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  1. Went and had my CHS measured, after I warmed up I was between 100-105, and I have a few mph in reserve if I decide to go for it instead of lay up. I broke my neck last year and didnt do much rehab so I expected to be down a little. I noticed when I swing Im not using my hips like I used to. I plan on continuing to swing a little laid back like I do until I develop my strength back and can start to use my lower body again consistentley
  2. I measured my CHS at Golfsmith and a local Academy and got simialar results between 112 and 118 mph. Its been a while since Ive measured it so I am going back tomorrow to see where I currently am before I purchase anything. Golf isnt a huge part of my life, just something me and some friends do on our off days. I hadnt played since new years, and went out last week, and I realized how rough my old clubs are looking and how I am having to play around the clubs. Except for my driver, all of my clubs are from my original set of Dunlops I was using 11 years ago when I was playing for my school in 7th grade. Im having to almost completely change my swing for clubs because they are too short (short irons) and have too soft a shaft (fairway woods). I think id enjoy my days on the course on my days off more if I could just play and worry less about the type of swing Im gonna use. Now that our schedules are calming down we will go back to playing once or twice a week, and I just want to upgrade everything to something that fits me and that I can keep for a while and grow with. I absolutely do not want an adjustable head. I worry I will end up doing more damage than good. I will report back tomorrow with results on more current information about my swing and Ill try and hit as many callaway drivers as available.
  3. I know 3 people builds and club speeds, they all use some form of the Nike Sasquatch or Dymo (I think thats what it's called), and swear by them. The guy I always play with had a Sasquatch until it imploded and then a Dymo until it did the same a IIRC they were 10 or 10.5 and he could kill the ball, both had the OEM S shaft. He just switched to a cobra and I think he has lost some distance but he doesnt seem to think so. I have around a 118mph swing speed and could drive the ball well with his drivers but the clubs would wear me out, they always felt really heavy right before contact and I would worry about it in the back swing and my form would break down. All the mid to high handicappers I play with that have a ridiculous club speed seem to love them. Around here they were really popular when the came out, and are everywhere, if your area is similar you shounldnt have a problem finding one to try out, which I do recommend. I always loved the way they sounded to.
  4. Hey Guys I am looking to replace my Callaway Big Bertha Ti 454. Over the years I have hit most of the Big Bertha/Diablo line and have liked most of them, but spread out and never back to back to compare. I haven't kept up with the FT line as much but did hit the FT-iQ a while back and I remember not caring for it but truthfully can't remember why. I am a high handicapper >20 and have ~115 mph club speed. I looking for distance and some forgiveness to develop consistency. Im looking for a matching Driver and 3 and 5 wood set. I really like the Diablo Octane, because I hit it well and well Im a huge car nut, and like the technology developed with Lamborghini, but when shopping for them I stumbled across the BB Diablo, Diablo Edge, and FT line and saw how reasonable they are now. I am having trouble finding comparisons between the different iterations of the callaway lines over the last few years and I am looking for some recommendations With the info Ive found, many are saying some of the FT line pretty much always hits straight, which Im not really looking for. I used the club face markers when Im at the range and strike the ball pretty consistently with a few mis-hits here and there but not many. For now Id like something I can learn to be very consistent with but with a little room to grow so later I can learn to work the ball on a drive a little. I am worried about getting something too workable though and then start shanking stuff everywhere though. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Also unfortunately I do not have access to any of the the drivers to hit back to back and compare except the Octane.
  5. Went and hit it today and it didnt bother me on bit, I even tried lining up in all directions to see if I could get the sun in my eyes but I couldnt. I was thinking about painting it, but if I decide to color it Ill probably have it powdercoated. A buddy of mine has a powdercoating shop so Id get it for free. Would it damage the club to heat it up though to 350-450 degrees.
