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  1. No they wouldn´t, that´s why i said morning tee time for LPGA players and afternoon for PGA players. Maybe you just go early to get a good spot on 18th hole while you see the ladies end their rounds, or tune the LPGA broadcast the check out course condition.. pin placements in advance... you name it.
  2. I hit it 10 yards short of the back of the green on back flags. 10 yards longer than the front of the green in short flags and pin high for flags in the middle of the green. Generally i aim to the middle of the green but if the green is wide I aim 10 yards away from the fringe closer to the flag. So... let say the flag is 7 yards from the left fringe and 4 yards to the back fringe... I aim 3 yards rigth of the flag and 6 yards shot of it.
  3. They only share the course, boys compete agaist boys and girls against girls. The idea is to put them all together in the same course so LPGA tournamts gets a little more audience and maybe in the future get more popular.
  4. Like foot golf i would like to play just one time 18 holes with this format.
  5. A Plan... Monday.. LPGA and PGA official practice round. (More practice? previous week) Tuesday.. LPGA 1st round. Wednesday.. LPGA 2nd round. Thursday.. PGA 1st round Friday .. PGA 2nd round CUT for 36 holes on LPGA and PGA Morning tee times for LPGA, afternoon tee times for PGA Saturday.. 3rd round LPGA/PGA Sunday .. 4th round LPGA/PGA. Problems I see.. The course will be overwhelmed on monday. There´s no wednesday pro-am event. B Plan.. Find a complex with 2 golf courses and split fields.. 50% on each course of PGA tour players and 50% LPGA tour players. Each player plays 18 holes on each course and after the cut, all of them plays on saturday on course A and on Sunday on course B.
  6. 1. Turn a tournament round into a practice round after a few bad shots.
  7. On tournaments only if the rules allows for it. On practice rounds depends on what i´m practicing.
  8. 1 month and a half... he can stack at most 4 lbs of lean mass. The rest will be just fat. If he dramatically change his body it will change in a bad way. We have to wait and see..
  9. Keep the ball low against the wind and club up. Curve the ball agaisnt the wind on side winds and club up. Hit it high on tail wind and club down not as much as you do against the wind. Most important, be extremely patience. In windy conditions everybody will do more strokes than averge. The one who can keep it cool have a huge advantage.
  10. Try everything you want and take some weeks to know if it works or not.
  11. I loose 1 ball in average after 3..4 rounds. That 0,30 balls per round. Good course management i guess.
  12. As another Argentinian at least half of the stories he told you are probably fake. For the OT...don´t listen to your friends. They don´t know anything about what it takes to be a Senior Pro Golfer. At my home course, every time I shoot in the 60´s someone ask me why i didn´t go pro... they just don´t know how good PGA tour players are and how hard their courses are.
  13. The probability of making a hole in one for an amateur it´s around 1 in 12500 or 0.00008%. The probability of making 2 holes in one in a row in the same hole it´s 1 in 156250000 or 0.0000000064%. Yeah... that´s really close to 0% jaja. Congratulations!!
  14. Golf is about misses. The players with better misses are the best in the sport but if the course is easy and the bad misses are not properly penalyzed the field get flattened and everybody can win. If i´m ranked in the top 10 of the world I will love to play really difficult courses all year long but if i´m ranked around 150-200 i will prefer to play on easy courses where anything can happen. Rory is only defending his position and it´s ok to me. As a viewer i prefer tough courses where the player battles for pars and the strategy is really important. Birdie fest are borring to me.. too much of something it isn´t always good.
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