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  2. The comparison of Linfield to Twining in my mind was startling. IMO they are notably different. But u know what they say about the eyes of the beholders. All good. I'd agree Twining holds a spot in the top 5 worst kept courses I've played. Quintet, and maybe Manor also hold that distinction. I'm recalling at Manor, I should have made a u turn when I pulled in and the access road to the 'clubhouse' crosses prime first-shot landing area of the 17th or 18th hole. Then once you get to 17, after a 5 hour durge, as u tee, you are a target for driving range shots (without a net between the range and you). The welcoming committee consisted of 3 leather-tanned half-tanked guys sitting at the first tee on a bench critiquing every swing of everyone as they hit their first shots. Brilliant stuff.
  3. I played IV on Labor Day of 2015, and in late December. On both occasions the course seemed to be in good shape. I loved the layout. One of my favorite marathon-golf weekday outings is Galen Hall in the AM, lunch, than IV in afternoon. For what it's worth, I play mostly publics and munis. Love the number of the courses on the "422 Stretch" as well. Linfield, Gilbertsville, etc
  4. I just started golfing again last season after a failed (with no lessons) attempt at it some 27 years ago. I was hitting publics and munis all season and through the winter last year. There was one course just around the corner from my house that went semi-private last season, had a ton of Groupon and Coupon offers to create awareness and offered a "10-pack pay and play." I played it at least 20 times last year. For some reason it charmed me - warts and all. It's an "Executive" golf course..whatever that means. From an GHIN perspective, it doesn't have the requirements to be a registered course. Physically, what it means is that the course is a very low key, lower yardage, no-motorized carts affair. More than a bit shaggy in some spots, but blissfully quiet and uncrowded. Frankly, perfect for someone just getting into the game, or someone late in life who has no desire for 425 yard fairways. The course is Meadowbrook Golf and Tennis Club in Huntington Valley, and I consider this my Home Course. The membership fees are the most reasonable in the area - half that of another nearby club (which once I get better I will probably join). I am also a member of The Abington Club, which many years ago was an 18 hole course that has been shaved to 9 holes. Again membership here is delightfully cheap, but you have to be able to overlook all forms of grass fairways, a lot of overgrowth etc., and I supsect that if you have been playing golf with adequate scores for any period of time, you would outgrow this place in short order. The big benefit to this place is the full-year season, and the fact that it is also right around the corner from my house. Nearby clubs on my radar once I get good enough to truly appreciate the challenges their courses present: Lulu Sandy Run Philmont North Hills JC Melorose - they dont offer memberships currently but if they did..... My Dream Local Club = Manufacturer's - but alas I dont have the pedigree (or the $$) LOL., Seconded by Philly Cricket, or Tallamore. I'd be interested in feedback from TST contributors that have information on Montgomery County PA clubs where they are members. Hello and Thanks!
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