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  1. Ringer is right. If you are slicing any way besides a push-fade, then your path is out-to-in. The only way you can slice the ball with an in-to-out swing path is a push-slice. Meaning the ball starts right of where you are aiming and then slices further right. He did explain that in his post.
  2. I don't think it will be a big movement, but I do think that some other top manufacturers will make a colored tour ball in the future. The yellow Srixons are easier to see in the air and on the ground. They absolutely glow. I find them easier to spot among yellow range balls that I do white balls also. They just stand out from everything else. I don't know about the psychology behind them, but I do like being able to see my drive in the rough from 50-100 yards away rather than 10 yards with a white ball...
  3. Wow Phil, you are in tough shape lately! Mine isn't that bad... Tore my MCL this winter playing hockey and am on the tail end of recover from that. Just hyper-extended my left wrist and got tendonitis over spring break. Am back to golf now and no pain, except my knee feels weak. It really sucks, because my swing is absolute garbage right now and I can hardly make clean contact with the ball. I'm still trying to figure out if it has anything to do with the injuries... I think it might be partly because of the knee. It's hard to put my weight back to me left leg when my knee feels weak. Here's to a quick recovery and a good summer!
  4. I have literally done none of these. Biggest to me would be #2 like a lot of others. My main thing is that I want to be in the 70's day-in and day-out. I'm not too worried about a hole in one, I would actually rather have an albatross. Playing around the world isn't a big deal to me either.
  5. Read the large discussion about sliding the hips if you haven't already. To me the role of the hips is to pull the rest of the swing into the impact position. I am a long time baseball player and have trouble with rotating everything open too early. Seems the more I slide the hips the better I hit the ball. I also try to keep my hips pretty quiet on the backswing to create a little torque with the upper body. I'm not sure that this is correct, but it is what I feel.
  6. I've really only had one experience with this, never with a complete stranger. My fiance's uncle who is in my golf league is like this. He is pretty good and probably plays to about a 8-9 handicap, but he just thinks he knows everything golf. It gets really annoying, and I LOVE playing with him whenever I get the chance just so I can maybe beat him. He only gives advice after you hit a bad/mediocre shot though. I like chipping from the fringe and for some reason he thinks that you could be closer with the putter every time no matter what. So when I hit a chip a little off line he loves telling me, "well you see, using your putter here is a lot easier shot".... and then tries to demonstrate. It just really gets my blood boiling, it's not like I pull a wedge and chip because I think it is a harder shot!
  7. Sounds like you are definately moving in the right direction! I had the exact same two problems for the last 2 years of my golf career (which were also my first 2). I have the grip down pretty well now, and am still working on shoulder alignment. Good golf to ya!
  8. I play a 16 degree hybrid. Love it! I don't even think twice whether to hit that or my 3 wood off the fairway. Off the tee I'll stick with the 3 wood.
  9. As almost everyone has said, it is not a bad thing. The people in these countries are plum happy to have the opportunity. One of my marketing professors did a research project on this and went around to a few countries and did video interviews etc over a 3 year period. He was trying to figure out the negatives/cons of this kind of labor. We watched the film he ended up with and his view did a complete 180 after the project. Literally not a single person said anything negative about the work or industry moves except for people in the large industrial countries. All of the workers said it was the best thing that ever happened to their families, etc. A lot of people say that they hate buying foreign-made products and want everything made in America, and everything outside of the US is of less quality. In reality the only items that are of less quality are the ones that are not regulated by the US companies. Buying US companies products that are made elsewhere are of the same quality they would be if they were made here because they are held to the same standards. The only reason it would be a higher quality product is because it would have to be in order for anyone to buy the items, because it would cost that much more to produce such things!
  10. The lady on the LT/Rice show was Blair from one of the Big Break shows... I liked the show also. I still can't get over how much De La Hoya was able to bring the ball back. He must strike the ball pretty damn pure!
  11. It could be a lot of things... More focused, less swing thoughts, etc as said above. I too find myself playing a lot better golf when I play with good golfers. I have 2 friends who are training PGM pro's and 1 that is a college golfer that are all very good obviously. I have never played better golf than when I play with them. All of my best rounds have come when I was with them.
  12. The Ozone is a great choice if you walk much. The Grom is also a wonderful bag, but is a bit on the heavy side of things when it comes to carry bags... Good choice, you will enjoy it!
  13. I think that it is possible, but obviously unlikely. Living in Montana I don't have the option to play in the winter and there are no indoor ranges in the area, so I don't get to play or really swing a club for that matter from early October until March. To be honest I have been on the range for a few weeks and played my first round last Friday and played better than I did last year. I didn't score as well as I am used to, but pretty darn good for the first round out. My ball striking with my irons felt a lot better than it was last year, and my short game shots felt more natural and played better also. Sometimes time off is a great thing for golf. Obviously I would like my layoff to be much, much shorter, but you really don't know what a real Spring is until you've went through a long Winter... I obviously think that with less time off or no break at all that I would be a much better golfer just because of consistency, but I do think that you can play good golf without swinging a club for the winter.
  14. When I first started the girlfriend would get frustrated that I spent all of my free time at the course. (Read ALL of my free time) The family pretty much just understood, because my father has the same addictive personality with fishing and hunting, and used to be the same way with golf. The girlfriend has settled down a bit and understands more now. I think it's more of just tolerating it, but it works for us. I think she's just happy that it's golf and not other things. I drink the least out of the year during golf season, because it's pretty much just a few beers here and there unless it's Thursday night league nights!
