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  1. Pointless article. If you made 8 birdies and 7 bogeys or 2 birdies and 1 bogey it´s the same.. You don´t need to be a math geek to know witch one of those are the volatile player.
  2. He clearly said that a normal 7 Iron could be long of the green, that´s the reason he wants to hit it 5 yards shorter. A good shot or flyer will be long, you avoid both scenarios with and 8 Iron. And with a flyer or good shot with the 8 Iron your ball will land close to the ping.
  3. As a kid it was easy. At certain age i guess it something to celebrate. At my 35 years old i played 36 holes and on the next day i couldn´t move. 54 holes i guess i will rest in bed the rest of the week.
  4. In my case I´m member in a preatty affordable club, i use the course to practice so it doesn´t bother me to play it all year long. The key for that is that a cheap member club leave some extra cash to compete in Mid-Am Tournaments in really nice courses. There´s like 6..7 each year and other 2..3 Am tournaments that I could play also, all of them in the best courses here in Bs As Argentina. I can play in the club´s tournaments and also be part of something. Play with people i know every time, go to the pool, eat or have a shower after playing. Moreove if you are a good player you can be part of the club team and compete in tournaments against another clubs free of charge.
  5. Don´t complicate things guys... a tour player with a wedge in his hands miss short or long by 7..8 yards (thats a gap of 15 yards). More with longer clubs, imagine how much bigger are our short and long misses. In case 1, don´t bother about the pin. Just pick the club that in 90% of the times you will carry the water. In this case it seeams it´s your 8 iron. If you hit it poorly it will land close to the ping. If you hit it ok it will land in the back of the green. If you flushed it will fly over the green. All of that outcomes are better than hitting it into the drink. In case 2, you don´t whant to be long so.. hit the club that even with flushing it you are not going over the green. In this case your 8 iron. If you hit it poorly you will be in the front of the green, if you hit it ok it will be in the middle of the green, and if you flush it it will be close to the ping. All of that shots are better than being long of the green. Moreover, it´s not only about the distance, you have to sum up weather, wind, slope, altitud, lie, etc. What i do is this.. I calculate all of the factors and end up with a desired number i want to carry the ball. Let say 171, i leave the wind for last. I hit my 6 Iron 175 and my 5 iron 182. Let´s say i´m against the wind. I think to myself, this wind it´s hard enough to take 11 yards out of my shot or just 4? If i think 11 fit better then i hit a 5 iron, if 4 is a better fit then I hit a 6 Iron. No room for "In between clubs". There´s no way you can predict exactly that this shot is going to take 7 yards out of your shot. Wind can change after you pick the club and nobody can predict exactly how much it going to affect the ball, so for me taking 2..3.. 5 yards off a club is unnecesary and put in play hitting the ball without our stock shot.
  6. 73-74 (Par 72) this weekend. 2nd on Saturday and won on Sunday. Changed my path from in/out to out/in like Dustin Jhonson 3 weeks ago. I gained accuracy across the bag but lost around 10 yards with the driver and 5 yards with long irons (carry). Irons fly really high and i´m working on half shots when i´m against the wind. Really promising change I made and it keeps working thru several rounds so far. (73-70-71-74-73-74), pretty consistent ball striking, with proper strategy i had 0 penalty strokes in 6 rounds.
  7. In order to improve, yes. If not you can play just with your friends and you will never be alone.
  8. 73-70-74-71 on my last 4 rounds at my home course. (6500 yards, par 72, rating 70.2). Enough to keep it at 1 handicap for the moment. The bad is that i finished 2nd in every round.
  9. I have to go with boring but difficult.
  10. At this moment, score isn´t that important. So every round i go out i work on new ideas to improve my swing. "Insanity Is Doing the Same Thing Over and Over Again and Expecting Different Results" Sometimes i shoot around 80 and sometimes like this last weekend i shot around 70. It doesn´t matter as long as i can drive home knowing that i tested a lot of new ideas.
  11. Spieth Fan Here. I have to go with mental issues aswell. A friend of mine competed against spieth in their teen years. He said that Spieth´s ball striking was so below average in those tournaments but he was really strong mentally speaking. I guess that in the last years he lost a bit of confidence and that affected big time his performance. Hope he figure it out soon!
  12. I don´t care at all. Most of the people are all thinking about what their are doing.
  13. For handicap purposes yes. But he did shoot at least 15.1 strokes under the rating par of the course. An scratch player at best could shoot around 3..4 under. That´s a hugh difference and i think the soul of the post.
  14. At 18 years old i was forced to meet a Golf Psychologists in the trainning center I attended at that time. I don´t know how but he messed up with my putting confidence. I was one of the best and after him i become one of the worst. I really never recover from it.
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