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  1. Maybe you gain yards, maybe you loose. If the perfect loft for your driver it´s 15 degrees, with any other driver with less loft you will be hitting the ball shorter than your 3 wood. As someone already said, test the new driver in the lunch monitor against your 3 wood.
  2. As @iacas said i would recommend Carry and also increse your dispersion 25%. That´s because on the range you are on a perfect lie, with no pressure and not affected by the elements. In conditions like that your dispersion will be tighter than when your are at the golf course. So if the lunch monitor said thar your dispersion is 40 yards left/rigth you´d better use 50 yards dispersion on the golf course.
  3. 76 (+4), same conditions as yesterday. Windy, cold, 0 roll. Bad ball striking day but managed to post a not that bad round. Irons where a bit off and played well short putts.
  4. 72 (Par) at my home course. Cold, windy and no roll day. Been working on iron and short putts and they where OK, so happy with the improvement.
  5. My bad! didn´t know. She is a peace of garbage then
  6. Dammed she´s hot. She won an LPGA tournament, my respect for her. Saw her course vlog videos, her swing from the sand it´s awfull ! to much wrist break. The tips she gaves are well know by golfers with some experience but they are usefull for beginners.
  7. Half of the PGA Tour Players averages less than 275 yards carry with their driver and they are capable to compete at the PGA !! http://www.pgatour.com/stats/stat.02409.2016.html It´s not all about distance.
  8. Definitivly is ! Last mid-Am i played shoot 76/77, but on a 180 yards par 3 with water front/right of the green i misshit my 5 iron so bad that the ball didn´t lift from the ground and rolled in the direction of the watter, afortunately for me there were deep rough before it and stop still leaving me 100 yards to the green. Was a little funny that my playing partner didn´t see the ball, they where looking for it in the sky :P. On another mid am on a 190 yards par 3, hit OB left first round for a triple bogey, bogey the second day and shank rigth on the 3rd day for a lucky double. 6 over in that hole for the tournament. It definitivly gets into my head. Pressure in this tournaments can make you do thing you regulary don´t do.
  9. I heard that he understand english quite well but he´s not that fluent in speaking so he prefer to have a translator to speak for him.
  10. The course was perfect ! Risk/reword all over the place. The amount of wind over the tournament and the really dry green not holding properly the approach shots makes GIR harder to hit in consecuence more up/down attemps, the one with a sharp short game will have and advantage. But the one with a sharp approach game to the green in windy conditions or the one with accurate tee shots too. Generally the PGA it´s a putting contest. All the players in contention are playing tee to green pritty the same, the one who holes more putts wins the tournament. All the time people said that courses are too short for the distances the Pro hit their drives. Well this course been short make them think twice before picking the driver or a safer club. Love it !
  11. Don´t worry that much about the score, im confident that some days is your day and can shoot 5 strokes lower than your average, and some days everything in your game is off and you could shoot 5 shoots or more above your average. This was just a bad day. Last weekend I shoot 69-79 and 69 this Sunday without any changes in the middle. Here are some rounds of the players... Jason Day: 70 - 72 - 73 - 80 ! Justin Rose: 74 - 71 - 71 - 80 ! Matt Kuchar: 73 - 71 - 81 ! Jhon Rham 68 - 72 - 82 ! JB Holmes 68 - 69 - 70 - 84 !! Shit happens, don´t worry.
  12. If he quealifies for the US Open i´will travel to the US and be his caddie for free
  13. I heard from the commentators that the grass grouth was against the shot on the drop zone, so that makes the 65 yards shot even harder to judge the correct distance. I will choose the shorter shot everytime but what i wrote above make me doubt.
  14. Please tell Kim´s face that he actually win a big tournament.
  15. 69 (-3) at my home Course after a few rainy days. Need to work harder on my short putts. Missed most of them. Rating 71,2 6550 yards