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  1. Those clubs probably have dynamic gold shafts, so the shaft changing makes a lot of sense. What shafts are in them right now?
  2. You need a putting green on an uphill lie, and shoot at it from all four sides. This will tell you all you need to know about the putter you want. I really like the new midweight Heavy putters out right now. They are a medium weight and very accurate. I am sticking with the Wilson Kirk Currie mid mallet putter. I like heavy putters with large grips, so that leaves out most putters on the market for me. Adjustable weight putters are the ticket.
  3. I did not play a regular 18 hole course till I felt I had enough game to do well. I would go to practice courses(nine holers) and work on the irons. To help keep up I would only use a 3 wood to keep the ball in play. Players need to find a spot where they can hit a nine iron and get the swing going. When a newbie pulls out a driver, I want to hit him in the back of the head with something unless he does well with it. Every ball in the right rough gets old, real quick, and I would just have to move on, see ya! The problem today is the driver is easier to hit with than the rest of the clubs, as far as actually hitting the ball goes. Where it goes is another story!
  4. I try to tell new golfers at work to focus on the divot and start at the ball, but that article swinging at the bottom, really gets the point across. I don't know how much it helped me to focus, but I shot my lowest score this past weekend, an 81. This was at Eastland Greens here in Clarksville, Tn. What impressed me was my short game. I was sticking my sandwedge chips! I always thought of load as delaying the straightening of the bent arm before impact, my right arm for me? I see a lot of hacks hitting early because they straighten out the arm to early, that is why the bottom of the impact zone helps delay this straightening of the right arm! have also been trying not to get the wrist involved at all and focusing on hitting with the forearms, and keeping the hands low through impact. Keeping the hands low helps me not to cast the ball, which causes a lot of slices.
  5. I did not use a driver for about 7 years. I then found out how to work on my own clubs and shortened my driver. I find that the flatter swing plane of a driver gets people in trouble quick. Try a shorter driver around 44" and see what that does for you. The most accurate driver I ever owned was a Cleveland 400 with an NV shaft @ 43 1/2". A young man, who had a very fast swing, offered a very nice price for it, and I sold it.
  6. Your trunk is a solar reactor, especially in Florida. I has some bad epoxy and had a head come off. I put some golfsmith epoxy on and no more problems. I would have cleaned up the epoxy and applied a new batch.
  7. I learned my lesson about difficult courses, no more. I want to be able to shoot at least 90 when I play. I played the Tennessean near Paris, Tennessee, and it was awful. I quit keeping score, horrible. Green side bunkers 6 feet below the green, sloped fairways on both sides, and putting greens that you putt past the hole and let it come back, so you can get close. I have not played it since then. Now that I have a better game going, I might give it another try, but then again, maybe not. I will play a difficult course if it has great scenery, and a few fair holes. I stay away from long courses.
  8. If your hogging the area then it is wrong. I do not want someone on there because I could hit them!
  9. I am not about to risk injury if I can avoid it. Common sense means you use your brain to determine a risky situation. Pros do lift, clean, and place when they are allowed to. I feel guilty if I move the ball, unless personal injury to me or my clubs could happen.
  10. Did you pick your clubs based on forgiveness? I pick mine for maximum help so I can have blow up holes and still get by. I shortened my driver, added more woods, and worked very hard on the short game. I also spent a lot of money buying clubs off of ebay to find what I needed based on info from forums like this one. If your season is just getting started, it could be just some layoff rust from winter.
  11. Check your divot. Take a practice swing and see where your swing is by looking at the divot. Thia will tell you alot more than just about anything else.
  12. My group 3 over par is the max on the score card. This gives everyone a chance to get back in it. We are bogey golfers most of the time.
  13. I thought this was how golf is meant to be. Look at the pros, leaderboard this week, miss the cut next week, on nation wide tour thereafter if lucky. I had a bad time last year for 5 months as my partner hammered me week after week. I got really tired of it and went on an ebay spending spree, and found some fairway woods that made a real difference. I did not improve my weakest areas, but improved my strengths to pull me through. I also swallowed my pride and bought the clubs I really needed, as I added a 9 wood and hybrid. Take a break and reassess your game, and look at how to improve your weaknesses and strengths. I also went out and just played an irons only nine holer. It was very difficult but helped a ton later on, as I hate irons. Frustration is tension, bad mojo, loosen up. Flip your driver over and make sure you are not so stiff that you can still make it swoosh.
  14. I absolutely love 4 man scrambles, but that is not really tournament golf. I want to play in a city am this year, and they have a 3 day one coming up. My golf bud says they sandbag really bad in tourneys. Is this true?
  15. platgof

    new golf shop

    My old shed has had it, with more holes than the titanic. I needed a new dig so I decided to build a shed to get out of the house and work on whatever. So I go to ebay and buy some shed plans. The problem was that the size was to small for what I really wanted, so I go to Lowes and Home Depot and look over their buildings to find what I want. Well it turns out Home Depot had a bottom of one building I wanted and a top of another I wanted, so I decided to put those two together and come up with my own version. This has been one hard chore to say the least, and expensive to. I just put the trusses up tonight after working for 14 hours, I am really beat, I mean tired, and the hot bath is coming up. I can't wait to get this finished as I am getting burned out with it. I smoked half my braincells on this gambrel roof. But I have to admit that is has been a very good design so far. I hope to post some pics when I am done.
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