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  1. what clubs come in your bag?
  2. Benefits of 4 wedges

    i understand that part im saying how do I know if the shaft i select on a certain club will work with my club the same way and since i have different wedges from my irons im not sure how everything is going to mesh together edit also how hard is it to resell shafts, im gonna have about 10 good condition graphite shafts that i dont want to let sit in my room
  3. Benefits of 4 wedges

    how would i be able to find the right shaft for my clubs, i assume they dont let you try out shafts on your clubs at like golfsmith lol
  4. Benefits of 4 wedges

    I think im going to look for a 10 iron which is the PW equvialent in this big bertha series and maybe add a 4 iron. just gotta save a little from my next pay check edit I also want to get my clubs reshafted for steel, I have graphite now but i hit my friends steel clubs it seems like i get the ball alot further with steel. and he has the 06 big berthas which aren't much different then mine by looks. which shafts are the best for the best price
  5. Benefits of 4 wedges, so today I looked up the degrees of wedges I have. Burner XD wedges. LW- 59 SW- 54 AW-49 then i go right to the 9 iron which is 41 so i see two options getting a 10 iron(45) for my set or a PW(44) from taylormade to match my wedges now my real question is it worth it? I'm not to worried about to many clubs as right now I have slim bag about 12 clubs
  6. Good Used Set

    check out something at the shop your getting lessons from and find the right set
  7. my driver finsh, working on a high finsh or a normal finsh both get mixed results.
  8. I remember a month or two ago a bunch of sites had this sale now I cant find any, anyone know of a site or store with this still going on?