  15. Razz11

    Cabin Fever

    Let me tell you... I have had the fever for about a month now, and if I'm very lucky I'll be able to play in about another month. I really enjoy winter, but the tough part about winter up here is that the days are so damn short. I can handle the cold just fine, but it's not fun when you get off work or out of school and it is already dark. Talk about depressing! There's just not much to do.
  16. First started playing 2 summers ago when I was 20. Growing up I was always interested because my father and grandfather played a lot and were both very good. (My father was the high school state champ back to back years in the early 1980s...) Anyways I was big into ice hockey and baseball growing up and was rather good at them I guess. My dad wouldn't let me touch a club because he didn't want to "mess" up baseball. Ended up playing college baseball for a year and a half and have since moved on. My best friends were big into golf and have been playing since they were little kids. (Two of them are training tour pros at the University of Idaho now) I dunno what made me start playing; I just have one of those addictive personalities that when I want to do something I will do it and usually will do it religiously until I am burnt out or love it. One day I went to the driving range with one of my friends and hit a few balls and couldn't stop. (Read: Literally couldn't stop) I think I was at the range for at least a bucket of balls and a lot of putting/chipping for 5-6 days a week and would follow buddies around and hit a few shots here and there when they went for the rest of that semester. Bought some low-end Adams irons and played any time that I wasn't at work back in my hometown for the summer. The next summer I filled my bag with some better fit clubs with the correct shafts and did it once again. I finished this last season as a 10.6 handicap and will see where it ends up after this coming season. This is my last free summer then it is off to a real job after the Masters program and I probably won't be able to play as much, but I will sure try. I sure wish I would have found this game earlier in life, because I really feel that it is one of the few things that I truly love doing.
  17. I would say that my miss is a pull. I tend to get an over-the-top swing plane when I get tired or lax. I used to slice, but now I only slice the ball 1 in every 20 drives or so... My ball flight is low to piercing, never high. Thanks for all the advice! I think I found my problematic area causing the accuracy issues, but I am gonna work on trading power for accuracy when I need to now.
  18. So I am a young guy and pretty new to the game... Just under two Montana golf seasons. I have improved immensely and can play with just about anyone now, but I have a question about driving the ball. I hit the ball a long ways and regularly hit it 270 or so off the tee. My longest GPS'ed drive was 317, but it was a perfect day and perfect contact. Anyways, my question is how hard should I try to hit the ball. It seems that all I care about is getting the max distance out of my drives and its hurting me in many ways with accuracy. Do you guys try to control your swing with the driver, or is it grooved enough to swing HARD and still hit it where you want it? I guess the advice I am searching for is how to back off my swing a bit so I can make better contact every time. I have never really tried to take some off of my driver swing, so I don't really know where to start. Anything helps, and thanks in advance!
  19. Although it appears that all it is causing you to do is put your hands forward, I think the real thing it is fixing is dropping your back shoulder a little bit and causing you to hit the driver on the up swing. With irons this is not recommended. I don't do it with irons, but do a little with woods. Only like an inch or two further forward though, not quite as far as the picture.
  20. Well I'm back at school so I have a few more courses to play again. Me and my good buddy went out to the driving range and hit some balls then headed out on a rather short course with a lot of slope to play that is only 9 holes. We were both playing pretty bad per our standards. Anyways... 9th hole 515 yard par 5 that the fairway is an estimated 30 feet above the teebox. I found out a while ago that if I really snap the driver at impact that I can hit it further, but never do because I'd rather have a little control. I decided to let one go on the last two holes of this course. My buddy said that the drive looked very long and to me it looked a little better than average but not great. We walked up to the fairway and I was 160 from the green... So if I added right and the yardage markers were correct that is a 355 yard drive. I do hit the ball a long way and regularly get it out to 300, but that was by far the best drive I have hit. Now I am a very big pessimist and don't like to brag, so I didn't think it was that great, but my partner has a very consistent drive and we measured from his to make sure. Sure enough it was a bomb... I would rather have a great shot from 80 yards to score well, but it finished the round off nicely, so I can't complain.
  21. JB does actually make a full swing. It appears to be short because he doesn't break his wrists at the top, but his shoulder and hip turn is a full swing.
  22. I do not carry one. I put one in my bag when I first started and could never hit it consistently. Would be a great shot every now and then, but most shots were terrible. I doubt I will ever use one again. My low irons are arguably the most solid part of my game, so I have no reason to carry one.
  23. I hate hybrids... Obviously they are good clubs though, because they have stuck around and everyone seems to have them. I just stick with the old things called low irons... I actually probably hit my 3-4-5 irons more purely than any club in my bag, so I will stick with them for now. I can hit woods pretty well too, so I don't want a hybrid for off the box or anything like that. Funny that your "older" friend doesn't like them and you do. At my home course it seems that all the older gents use them and not many of the younger, good players do.
  24. Some Copenhagen and a Pepsi to start every round. Pepsi is usually followed by water or gatorade. League nights it's followed by lots of beer...
  25. I have seen a few threads on this but I think mine might be a little different. With anything from my driver through my 5i my swing is very upright. Very steep and I finish with my hands almost at my head. Anything lower than that I would say I have a traditional swing with a good plane(not too flat and not too steep). I have tried a lot of different things and I seem to lose no distance and hit the ball a ton more accurate like this. If I try to flatten it out I hit dead duck hooks now. Personally I don't think it's a bad thing because the ball goes where I want it to, but I think as I progress in golf I may get frustrated with it just not looking right. Is there any reason why I can't hit a longer club with a flatter swing, and is there anything wrong with a very up and down swing that finishes very high? This is only my second summer of golf, so everything isn't super consistent right now and can change. I hit the ball a long way and am trying to smooth things out for accuracy and maybe give up a little distance if I need to which isn't a problem.
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