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  1. A friend of mine played the course. He doesn´t regret it but he closed his eyes while paying. For me it´s a NO WAY. This year i travelled to Europe for 1 month, all the trip, including everything except for the clothes i bougth, cost me 750 Dollars. It´s a no brainer to me, you can do better with that amount of money.
  2. 68 - 72 (-4) : Really good weekend. Every part of my game was on point. I´m finally hitting more greens, and more GIR means shotting lower scores. Hugh improvement in my irons accuracy in the last weeks, a bit better dispersion with my driver and decent short game makes the game easier and more fun. Keeping the ball in play is crutial, i played with the same ball the last 4 rounds, no penalty´s. This summer looks good so far.
  3. I hit easy a high fade/slice with my driver. I will go for it everytime, aiming at the front of the green. If i miss left i will be on the green or green side bunker. If i miss rigth i will be on the fairway. All of them birdie oportunities, that´s better than an easy par from the fairway corner. It´s a win/win going for it for me.
  4. My home course is a 2. Thankfully on the mid Am´s I play on courses on the range 4-6. I guess i played a 7..8 once in my life in my trip to USA.
  5. Maybe a hard ball suits better with your game. I played with that ball and it goes a mile! If you can manage your touch around the green it can benefit your scores.
  6. None - It's all for show. They never applied a penalty for slow play before and they will never do it in the future. Every player apply a penalty on themselves if they know they broke a rule and because of that the media talk marbelous things about their integrity, but I don´t see any player applying a penalty on themselves for breaking the slow play rule...
  7. p1n9183

    Best Shot in Golf

    Long or mid iron. When you stick one close from that distance it´s amazing and rare, it happens a few times per year so it´s something to celebrate. All of the other shots i normally hit at least one every weekend.
  8. 71-74 (+1) Really good weekend. I scored in really strong winds both days. Gusts that move you out of your balance. I keep the ball low and in play. A lot of 300+ yards drives (wind assisted). 340 the longest. My average is around 260 carry, the wind was no choke. Good: Of the tee, Approach to green, putter Neutral: Around the green Bad: ---
  9. Yes! buy another one. 4 years ago I started playing again and i Had a Driver from 1999. After a few months of playing i decided that the comback to golf was definiteve so I bougth a new Driver. I hit it a little bit longer and straigther, 20 years of technology advances is a lot! Every time i purchae a club it´s for the long run so i always buy new clubs, don´t like used ones. My now 4 year old Driver it´s more that I need and I´m not planning to buy a new one in at least the next 5 years.
  10. Maybe he hit his driver at 120% swing speed but the rest of the game just 70% for accuracy... or maybe his EGO is 300 yards BIG.
  11. ... when I set up for the 1st putt in the practice green and I feel the pain comming from my lower back. That´s all downhill from there.
  12. Inside 100 yards, a 20 yard gap is OK. More than that I think it will be cheaper to go to a driving range.
  13. Pure shank. Happened to me last Sunday, ball over feet and little sand equals shank. That´s because you go at it in a steeper angle, but in this scenario the club angle is more horizontal than normal and that extra going a it results in hitting it more rigth (no steeper), causing the shank.
  14. Unranked bunkers but with a local rule that allow you to relocate the ball in a radious of 1 feet, not closer to the hole. Just like what every one does in a practice bunker. Obviously i prefer to play in ranked bunkers but if this allows the club to stay in business then it would be ok.
  15. 72-76 (+4) Good weekend overall. Good: Putting, approach shots Neutral: Off the tee Poor: around the green
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