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  1. p1n9183

    Chicken or the egg?

    Maybe you can wait one year to groove your swing and then go for a fitting.
  2. p1n9183

    Making Cuts for High School Golf

    The are not such things here in argentina.. but once i competed in a 72 holes tournament agains the top 11 players under 18 years old of my country. The first 3 players where selected to represent the country in a competition in Ecuador. I tied for 3rd place but I did´t get pick, the other player tied with me had better scoring average than me before the tournament. I´m agree with iacas, score it´s what matters. The only exception it´s a really good player but really toxic for the team at the same time.
  3. At 2 i just played on weekend 27 holes in average. At +1 i used to practice 2 hours on the week and played 36 holes during the weekend.. At +1 i quit practice but added 18 more holes to the weekend. Now i´m at 2 again, just play for fun on weekends. Practice it´s important, on the range and on the course.
  4. p1n9183

    Unconventional can work?

    As a feel player i don´t have a single clue what my swing look like. My stance is really narrow and really open to the target, my hips and shoulders too. The only thing that matter to me and i try to figure out each shot at a time is the amount of degress i need to open or close the club face at adress and the club path i want to do in order to create the ball fligth i want. For me swing mechanics are overrated, the only thing that matter it´s the face angle, AOA and club path at impact. If you figure out those 3 variables you will be ok.
  5. p1n9183

    What is your driver loft?

    9,5° switched down to 8,75°, even tho i hit it very high. I have a very positive AoA.
  6. p1n9183

    Match Play Opponent "Too Nice" - Gamesmanship?

    There are a couple of players like this on my home course. But the not friendly comment types. After a lot of years competing my skin got thicker and in adittion i´m not a chatty person while playing. Played against this kind of player and they not even try to make a move on me. Because of that i beat them every time.
  7. p1n9183

    You're Down to 4 Clubs in Your Bag...What Are They???

    Driver: 260-220 5 iron: 180 9 Iron: 140 LW: 100 an in
  8. p1n9183

    Practice vs. Playing

    I play handicap 2 when i don´t practice at all. Just play 18 holes once or twice a week without warm up. Last year i took it a little more serious and i started to practice once or twice a week and warmup short game before the rounds on weekend. I lowered my handicap to +1. I quit practice sessions on 2018 and now i´m almost in 2 handicap again. Hope it help!
  9. p1n9183

    Rolling Balls Yield More Aces

    Vote Yes. From now on i will hit driver in all par 3´s till my first hole in one.
  10. p1n9183

    Is it illegal to write yardages on your wedges?

    So you are 50 yards to the hole.. and you have to take out of the bag the 3 wedges in order to see the 3 labels and choose the rigth one for the distance?? I think it´s easier to have it on a piece of papel taped outside the bag or in your yardage book.
  11. p1n9183

    2019 Masters Lottery

    I´m so happy!! rejected for the first time.
  12. p1n9183

    250 yards is a respectable carry distance

    I carry 260 with my driver in average. This last weekend i was paired up with a gay that killed the ball. Finally in one hole we both hit good drivers to the middle of the fairway. He won by 50 yards... but he was not accurate inside 150 yards so we shoot around the same score in the end, we have the same handicap so it was logical short game was his big weakness. Distance is important but without control and a respectable short game is usless.
  13. 1- I never made a hole in one but made an albatros in a Par 5.
  14. p1n9183

    2018 World Cup

    Like the hawk eye in tennis, it could be applied to VAR. Each team have 2..3 chances to challenge the referre call with VAR each half. If the referee change his call after watching the replay the team keep his challenge and if not the team lose one challenge. Only the captain of a team can call for the challenge.
  15. p1n9183

    2018 World Cup

    I can´t tell u how much i suffered yestarday match against Nigeria. First penalty.. there are 20 plays like that in every match, if that one is penalty you have to apply the same judment in all of the other, with VAR u can see all of them if you want to. The hand after missing the heading the ball it´s not penalty at all, penalty it´s when yo intentionally hit the ball with your hand or put your hands intentionally away from your body in order to maximize the area of your body to increase de posibilities to block a shoot to goal. After what i saw in the cup... no team it´s a clear candidate. Germany almost go home, Spain have a hard time in his group, France didn´t shine. Maybe Brazil but they have some problems winning also.

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