short in the bunker, imposible shot, pick it clean and leave it in the back of the green, pin in the front, 3 putted, bogey. next hole missed right short siding me, bogey. 17th pared with gir and on 18th hit gir but missed a 6 inches putter for par.. 77 ( 6 over ). Overal 232 ( 19 over ). 27th place. So happily i reached all my objectives, shooting 70`s in all round, made de cut and end up in top 30. Champion 210 (3 under). I have to improve 7 shoots on my game to compete for the title one day. Really great experience, enjoyed it a lot. Been 12 years without competing and it felt really good. Drived really grate, hit my irons good but with and deepth dispersion where too big so i have to work on that. Chipped/Pitched ok and putter owfull. A couple of things to work on before i sign on for the next mid amateur tournamente in january. Well i have to go to work now, golf weekend ended.
  9. Argentine Mid Amateur Championship starts this friday. It`s my first scratch tournament in the last 12 years after been away of golf. I`m pretty ansious about it. Never played the course and i can not play the practice round because of my work. I google it to build a strategy for the first day at least. It`s a 54 holes stroke play with a cut after 36 holes. Any suggestions?? My goal is to make the cut and shoot in the 70`s on every round. I`ll post my rounds during the weekend.
  10. 76 (+4) on Saturday. 7 Celsius, 35 km/h winds. 74 (+2) on Sunday, OB in my first stroke. 6 Celsius. 30km/h winds. A couple of holes with light rain. Course Rating 71.2. With handicap 2 I won the 36 holes tournament by 8 strokes and the scratch tournament by 19 strokes ! no good player`s at my home course at the moment.
  11. middle/front pin: 85 yards with my 60 degree wedge. If i miss hit it, it would be arround 78/80 yards. back pin: same wedge but punched down to the middle of the green landing at about 75 yards, specting 5/10 yards roll (i use long balls).
  12. 90% of my rounds i break 80 but only 40% of them are dbogey free so i definitly vote for DB Free is harder. At the moment is what im working at, 0 OB, water and double bogey. A lot of shot zones analisis in progress off the tee.
  13. Another 30 mile winds today. 10 gir but an amazing 9 out of 10 up and down for a 73 (1 over) with 2 balls into the water.
  14. This weekend play 3 times at my home course (Par 72, rating 71,2). 72 (E) after been 3 under thru 10th. 10 gir, amazing putting and chipping. (20 miles winds) 73 (+1), 13 GIR (really calm day) 80 (+8) 8 gir, 30 miles winds. 300 yards drives with the wind but only 200 against it. Every Par 4 over 400 yards become a par 5. Poor ball striking all weekend, but greate putting and chipping instead.
  15. For me a Scratch player is the one who averages around 3 over the average rating of the courses he played, that will lead in average to a 0 index. In my case for example the course average rating of my last 20 rounds is 71,2. My average score is 76,15 so my average score related to course rating is 4,95 over. The average of my best 10 differential is 1,94. 1,94 * 0,96 = 1,824 -> 1,8 Index (In Argentina we have a different system, my handicap is 2) I´m 1,8 index strokes from been a scratch. So if i lower my average score related to rating from 4,95 to 3 i´m certain I´ll be around 0 index and be a scratch player.