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  1. Two more rounds this weekend, birdie best on Sunday (6) and 3 on Saturday for four new holes checked. I´m 6 holes to go after 6 rounds in 2020.
  2. As a comedian said: "I was a wretch, lived suffering, lived bitter. It didn't last in any job. My poor wife lived complaining. My children demanded more attention. Until one day, a friend, lent me the disc of Warren Sánchez "looking for the path" ... (which you can acquire in the post installed in the theater hall). And from that day on my life changed: I stopped suffering, I stopped bitter, I stopped working, I left my wife, I left my children ..." Les Luthiers (Gratest Hits) Amen brother!
  3. Never play in one. I hope to do it a least once in my life. I think is good for course management, you can play just to see how many GIR, nGIR you hit with obviously penalty points fo hitting it OB, water and unplayable. Around the green and putting seames useless.
  4. Mid Am at Nordelta golf course (Buenos Aires, Argentina). Par 72, rating 73.5, 6800 yards. 83-77 (+16) not a good weekend at all. It all went downhill on the 2nd hole of the tournament, making a 7 on a Par 3. Sitting at +8 on 8th tee i started a comeback with a couple of birdies to sit at +6 on the 14th tee. 5 bogeys on the final 5 holes ended this bad day. I didn´t play that bad to shoot in the 80´s but i did. On Sunday things started a lot better, +1 on the front 9 and was Even par at 14th. Again the last 5 holes didn´t go well and with 3 balls in the water i ended +5. The winner shot 1 under. So i need to cut 8 strokes from each round to have a chance of winning in this competitions. Not going to happend so.. just relax and have fun competing at top level. The only positive thing that I can take home is that the last time I played the course I shoot +20 in 2 rounds so is an improvement. There´s something about this course that keep kicking my ass every time i play there.
  5. I still will be carefull about this one like last year. 1 tournament, 0 majors.
  6. I drive for 30 minutes for my home course. For mid Ams or new courses i can drive at most 1 hour.
  7. Nice weekend for me. 73-70 (-1) on my home course. Long game was on point. Putter was kind of cold on Saturday but get hot on Sunday. Good rounds to adjust everything for the next week´s Mid Am.
  8. Yes, and everybody is going to tell you the one time they called a shot and convert it and don´t tell you about the 1 hundred times they called a shot and failed to deliver
  9. Average competitive. I always what to beat my average score, if i do i´m glad, if i don´t it doesn´t matter, i´m already happy that i played. I really don´t care scoring better than my playing partners or winning tournaments, i´m really focused on improving my game and as i said, beating myself.
  10. Another 2 rounds this weekend. 7 birdies but 3 of them where repeated. It´s hard to catch @mvmac but I will do my best. Next week i will play a Mid Am in another course so.. nothing to report in the next 10 days.
  11. 2020 - Goals A- Begin to compete in Mid Ams and Ams (I didn´t do it in 2019 because of healt issues). B- Now that I have an index of 2.3 i will try to lower it as much as I can, 0 would be a nice achivement. C- I will try to improve a couple of yards with the driver 2020 - Plan A- I will not be worried about the outcome and just suscribe and enjoy Am tournaments. B- Because of lowerback pains i´m not allowed to practice on the week so I will try to practice at my home course on the weekends and focus on score only on important tournaments. I will work with lowerback muscles in order to feel less pain and try to keep a better posture. C- I will keep hitting the gym, i´m a 5'10 skinny guy (155 lbs) so i wil try to gain strength with weigth trainning.
  12. I was three years old. I had a video of that year hitting a plastic ball with a plastic golf club inside my home. But for us Argentinians the 86 is remembered for the 2nd Soccer World Cup that we won, it was in June so pritty close.
  13. When i was around 13 years old i played with half of my moms set of clubs. She was the same heigth as me so they fit quite well.
  14. Mid am, 71.0 course rating (par 72). I played with a guy that shot -6 on the first 9 and +2 on the back. I shoot -2 on the first 9 but compared to him my round was like trash.
  15. Better course management and better "big" misses on every aspect of the game. The long game separates them more than the short game do. When I used to track my stroke gained stats and was a +1 handicap i was a decent long game player, above average around the green but bad at putting. Despite that I used to lost 3 strokes of the tee, 2 with irons, 0 with short game and 2 with putting. Long game -5 / Short game -2. Their long game was in another world for me.
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