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  1. There is nothing illegal about searching out and aiming at a natural defect. It is illegal, if you are not a reasonable distance from your putt line, on purpose. He was all over the line for a long enough period of time, and also very near his ball, which makes the "accident" exception, hard to defend.
  2. I backed off this keyboard 3 times before I typed this! It's a bit windy here: Slow play is selfish. How can anyone say it's not?
  3. You know. That one day, took me from being a Jordan fan, to hell no! Selfish - one word
  4. Reading the slope, degree, for starters...
  5. If they are going to let him blatantly cheat, on Saturday at The Masters, for ratings so the good ole' boy from Texas wins, at least get him to speed up his pace of play. If I was Rory I would have yelled across at him to pick up the pace. If I took that much time, over every shot, I could go to my club and put up a 67-68 on the card. I'm sure many of you could shave 5-6 shots off each round if you took 75 seconds to upwards of 3 minutes to study every shot.
  6. Watch everyone. This guy will come back with some b.s. like..."Actually his round was 4 hours and 48 minutes." and give me some stupid link that has the exact time haha!!
  7. Turtleback, this post is about Jordan Spieth walking all over his line, and on top of that, he was on the clock. I'm sure it affected Rory. Oh and yes, I'm in Sergio's court on the opinion that certain players get "lead way" and "rules bent" based on who they are. That mud is on the USGA, and I don't agree with them all the time. Moving on, do you have anything else to say about Jordan and the "smothering" of his putting line on the 18th green on Saturday, after his 6 hour round was about to conclude?!
  8. I'm going to vent now (make sure I announce that everyone, so you know how important I am haha!) - Any "Golfers" on here who think the integrity of a golfer's putting line at Augusta National is no big deal, is a complete donkey.
  9. I was just making a general point on penalties and how "ridiculous" some rules can be, but that is also one of the reasons I love golf. Calm down with your character assassination attempt. I just was recalling the L.J. situation and I knew it was pretty extreme, didn't go look up that they reversed the dq to a 2 stroke penalty, which if he weren't a 2 time champion, do you think he would have gotten the same luxury? Oh wait that luxury was missing the cut. So....you're an idiot.
  10. The proximity in which he entered the line was so early, and he was in no hurry to get off of it. A golfer was disqualified from a U.S. Open for wiping dew off in front of his ball, during a resume play situation. So I know the rules are extreme and they test your character. That's one of the vital reasons Golf is the greatest on Earth. It has been worth a good board discussion.
  11. The bottom line is: Respect the general line. He walked on top of it so early (no respect for the rules or the precision Augusta National hangs it hat on) in the putt, how can someone say that the #2 player in the world, did that by accident? ... #12 took care of any disturbance in the force today ;)
  12. That's beside the point. It's the rule. He's a pro, and he blatantly stepped on his line!
  13. I like all the opinions guys. It's ultimately on Rory to call the penalty. That said, there is one view, from behind, he saw a spikemark early in his line, then put it down with his foot. Some of you saying, "No big deal," should have your watching privileges taken from you. A spike mark can throw a ball on these greens way off line. He knows what he did. Come on, it was intentional. Ask Billy Horscel his opinion!
  14. On The 18th Green, Jordan Spieth stood on the line he putted on, on his long par attempt. It looked like he was trying to "push" a spikemark down. It's obvious on the replay. I'm not a J.S. hater, but the camera was on him constantly. No one is above the rules.
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