  6. I think its entirely possible, just like any other market ( I speak of the consumer market not the pro level.) Dont know about a time frame but it is completely possible. Eventually the people who played with Titleist forever will become the peoples whos first set was Nike and they loved them so theyll always buy them. The people buying the high dollar set will be the people who grew up with Nike. Things can always change, and I think if one company was suited for it here, Id say Nike. And Im a callaway guy. Look at something different for insight. The auto industry for example. Who used ot dominate and lead in innovation..... GM. Guess what? Look at Olds. It was one of the oldest car companies with a history of innovation and technological achievement, then they kinda just started resting on their laurels and while everyone else was attracting new young customers, they werent, and Boom they are gone. The vast majority of people who buy things like clubs or cars, do them for the wrong reasons, not because it is the best suited for them. Cars for example. There is a common misconception, that imports are more reliable than domestics. Or are just better cars. Wrong. Almost every automaker has its goods and bads, and working in a shop I see this. Sure one car may be slightly more reliable but did you ever take into consideration repair costs if something breaks? This is the same with clubs, for some players a certain brand may be best and for others a different brand, but the number of consumers who actually make educated purchases is very small. And Nike is in a position to greatly benift from that, especially with all the new golfers who grew up with nike and are buying they first set or their first new set.
  7. Hey Guys My 3 and 5 wood are getting pretty hagard, and so a few weeks back I had the idea to freshen it up. Finall got some time today, so heres the pics. Im aware the before pics are actrually the 5 wood but it was in as almost a bad a shape as the 3 was before I started, so I just took pics of it. Before: After (and side by side): It was just a quick job as an experiement. had I spend more time I could have got a complete mirror finish out of it, right now there are still some scratches in it.
  8. Im gonna have to go against most on this. In most pro level sports a certain body is required, BIG for most of them. but golf it seems like you can get clubs, for any body size. and being small (frame) really doesnt mean a disadvantage does it, I mean as long as your are just as strong where it matter as someone on a bigger frame. Strength you can train for if you are lacking. And some of you say well "how come if its that easy more dont do it?" How many people can you truthfully say want to play pro and are dedicated to it? Most people want to be a good causal golfer. As stated earlier for the average guy they will reach a point where they are mostly satisfied and become stagnant, or hard to teach because they are set in their ways. Think about it. Strength and endurance can be gained sure its harder for some but it can be done. And technique can be teached. But you must have a good teacher. If you want to play proffesionally (at least in my opinion) there are only a select number of people who should be teaching you, and think if they where ALWAYS there teaching you and you did it everyday, for one reason, to play proffesionally, and learned from the best. I personally believe even an average joe could do it. With that being said I think you have a certain age window when you must start. For example if you start late your behind the others who started early, and as you make your way up the ranks, given you start late enough, at a certain age your body will begin to decline. Sure you can be old and be in great shape, but thats not to say you woudlnt be in better shape given you where 5 or 6 years younger. And you may peak before you make it to a pro level. Personally I think any average joe, that starts young enough, with enough GOOD training and dedication can do it, although it may be harder for them than others I think its possible. But to most this game is just a passtime. I friend of mines younger brother that isnt even 18 yet and he can consistently shoot par or under (atleast on all the courses Ive played with him on) and after seeing him I think he COULD given proper training and dedication go pro but I know he wont, cause to him its just a hobby. And trust me he is not a natural born athlete, he is very scrony and tall, Not very quick or strong but for his size he can get some pretty good lcub speed.
  9. I really like the sound of the Sumo2. I used to see a guy everytime I went to the range (about a year ago for about 3 months straight) and he had an amazing sounding driver, had more of what I would liken to a "classic sound". Didnt sound Like any of the new stuff I have heard. Never foudn out what it was though.
  10. Would it be different if it was pressurized?
  11. A friend of mine had the orig sumo and now has the sumo2 and both are pretty forgiving. It he can shoot them straight with his crazy swing it has to be.
  12. I was just thinking about that. For a few seconds their they would think they killed his driver. Thatd be hilarious.
  13. What do you guys think is the best sounding club?
  14. On a side not a friend of mine bought a powerbilt set and hes played with it maybe 20 times and he hit it the other day, a nice hit to, and it started to colapse in on itself from the top. I had just looked at it to and didnt notice any damage before he tee'd off. Anyone else had this problem? The only time Ive seen something similar is with my buddies old sumo. His brother closed the trunk on it and it but a small dent on the top of it and everytime he hits with it the dent gets bigger. The powerbilt isnt doing that yet. We hit it twice more after the dent appeared, and it doesnt look like it growing. So we are a little confused. Didnt seemed to affect his game too much, but he was having problems all day so its not a very good day to judge it off of.
  15. Quiet a few. Seems like the ones who are actually good, are rather nice and even quick to offer advice if asked, but its the ones who THINK they are good. Most of the people out there are pretty darn nice, but seems like there is atleast always one group everytime we go. The only people I will ever laugh at or make comments about are my friends, but they get to do it to me plenty so its all in fun.
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