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  1. p1n9183

    Adam Scott Begs For Slow Play Penalty

    The other players at 17th and 18th finished their round after Casey decided to stop playing.
  2. p1n9183

    Heckled More At Riviera: Kuchar Or Garcia

    Sergio. Bad move to show up in a tournament. Wait a couple of months, then go back to the tour saying that you lernead your lesson away from golf and now everything will be different.
  3. p1n9183

    Saying Hello And Question on my 70-degree Wedge

    Burn it as see the demons coming out of it.
  4. p1n9183

    Short, Downhill Breaking Putt Strategy

    EVERY putt inside 15 feet--> Read the putt, feel the speed, pick a target at hole distance. Aim club face to that target, pick a spot 10 inches in front of the ball and make it roll thru that spot. Repeat. Never had a positive SG Putting inside 10 feet before this.
  5. Im not, overall i´m worst. Current handicap is 1, trending to 2. A year ago i was at +1. Putting: improved a lot my short putts and a little bit my lag putts. I could say now that i´m a decent putter for my handicap. Short game: i'm a bit less good than usuall. Still the best of my game. Approach to green: the worst thing on my game currently. Wedges where ok, now they don´t. Mid/long irons are awfull, low GIR% with those. Off the tee: A little improvement in this area. Developed a go to shot with my driver to keep the ball in play in tough holes. Still short with my full driver and not that accurate. Need to work on my mid/long irons and accuracy with my driver to get back to + handicap.
  6. p1n9183

    Golf In Relation With Other Sports

    I started with golf at 6 years old, now i´m 35. Besides golf i competed in soccer and Handball. I also played tennis, volley, rugby, paddle and ping pong for recreation only. I´ve always been good at sports and my golf game never suffered after playing other sports.
  7. p1n9183

    The Films and Movies Thread

    Mortal Engines (2018) - Lipped out bogey. I like movies of alternate realities or posible near future scenarios for the human race, that´s why i gave it a try. For the whole movie it was ok, but I get a little bored and distracted with the cellphone at the end were a lot of accion scenes took place.
  8. p1n9183

    Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    The change is closer here in Argentina. 2 weeks ago the AAG came to my home course and re rated all tee boxes. The tips (blue) changed from 71,2 to 70,2 (Par 72). I always felt that the course was easier than it´s rating, now i have the proof! Now i´m 1 shot worst player for the world! Currently 1 handicap, i guess i will be 2 handicap after 20 rounds with the new rating. And around 2 index in the beginning of 2020.
  9. p1n9183

    Over Under On Improvement In 1 Month

    No chance. 5 strokes of improvement in 1 month would be incredible. 10 it´s imposible, and even harder if his 1 month training isn´t a proper one. All in on under 10 shots of improvement, i guess it would be around 3 strokes.
  10. p1n9183

    Kuchar Pays Caddie $5k, Is Shamed, Pays $50k

    If you agree for 3 or 5K.. and extra cash for the player earnings, just take what ever they give you and move on. As a golf fan I will definetively would work for free that week, it´s an incredible experience. If i work as a caddie i would just charge him with my regular fee and add that PGA tour win to my resume. It will definitively gave me better chances of winning more money for my work or even the posibility to caddie for a tour pro in the future. This caddie is now viewed as a conflicting one, non good player would look for his services. At the Argentine open played at the end of 2018 (part of the PGA Latinoamerica Tour), a US professional golfer made a hole in one and won a Car. He gave it to his caddie, a local caddie that only carry his bag for that week, he didn´t finish top 10 and the price money he erned was almost nothing.
  11. I noticed that i always came with the club face open at impact, the only way to hit my target it´s to close the face of the club previous to the shot or aim left to the target. I figured out that the reason is that at impact i overturn my hips, at impact my hips are almost facing my target. My hands are way back in the swing compared to my body turn causing me to open the club face. I could see also that my hips are already open at address. I tried to square them up at address but i still overrotate them on the back swing, maybe a little less but I still do it. Do you know any tip, drill, fix to try at the range? Thanks!
  12. p1n9183

    Predict Tiger's 2019 Season

    1 PGA tour win, a couple top 10´s and 0 majors. Just like 2018.
  13. p1n9183

    2019 AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am Discussion Thread

    Dustin and Spieth the only reason.
  14. p1n9183

    58 vs 60 Degree Wedge

    After i broke my 60°, i played with my 56° for a month till i bougth a new 60°. It really don´t find much of a difference. I guess i would be even less with a 58°
  15. p1n9183

    What a Great Game

    Congrats! really hard challenge.

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