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  1. One of the announcers during the Masters said that not only were they the same length but also that the head weights were all the same and that they are 17 degrees upright. I find that a but difficult to believe in that if they are all seven iron length and have the same lie angle then they would all be a different amount upright. Seventeen degrees seems way too much even for the longest clubs.
  2. Sorry, I don't have a photo and I can't for the life of me remember the name of the thing. But it was so simple and so effective.
  3. No one remembers this?
  4. I get it. You're a fast player and you take a lot of pride in how fast you can play. Good for you. What I'm saying is that we shouldn't judge people until we've stood in their shoes. I don't know that anyone here has ever played in a major championship let alone led one. Until you've been in that position, you don't know how you'd respond. I've played some competitive golf at a fairly high level and I can tell you that it's nothing like playing a $5.00 Nassau with your friends are your club. When you add in the fact that your playing one of the most difficult golf courses in the world with the most difficult greens in the world under extremely stressful conditions everything become more difficult exponentially. If people watching this kind of golf take it as a message to allow them to play slowly, they are wrong. It's a very, very different game than what the rest of us play.
  5. Why? If he had taken a bit more time he might have made a better decision. What's more important, winning The Masters or satisfying some fans who think that fast play is the be all and end all in golf? The fact is that he and his caddy talk over almost every shot. Here he is about to play possibly the most important shot of his life and he rushed it. He should have taken more time and his caddy should have slowed him down.
  6. Actually, theoretically, if a set of clubs is built correctly, the lie angles should compensate for the varying lengths and out posture should always be the same. If you line up all of your irons against a wall and set them so that the sole of each club lies perfectly flat on the floor, the butt ends of all of them should be at the same height. More upright lies on shorter irons should bring the butt ends of the club up to the same height as the longer irons with longer shafts.
  7. Really? Maybe you should try to play Augusta National and have to hole out every putt. Better yet, have a $1,000 Nassau while you're playing. I'd bet you wouldn't finish in 6 hours.
  8. I had to give up golf about seven years ago because of some orthopedic issues and finally an injury caused by an accident. I remember a training aid that helped me the most was a piece of wood about 2"X2" and about 2' long. A golf ball was fastened and you would strike the ball with a mallet that came with it. The mallet was about 2" round and 2-1/2" long and was attached to a shaft with a grip. Does anyone remember the name of this aid? Does anyone know where I might find one? Thanks in advance.
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