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  1. Thanks for this I appreciate it. I scheduled a 1 on 1 fitting today with a local golf center that has video etc.... I'll be using my current grip.
  2. I'm 6-4 with a 38 inch wrist to floor and a 12 handicap. I've been playing off the shelf clubs my entire life. I seem to toe iron shots a lot. So I saw a free Ping fitting at a local course so I signed up with the intention of being properly fitted for all clubs. Beforehand I did a basic fit via Pings website.....put in my stats and it came out with a Silver dot and plus .5 length Ping i Irons. I get to the course and I was early so the pro of this course had people hitting range balls as he observed. He comes up to me and tells me he sees my problem is my grip. I never thought I had a problem with my grip but hey he's the pro he must see something., He shows me a grip and has me hitting balls with my 7 iron. I couldnt hit a thing. I'd make decent contact with 1 out of 10. The grip felt foreign to me, like Ive never swung a club in my life. By this time the Ping rep comes over and Im hitting all over the place and he's trying to base his findings on these awful shots Im hitting. He takes the i Irons away and hands he the more forgiving G irons. He asked me if I've always had the draw I currently have.........ummm no. I dont have a draw, I never did. I push the ball off the tow mostly. The draw you are witnessing is me trying to make contact with a ball with a brand new grip that the pro insists I use. The ping rep tries a few shafts and ends up with a summation that I should had Ping G irons +.5 and a Green 2.25 lie. No measurements were taken, he based it on the swing and the strikes I made. I have zero confidence in my fitting. After this I went to my local pro and showed him the grip the other pro insisted I use and then I reverted back to mine. I had 3 and half knuckles exposed and a sore wrist after hitting those shag balls. When I went to my local pro he said show me your normal grip. Yep I had a 2 knuckle neutral grip. So I'm thinking of finding a new independent person to fit me or go with the Ping online specs instead of the in person. That being said.....is there a big noticeable difference between 2.25 upright and 3.75 upright? Thanks all for listening.
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