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  1. Hello fellow Tampa golfers. I live Just north of Westchase, and I am looking to join a country club in the area. There are a ton to choose from, TPC tampa bay, cheval ,fox hollow, hunters green..etc. Is anyone part of a club in Tampa, and would you have any recommendations for golf clubs to join ? Thanks buds
  2. I better get posting then. Where will it be located ?
  3. I would love to be a part of 2016 Newport cup. When I visited Orlando with @kpaulhus and @GolfLug they were raving about it. I'm in !!!
  4. I am a single digit player and live in Tampa. I Would love to play and beat @kpaulhus again.
  5. awesome read @kpaulhus. while I did manage to get an 8 on a par 4 and still go on to shoot 75 you forgot to mention your major melt down on #18 at bay hill (which I recorded). Also you forgot to mention that we had a bet on all 6 rounds for total strokes for the week. Going into the last round I was up 25 strokes. Now I know you like to forget these minor details from the trip, but do not worry I do not forget and I am delighted to share them with the members of the sand trap.
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