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  1. Handicap-Forward vs Back Tee Box

    You can search over the internet some PDF documents that explains in detail how they rate every tee of a course. I studied one of them and rated my home course from the tips. It gave me a number really close to the oficial rating of the course. It´s a fun excercise and you learn a lot about ratings. Because of that i can say that the rating is calculated from every tee for a scratch golfer who drives it in average 250 yards and a bogey golfer who drives it 200 yards. (for men) (210/150 for women) If you hit your driver longer than that average it will be benefitial for you to play longers tee, on the opposite side if you hit it shorter it will be benefitial to play from shorter tee boxes. Obviously if you hit as long as the average every tee will be the same for you.
  2. Worldwide Golf Handicap System to Debut in 2020

    Finally in Argentina we will be having a decent handicap system. Here i´m a +1. And I play the same handicap from the tips or form the ladies tees on every course, the easy ones and the hard ones. There are no adjustment for tee or course rating, rating just apply for handicap review 1 time each month.
  3. Driving range or a round?

    Play another 9 holes! I love to be at the course and get bored very quickly at the practice range. I play just for fun at the moment, and only on the weekends. Besides that I can keep my handicap around +1.. 0 or 1. After my regular 18th holes i like to play 9 more holes, if i have time that day, by myself with 3..4 balls and work on my long game. At least here in argentina that extra 9 holes are for free. This weekend was 'Carnaval' monday and tuesday, so i get to play 4 rounds in 4 days. On 3 of them i played 9 extra holes each day for a total of 99 holes.. or 5,5 rounds. Played to score on 4 of them, and worked con my long game on the extra 9 holes rounds i played.
  4. The Great Debate. Lob or Run?

    Depend on the slopes between the hole and the ball. If there are no slopes, just hit a 9..P and make ir run. If there are it depend..
  5. You are right! my english ísn´t that good to saw the difference. Consistency it´s the only one that any brand new ball give u. But more side spin and the above two negative things i point out make me don´t want to play at all with a premium golf ball. I saw them do it, even scratch players. On front pins with trouble in front of the green to land the ball on a safe spot in the middle of the green and spin it back to the front. between 5/10 yards of back spin.
  6. As a +1 I have to dissagre. I play bridgestone E6, a long less spinner ball, and short game is by far the best area of my game (according to SG analisys) and my competitors. Moreover I buy used balls rescued from water hazards and play them on mid-Am and Nationals competitions. So i play a ball 80% cheaper that a Pro V1 and get even better results than when i play with a ProV1. I don´t like at all that much spin around the green, if i need to stop the ball quickly i just flop it and land it dead on the green. From 100 yards i don´t have to be afraid or change my swing in order to prevent the ball to spin back 10 yards after it lands. With my ball it always lands and stops near the pich mark. I´m not saying that we all should play cheaper balls, i´m saying that everyone need to play the ball that fit his game better. It could be a cheap rock or an expensive prov1. But don´t spent more money on a prov1 just because the Pro or scratch golfers use it, find the one rigth for u no matter what level you have.
  7. Age at which you initially broke par and/or 80?

    Started playing at 7. Started playing with handicap at 11. Broke 80 at 12. Broke Par at 14.
  8. Awww, screw putting practice

    Putting practice will lower your stroke gained putting on the long run, but for a single round you can skip the practice. This saturday i played 36 holes. First 18th at my home course without a warmup session. I sink almost every putt. On the afternoon played in another course with similar greens and I missed every putt and have a lot of 3 putts. I made 8 putts less on the morning than i made on the afternoon. I shoot (68)-4 on the morning and (77)+5 on the afternoon. Conclusion: Putting have a lot of randomnes between rounds, the average among a lot of rounds it´s what matters and it´s the only way to figure out if practice it´s helping.
  9. Left/Right Shot Dispersion- Whats Yours?

    Driver/Woods/longIrons: 90% of my shots are inside 10% of dispersion. Example, for a 200 yards shot 90% of my shots are inside 20 yards rigth or left of the target. Mid/ShortIrons: 90% of my shots are inside 8% of dispersion. Wedges: 90% of my shots are inside 7% of dispersion.
  10. Puzzle Solving Thread

    15:48. It all get easier when i maximized the image after 5 minutes and i can spread more the pieces.
  11. Happy Birthday Thread!

    Thanks!! and happy new year for you all!
  12. What are Your 2018 Golf Goals?

    I will not practice anymore this year, so my goals are: 1. Play just for fun: have fun playing golf at my home course and even on important tournaments away from home, without practice i will have not expectations to achive on any tournament, so i hope i can just relax an enjoy every round despite the score. 2. Keep my handicap below 2: with small improvements practicing on the course while having fun i think i can keep it low without the need of hitting the range during the week.
  13. Next month i will be +1 handicap again and I play Bridgestone E6 balls, all of them picked up from water hazards. 21 uds per dozen, not at all a premium golf ball.
  14. What's your cheapest club per yard?

    After 15 years playing with the same club, i bougth 14 new clubs. The most cheap per yards it´s my 4 iron. 125UDS / 200 yards carry = 0,62 UDS per yard. Because of corrupt customs and a lot of taxes applyed, golf clubs here in argentina are twice the price than in the USA.
  15. How Much Do You Pay Per Shot?

    1- I pay $2500 per month at my home course to be a member and $130 each round. I played in average 6,5 rounds each month. I pay in total $3345 -> (1$=18,80UDS). 178UDS. / 6,5 rounds= 27,4 UDS / 75 strokes each round = 0,36 UDS each stroke. 2- I payed $1500 for a 2 round tournament. Shoot 75 on 2nd round -> $1500 / 2 rounds / 75 = $10 -> 0,53 UDS each stroke. 3 - Shoot 85 at my home course: 27,4UDS pay per round / 85 = 0,32 UDS each stroke.

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