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  1. I just started regripping my clubs this year as well. Talk about easy! I went with the Golf Pride CP2 Pro Midsize grips. Love the feel! Also regripped the wife's clubs with some Pure Grips and she really likes them.
  2. I have been a long time user of the Titleist NXT Tour S and ProV1's, but recently have made the switch to the Taylormade Project a balls. These things are super long off the tee and have some exceptional brakes on the greens. They are similar in price to the NXT Tour S.
  3. I purchased these yesterday after trying on every shoe in the store. They let me wear them around the store for at least minutes and were so comfortable! I can't wait to get on the course with them.
  4. Adidas Tour 360 X shoes and a sleeve of Taylormade Project a golf balls.
  5. Played 9 yesterday afternoon for my first time out this year. Shot 43 on a par 36. Pretty happy with most of my game. The driver and irons were decent, but putting was a challenge.
  6. I purchased the Sun Mountain Speed Cart V1 Sport last year and never looked back. I have a cart style bag and that thing rolls so effortlessly and smooth. Another plus is there are no straps to break or wear out over time.
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