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  1. Don´t get it.. it´s like golf channel but for other countries without that channel?
  2. p1n9183

    Failure To Include an Unknown Penalty

    Here on National tournaments it´s on the rules of the tournament that "Se juega el torneo en cumplimiento de las reglas de la AAG las cuales deben ser conocidas por el jugador". Something like... "The tournament it´s play under the AAG rules of golf and every player MUST know them". This really should stay that way. Generally players are honest but don´t let the few chetear take and advantange on this one.
  3. p1n9183

    Regarding the Spieth Kerfuffle and Tiger's Schedule

    It´s Tiger. If no one is talking about this it´s because he have this covered up. Surly with Iacas and sandy arguments.
  4. p1n9183

    Shot Dispersion

    Similar to aimpoint.. my dispersion it´s around 2 fingers rigth/left of my target from 100 yards 90% of the times. Around 2,5 fingers rigth/left on short/mid irons and 3 fingers with long irons/hybrid and go to driver. Also 4 fingers rigth/left when I go for it with driver. All of them with 20 yards of dispersion longer/shorter of the target. It´s easier that way.
  5. p1n9183

    What do you do with your old clubs when you get new ones?

    Bougth an new set on 2016. I keept the previous one at home and use it to practice at the range and use the new ones just for the course.
  6. p1n9183

    Provisional ball strategy

    If i hi t it OB or to serious trouble it´s because i hit it really poorly outside my dispersion. So I commit again to the same shot ones and again..
  7. p1n9183

    Mental Game Practice?

    Hard one.. i really don´t know. But the mental game it´s really important in golf. Keep your feet in the ground when you are playing really well and keep your nerves calm when you are not having your best day. Life also have to do with it. When everything in my life it OK it´s easier to forgive myself for a bad shot or holes, it´s easier to bounce back from it and it also it´s easier to keep your condifence up despite a couple of bad shots. if not golf turn in something really important (to scape reallity) and failure is not admisible. Bad shots turns to really bad rounds and good ones are just one bad shot to go downhill. It´s not concidence for me that i had a really good year personally last year and i played the best golf in my life and this year was really hard for me and go up from +1 to 3 handicap in just a blink of an eye.
  8. p1n9183

    What do you do when your driver isn't working?

    Go home and cry it´s tempting but i enjoy been on the course so I figth back and keep trying to hit it.
  9. p1n9183

    Assigning Credit and Blame in the Cups

    Player A: Nadal, the best on Clay. Player B: Federer, the best on Grass. If they play on grass Federar will have some advantange. if they play on Clay Nadal will have some advantage. If they play on hard it could be an even match. Same with golf.. and type of course desing. Link, tree lined, wide, narrow, long, short... Some will suit better for some players than others. In this case the course suited better for Europe Team, in 2 year i´m sure the course will suit better the USA team. Voted: 80% players 10% captain 10% course
  10. Always in from outside the green.
  11. p1n9183

    Tiger vs. Phil Match Play Showdown for $9M

    Let´s make a virtual match against tiger and phil with what they score on the single match at the ryder cup. (just 4 fun) Tiger 4 3 4 5 4 4 5 3 3 4 3 3 5 6 4 3 4 Phil 5 3 5 5 5 3 5 3 - 4 2 5 4 5 4 - Phil concedes 9th hole to be 3 down against tiger. Been 1 down on the 16th, phil hit the water, tiger makes par to win the hole and be 2 up and 2 to play. With 4 on the 17th hole Tiger is really close to win the match. In just 18th holes everything can happen between to great players. Tiger is playing better but i think that the difference in 18th holes are minimal. Maybe 55% Tiger, 45% Phil.
  12. I cover my head and duck. If it´s close I take cover with my push cart or carry bag. If i´m on the green i quickly run to the hole and stand still there, they all try but they never hit the flag I only scream "Fore" if theres a chance my ball hit someone, either the ball is turning to someones position or i hit it over some trees and i don´t know if someone is there. A year ago i hit a hook on the 9th hole at my home course. Because of some trees i loose it in the air. Unfortunately a friend playing from the 18th hole (runs paralel on the left of the 9th hole) missed hit tee shot rigth into our side of the trees. I never saw him.. and my ball hit directly in his back airborn 230 yards away from me. He lost concience for a few second while laying on the ground. Fortunately he is a big guy and just leave the course with some bruses. Nevertheless i run that 200 metters with my hart in my mouth. Worst feeling ever. I still have a bit of guilty because i didn´t shoult fore. That´s way now i always scream "Fore" if i can´t see where the ball is landing.
  13. p1n9183

    Spectator loses eyesight at Ryder Cup

    Really bad news. I agree with the ones that say that she knew she was in risk just attending at the tournament, and have no rigth to claime. I understand also the claim she is doing, she suffered an important lost and at least she will try to gain some money out of it. I don´t think she deserves to be paid, maybe PGA can agreed with her in good will and let her attend any PGA Tournament for free because of the permanent injury she sufferd (and add a helmet in the combo :P).
  14. p1n9183

    2018 Ryder Cup at Le Golf National - Paris, France

    As a golf fan i really enjoyed watching the Rayder Cup. I´m a fan of spieth and bubba (an obviously tiger) but I cheered for Europe (always pushing for the weakest). Europe player´s just played better and won with a good margin, playing at home with a better course kgnoledge and the crouds in their favor just makes it a little easier. No one´s fault. Some day´s you win, some days you loose. Congratulations on team Europe for the win and team USA for their good behavior on their defeat.
  15. p1n9183

    Ryder Cup challenge at your home course?

    Yes we kind of do it but in an awfull way. You just sing yourself in a tee time with a partner and the other couple how sign with you play against you. The first signed in the line are team blue and the second team read. It´s fourball matchplay. No captain, no picks.. just random team, only one day. no cup, no nothing. A good idea really bad implemented.

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