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  1. So I've played with 990's for 16 years and I finally decided to upgrade. I bought 990B's in great shape on ebay. The are even more blade like but have an incredible sweet spot. They feel more solid because of extra material behind the sweet spot. The ball travels lower, which is the reason I got them. I like the extra bounce on the 990Bs. I think that is why phil mickelson gamed them on tour. I dropped the same neon green paint-fill in them, and I'm not going to sharpen the grooves to keep the ball flying lower. People that play blades comment on how good they look. Paint-fill can make them pop, but a bad looking club head design will never get compliments from blade players. After I hit them a few times, people ask to look at them. They feel like forged clubs but they are bulletproof. Just like the 990's. I never got different shafts like I wanted with the 990's, but my 990B's have the same S300's and the club head is so good, that I don't even want different shafts. If new shafts change the feel, I would be upset. These clubs are still on ebay and they are worth it. I bought a bunch of forged 6 irons to try and couldn't pass on lower hitting/wuth higher bounce 990's, so I went with the 990B's. I have a bunch of forged mizuno and titleist blades, and I still think the 990 & 990B feel and play better with more forgiveness than blades. I know a lot about the dci titleist 990 /B family. If you have any questions just post them.
  2. It is start of 2016 and I've been playing them for 16 years. Still love them. I am thinking about changing the shafts since I am now drastically better. I added paint fill to the back of them and regrooved them, as good as new. I find that people who buy forged irons have to replace them every 3 to 5 years due to the softer metal wearing. The 990's are cast and I'm thinking about buying a backup set. I am a long hitter and love the shorter shafts and lower lofts compared to newer irons. I also carry the 2 iron in 990. I love that also. They are almost the exact same design as the Titleist forged from 2015. That should tell you something.