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  1. p1n9183

    2018 U.S. Open at Shinnecock Hills

    As a scratch player.. i think i´m 10 strokes behind a pro player in PGA tour course conditions. Make it 12..13 on US Open conditions and maybe 16..17 on today wind conditions. Today scoring average it´s 75 (+5). I guess i would shoot in average 92(+22). If i´m 17 strokes behind a tour pro i think i´m 17 strokes ahead a 10 index, so i think he would shoot in average 110 (+40). Double bogey golf.
  2. p1n9183

    Your First Set of Clubs

    My first half set of clubs where the ones that my mom borrowed me from his set, bougth in the US in 1993. They where cheap clubs, don´t remember the brand but they where purple on the back side. I used them to compete in junior championships across Argentina.
  3. p1n9183

    Personal Goofy Rules

    Yes you have! or maybe miss the lob wedge shot on pourpose and hole out with the putter in order to tee of in the next hole with driver but with an extra stroke. It´s a matter of choise, distance with driver from the tee or distance between putter from the tee + driver from the deck.
  4. p1n9183

    2018 World Cup

    Despite we have the best player in the world (Argentina/Messi), we almost failed to make it into to the cup so i don´t think we could won it, maybe a top 8 finish. What do you think? I think the top 4 teams are Brazil, Germany, Spain and France.
  5. In the list i will pick Cape Template. After playing in a lot of courses i love the design off one hole here ir argentina. Par 4, 400 yards. A river on the rigth and trees on the left. On the left of the trees and rigth of the river it´s OB. For the second shot you have to cross the river again. The green it´s just in the edge of the river but in the rigth side. Played that hole 6 times. 1 triple, 1 double, 2 bogeys and 2 pars.
  6. p1n9183

    Personal Goofy Rules

    A: You are allowed to hit each club just ones till you hit all of them, after that you have a second shot with each club till you hit 2 times with each club.. then a 3rd.. 4th.. etc. till the end of the round. B: You must hit your clubs in decresing order. 1st shot driver, 2nd 3wood, 3er shot hybrid, 4th shot 4Iron.. etc till the end of the round. After Loft wedge and putter your start with driver again.
  7. p1n9183

    What I've learned from 6 rounds with Arccos..

    You have 2 weekness. Approach and short game. In short term it´s easier to practice short game. Turn that 18% up and down, down to 50% saving 4 strokes. In long term it´s better to practice ball striking to achive 12 GIR saving almost 6 strokes. If you improve both you will save in the long term almost 8 strokes.
  8. p1n9183

    What'd You Shoot Today?

    78/76 at my home course, been playing awfull the last few months, trending from +1 to 1 handicap this week. Because of that and in order to start competing again i´m changing my hole swing, even with the putter.
  9. YES. First i search for an aiming point and place my tee 1 feet behind it. Second I place the bridgestone ball logo pararel to the club face. Reading it straight from behind de ball.
  10. p1n9183

    A Common Error in Accuracy vs. Distance

    Old and worst advice at the same time. It´s easy, hit it as far as you can without putting penalty strokes into play more than 5%/10% of your shots (consider deep bunker too to avoid).
  11. p1n9183

    2018 Memorial Tournament Presented by Nationwide

    Niiice! Love this one: Jordan Spieth -Bubba Watson - Phil Mickelson
  12. p1n9183

    Time On The Driving Range

    1 hour and a half at most and i´m done. half hour for short game, at the moment putting because i suck at it. Afterwards 1 hour of hitting balls, that´s 50 balls for me. I usually go to the range with P,7 and 4 iron. (short/mid/long iron) and warm-up 5 minutes with some exercises. I set up a fairway with the range targets and hit 3 balls with each club trying to hit the fairway and working on something. This way i know that the change i´m working on make me hit it good with all the irons. Once I´m hitting it good with all the clubs I imagine that there´s water hazard on one side of the fairway and see what happend with my swing. I lot of times I start to slice it or hook it away from trouble, that´s where i know the swing have some trust issues and I need to change something. If i run out of balls and i still didn´t fiure it out it will be task for next session. Before a round i don´t hit the range. I warm up short game for 20 minutes and warm up my body 5 minutes. Altough i like to hit the range the day before I play.
  13. p1n9183

    Losing a Golf Ball on the PGA Tour

    I hit the ball 260 carry but not very accurate.. but i rarely loose balls. 0 balls lost in 2018. maybe 2..3 in 2017 after 60+ rounds home and away. PGA tour Pro have an advantage to find a ball but a disadvantage because they play in taller rough that make it harder to find.
  14. p1n9183

    How do you handle this type of lie?

    In "not normal" lies, i will try to feel the shot. In this case i will play for the inminent fade. Hit the ball from the outside and aim left. If i do a normal swing i will definitively hook it.
  15. I also use a 2-piece ball on the course (bridgestone e-6, the one that have the less spin in the brand) and the side spin it´s almost the same that the range balls.

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