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  1. Something is wrong. My swing speed is around 100-105. My ball speed is around 150. I carry my driver 260. You said that your swing speed is 100+, your ball speed 120 and you average 250 yards.. Or you are wrong about the numbers or your smash factor is pretty bad and the distance is wrong too.
  2. How? with that amount of clubs you have a lot of decisions to make. I think Minimalist Golf would be playing just with one club.
  3. I guess that someone did this job before but in case not... here is what would have been happen if the current rules of the fedexCup would have been applied to the 2018 FedEx Cup. Pos 18 Player Total 18 Handicap Total 19 Pos 19 1 Justin Rose -6 -8 -14 1 4 Dustin Johnson -7 -6 -13 2 5 Billy Horschel -9 -4 -13 2 2 Tiger Woods -11 -2 -13 2 3 Bryson Dechambeau -1 -10 -11 5 6 Tony Finau -3 -7 -10 6 7 Justin Thomas -5 -5 -10 6 11 Webb Simpson -6 -3 -9 8 13 Rory McilRoy -5 -2 -7 9 15 Xander Schauffele -5 -2 -7 9 19 Tommy Fleetwood -4 -2 -6 11 17 Rickie Fawler -5 -1 -6 11 13 Hideki Matsuyama -6 0 -6 11 16 Jason Day -2 -3 -5 14 23 Jon Rahm -4 -1 -5 14 25 Paul Casey -4 -1 -5 14 12 Cameron Smith 0 -4 -4 17 24 Aaron Wise -3 -1 -4 17 26 Gary Woodland -4 0 -4 17 27 Kyle Stanley -3 0 -3 20 17 Francesco Molinari 1 -3 -2 21 20 Patrick Cantlay 1 -2 -1 22 8 Keegan Bradley 4 -4 0 23 9 Brooks Koepka 4 -4 0 23 29 Marc Leishman 1 0 1 25 30 Patton Kizziere 1 0 1 25 28 Kevin Na 3 -1 2 27 10 Bubba Watson 10 -4 6 28 22 Patrick Reed 9 -3 6 28 21 Phil Mickelson 13 -3 10 30 Thoughts?
  4. 75/77 at my home course. Not happy but good practice rounds in the end.
  5. I predict that on monday a player will said that he shot the best score at the Tour Championship 2019 but he didn't win either the tournament or the FedEx Cup because of the handicap applied and that aint fair.
  6. p1n9183

    45 Putts

    My average around 40 feet it´s more like 2.30. 2.0 it´s better than pga average. You were +7 on 9 GIR holes from 40 feet. thats´s an average of 2.77 putts. For a 13 handicaper I think it was just a bad day.
  7. Currently at 2 handicap I play Titleist 716 AP1, game improvement irons. I don´t have problems at all with distance vatiability and i can work the ball as i please with the advantage that they are more forgiving in my misshits that happens very often.
  8. Aim my shot zone rigth of the water hazard with the rigth club. Swing and play the next shot from where it lands. There´s no much you can do with this one.
  9. I grip down. I hit the center of the face almost every time and i have a little more control in the club face angle.
  10. I would like to see that the fedEx cup point´s are just to see who plays the Northen Trust. After that the points are no longer valid and the first 70 of the Northen Trust will made it to the next playoff stage and after that only the first 30 will made it to the final stage. All positions defined by stroke play and suddend death in case of ties on the cut.
  11. The applause from your playing partners in a mid am after an amazing shot in a tough course under tournament conditions.
  12. 35/35=70(-2). Almost a bogey free round, made bogey on 17th hole. Good ball striking despite the 20m/h winds, 10°C and no roll because of heavy rains the day before. The putt was also hot.
  13. Full GW= 110 Full SW= 100 Full LW= 90 Half GW= 80 Half SW= 70 Half LW= 60 After opening the face of the club.. and an out to in swing Half GW= 50 Half SW= 40 Half LW= 30 Less than 30 yards it´s just feel.
  14. I wait all week to play golf on the weekend. It doesn´t matter my score I will play and enjoy every single hole of the round.
  15. Is more likely desperation or last resource. I guess she talked this topic with a lot a people before posting here. Maybe looking advice from golf freaks like us! haha
  16. I follow karl Villips on YouTube (Australian amateur), he was an scratch player around age 14 and now close to been 18 is like a +4, and one of the best amateur for his age. If you want more detail, check online the scores and course length that this boys play at ages from 14 to 18. They are beasts!!
  17. Same. The short hitters in my clubs benefits from this senior tees. There are 2 holes in my club that you have a creek 100 yards away from the white tees and just 50 yards from the senior and red tees. Short hitters playing from the white tees when they are clever they lay up in the rough short of the creek and then hit the 2nd shot over it, the not so clever ones hit their ball into the creek more often than not. The ones that tee up from the seniors tees can easily carry the same creek with their first shot.
  18. So your suggestion is her to be unhappy for a few more years waiting for him to stop been that obsessed with golf? What if golf is not the problem and things never get better? Maybe golf is his excuse for not spending time with her.
  19. You need 2 people for a marriage to work, if she is alone is not going to happen. In the other hand, he don´t have time to properly date her wife, why would he make time to go to a counselor?
  20. The only thing that matters is that your needs in the relationship are not been met. You spoke to him about it but he didn´t make any effort to satisfy them. The only course of action here is to stand up for yourself and end the relationship. If he cares about you he will adjust his behavior, if not why would you want to be with someone that doesn´t treat you the way you want to? Move on with your life and find someone else that gives you what you want. Life is short to share it with the wrong people.
  21. So.. he will keep playing erratic until he figure that out. Once he do it his confidence will boost up and he will be competitive again. I hope to see that in 2020.
  22. Finally after 2 weeks and heavy rains the course opened and i was able to play 36 holes. Saturday 35-36:71(-1). Really good ball striking, poor club selection and short game. Putting was full of short missed putts and long range convertions. Sunday 40-...(Stop counting after loosing balls in the rough on 11th and 12th) Beside my now regular draw i try to play a fade against strong winds from rigth to left but didn´t work, i sticked to the draw in the back and ball striking was good again, it is true that we should hit 95% of our shots with the same curve.
  23. With a lot of bombers out there, if only one of them hit it straigth from the tee that week it´s over for the short hitters. Mid hittler will have to play their AAA game to beat the long hitter. Distance Rules.. so i´m a short hitter because I love challenges!! 😢
  24. Good work men. I hate running also, but i really enjoy going out with my bicycle. So i go out twice a week and lift some weigth when i return home. Best shape ever, good stamina, low body fat and groing muscules.
  25. Some people needs to be in the spotlight, no matter the reason.
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