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  1. U Rah Rah Wisconsin....Class of '98
  2. My pitching wedge is 45 degrees and my gap wedge is 50 degree so I am looking for something between my gap and 60....55 is not an option, so do I go 54 or 56?
  3. I have a set of Callaway BB irons. My set includes a sand wedge 55 degrees. I am getting better and would like to swap out my sand wedge for a new Vokey. I have a Vokey 60 degree that I carry in my bag. I hit my Callaway pitching wedge 125 I hit my Callaway gap wedge 100 I currently hit my SW 85 I hit my 60 from about 60. Vokeys only come in 54 or 56. What would you recommend I get? Thanks.
  4. TWS- Here is my .02...you and I have about the same swing specs. I played the Bridgestone e5+ for a couple years (really like it and its considered the Poor Man's Pro V). Last summer I changed to the ProV1x and liked it. I played with the ProV the last couple of weeks and I crushed it...I have never hit my tee shots farther. I also like the feel of the ProV off my irons and hybrid. I went to the practice range today to pitch and putt to see what ball performed better for me (using the ProV, the 1x, and the e5+ that I had in my bag). All were very comparable on just off the green chips with my 60 degree wedge. I have never spun a ball off the green from the fairway, but all three balls for me will hop and stop...so the spin thing doesn't really apply to me. I actually chipped the best with the e5+ and putted better with the ProV. My suggestion would be to get the ProV 07-08 model (14.95) and the e5+ (11.95) and see which one you like. I have ordered from lostgolfballs.com for the past 4 seasons...I highly recommend the AAAA....better than the AAA but not as expensive as the AAAAA (mint). I actually kept out some of the 4A from a previous order and when I ordered the Mint and compared, no one could tell the difference.
  5. I never thought I would get one, but I love the mini-umbrella that I have that keeps my clubs dry...I think that is more important than a big one...
  6. I have used LGB for 2 years....I would recommend getting the AAAA....I get the proV1x and usually get the 4A, but went with the 5A (mint) last order. You really can't tell the two apart...and the price is much better for the 4A.
  7. Thanks for the response...I am looking for a pro that gives quality lessons. I have had a couple of names bubble to the top...just wondering if anyone has worked with someone they like.
  8. Can anyone recommend a pro to work with in or around Madison?
  9. I would go with the G10s...I know a scratch golfer that never "outgrew" his G2s and wishes he had them back after he sold them.
  10. I am glad to hear it has happened to others...going to the range tonight and just going to hit some wedges...try to get my timing back.
  11. 3 weeks ago I was playing the best golf of my life (shot a career low 81, almost had a hole in one, had my first round with multiple birdies). I haven't picked up a club since, and I played yesterday....could barely break 50. I couldn't hit a drive 220, and shanked a couple of balls bad. It felt like it was the first time I ever picked up a club. Has this happened to you and what can I do to fix it? I played so bad yesterday, I almost quit.
  12. Started using the theory a couple of weeks ago...aiming 2" in front of the ball. Have never hit the ball as solid and straight in my life. Just doing 2" in front, just like 2" behind on bunker shots. Shot a career round low 81 last week (15 handi), hit 12 fairways and had 15 GIRs. I almost had a hole in one. It works for me...keeps my head down a little longer and have been making great contact.
  13. Thanks Mike for the coupon. I just got 3 dozen AAAA balls for $44 on their eBay site and they are almost perfect. I highly recommend them. People always complain about the shipping, but where else can you order from where it doesn't cost at least 7.95 to 10 to ship anything?
  14. I disagree...I think that the e5+ is the closest you will get to a Pro V in the $25 a dozen range. I really like it.
  15. If you like the Pro V, go with the Bridgestone e5+
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