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  1. Went back and reviewed Key #1 about lateral vs. vertical head movement in the downswing. Seems like I'm actually doing ok in this area for now...at least to the point it doesn't need to be a primary focus. I will sometimes chunk the hell out of a 4 or 5 iron when facing a long approach, and feel like I may be dipping too hard in effort to gear up/squeeze out a few more yards. Generally occurs off the deck vs. the tee box. Just a feeling though (no video evidence to prove it), and going forward plan to try to keep my thoughts focused on "smooth" when facing these shots.
  2. Fair enough. Would be a hypocrite if I said I've never had a few "oh yeah? Hold my beer..." moments.
  3. Can't afford a good practice facility, but can afford to replace windows? Suppose you've figured out the height problem though in that case, nice work.
  4. Agreed. Being a weekend warrior, it's a bit easier to stomach a bad round from having an off-day as opposed to "stupid decision day." Right now, using distance as a tool to make more pars is helping me improve more than trying to use it as a weapon to hunt birdies & eagles...if that makes any sense.
  5. Love it. Get your power walk on from 5-green, tee it high and let it fly.
  6. Yeesh, that's a bear. Can't really tell in the image, but is it possible to take driver across the pond and get home from that direction? Playing it straight (and sharing similar distance numbers as you), I'd probably opt for hybrid/6-iron combo. I'm throwing the shot cone/dispersion numbers out on this one, and playing a tee shot that holds up most often under pressure...which, for me, is the hybrid.
  7. Pretty sure I used to be "that guy" but my problem was that I wasn't good enough for the expectations I held in regard to pulling off the shots. Ultimately, I'd get frustrated, upset, and just generally not be a good playing partner as emotion took over. These days, I get way more satisfaction from the process of trying to improve my swing, playing shots to zones (Lowest Score Wins type strategy), etc...and have seen my scores come down quite a bit from it. I've still got some juice left in the tank regarding distance, so if I'm able to improve enough over the next year or two...maybe I'll take the aggression up a notch like these guys. For now though, I'm really enjoying playing fewer provisional balls haha.
  8. Played in a scramble yesterday, and our team's "A" player had one of the most laissez-faire approaches to golf that I've ever seen...at least for a better player. As I got to know him more through the round, I began to pick his brain a bit...specifically on how he handles some of the difficult/long dog-leg holes on our course. Almost all of his responses were just so casual: - "I just try to hit driver over the corner every time here" - "Try to clear the pond every time" Mind you, holes in reference here are major trouble if not pulled off to perfection, but he is a big hitter. When I simply asked "Why?" his response was refreshingly awesome: "I'm not gonna be able to hit it this far forever, so might as well have some fun with it while I can." Having played competitive golf from middle school through college, he just kinda said he's over being worried about scores/handicap and enjoys the thrill of pulling off fun shots...whether he turns in 72 or 92. Considering he was runner-up in the Club Championship last year, I'd venture to guess he pulls them off more often than not haha. Just a different point-of-view that I thought I'd share, but sure was a fun dude to play with.
  9. Play for the miss, right? I think I've read that somewhere around here haha.
  10. Came across a Kirkland ball in my range bucket yesterday. Thought about pocketing it as a keepsake (seeing that at this rate I may never come across one again), but decided to test it out with a driver rip instead. After careful analysis, the Kirkland ball hooked into the side net just as low & hard as the Pro V's do.
  11. Struck the ball pretty well yesterday in a scramble for the men's club I play in...biggest misses I saw were straight pushes to the left. Continued my focus on downswing path today at the range. Took some video, and initially wasn't gonna post it b/c the camera was a bit too close to see the top...but it's actually helping me focus on the one priority by not seeing my hands at the top haha. It's feeling pretty natural now, but noticed I'm still diving at the ball a bit to start the downswing. Anyone have insight on this...big problem or let it be? Really trying to live by the "one priority at a time" mindset, but other suggestions are welcome as always. Also, can anyone recommend a stand/tripod for an Ipad? Went to Best Buy today, and apparently they don't sell them for Ipads.. Thanks in advance!
  12. I've only been on TST for a year or so, but from my experience, the vast majority of advice I see in the Member Swing threads is very well thought out, specific, and articulate...from lower and higher handicaps alike. Very rarely have I come across short snippets that just say "do X, or don't do Y" without an explanation of "why and how" attached to it. It's one of the main reasons I joined.
  13. Definitely second this. If I'm asking questions or soliciting advice in an online arena like TST, I'll certainly give consideration to anyone who genuinely takes the time to offer help, tips, etc. Personally, I'd feel downright rude/stupid if I wrote someone off just because of a handicap number when I'm the one who put the question out there...especially when some of you guys have been playing golf longer than I've been alive . In person is more of a case-by-case for me. Received great putting advice from an older gentleman a few years ago who couldn't break 100 on his best day. However, he watched me 3-putt a few greens on the front 9, casually pulled me aside on the back and talked about how to recognize the grain & how it affects speed...huge help. On the other hand, unsolicited advice from strangers on the driving range usually goes in one ear and out the other.
  14. I have to imagine that a successful caddy/player relationship is heavily influenced by their ability to be friends...at least on some level. Of course Phil & Bones/Spieth & Greller are extreme examples, but there has to some immeasurable benefit of just being comfortable with/around someone. The game can be so robotic with swings, numbers, yardages, angles, wind speed etc that being able to joke freely (or argue freely) in high pressure situations must be a settling feeling to some degree. When Spieth broke out, I remember all the positive (somewhat astonished) press he received for always saying "we" and "team." Long story short, I wonder if she has trouble connecting with people? Just food for thought, as I don't know much about Lydia Ko and have never had experience playing with a caddy.