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  1. Tough to fully embrace this when the "Donate" function on the BLM website itself takes you to ActBlue.com...a campaign fundraising arm for the Democrat party.
  2. Couldn't agree more. Frankly (barring any changes), we are lucky that the virus isn't more deadly than it's shown to be because it has exposed how woefully unprepared the world is to handle a major pandemic. If anyone is interested, check out the Netflix docu-series called "Pandemic"...extremely eye-opening.
  3. Let it Fly

    Love and Hate

    I love the drive to the course before every round because it always feelings exciting. I hate standing over the next shot after a shank.
  4. Awesome final round...could watch that swing on repeat all day. Now that he's earned his exemption, we'll get a chance to.
  5. Really focused on not letting that trail elbow get too far behind during this week's range-work. The exaggerated move in my slow repetitions has been to feel like my elbows/forearms are pinned together through the backswing and at the top. After a handful of hosel rockets, I've seen some decent, albeit incremental, steepness improvements...and it's actually helped to square the face a little more at the top. I let a few rip to finish off today's batch, with most flying within my imaginary fairway and dropping with a little cut in gusty right-to-left wind.
  6. I use a very similar approach with the goal of getting the ball rolling like a putt as soon as possible for most shots in the near-green-in-regulation range. Focusing on the same swing-effort helps me with more consistent "sweet spot" impact, and regular practice lets me know how far each club flies-&-rolls. I struggle with soft, high, finesse shots, and try to avoid those situations at all costs (i.e. leaving myself behind a bunker).
  7. Been a few years since I played there, but if my memory is correct I think one or two of Tiger Tees forced you to play across the main driveway. Fun course that I'd love to play again. Longest par 3 for me was the 8th at Tower Ridge in Farmington, CT. 245-ish but with a very elevated tee and a lot of helping-slope around the green to funnel shots in the right direction.
  8. Thanks for the feedback, @billchao. Good insight.
  9. I've noticed that before, but never given it much thought. I was actually checking out your Swing Thread earlier, and it looks like you're also working on steep vs. shallow...I'm jealous of your backyard set-up! I made a mistake taking that single lesson a couple weeks ago as I just picked a random instructor who was close by without doing any research. Instead of leaving with one key to improve upon, I'm now "supposed to": hinge the club earlier, get the hands high like Justin Thomas, keep my weight on the inner-half of my back foot, initiate downswing with hip & torso turn, all while getting the arms/hands/handle moving in-&-around after contact 🤪.
  10. I don't know why I naturally steepen the shaft as I start down. I thought I understood what the move is supposed to feel/look like, but not much seems to be taking hold once I move from slow, repetitive rehearsals to an actual swing. I'm seeing straight-pulls, pull-slices, and weak fades that progressively become full-on slices with longer clubs. Could use a little help as I'm starting to get discouraged. Short-swing effort is not much different: Even when making an effort to "feel" flatter:
  11. Why you're taking pot-shots at when I'm able to get out and play is beyond me. I wouldn't expect such pettiness from a long-time forum member...but you do you, bud. Hit 'em straight.
  12. I've been taking pilates and yoga classes all Winter. Since starting again at the range a few weeks ago, I haven't felt one bit of tightness/soreness...even swinging on back-to-back days. Fingers crossed it continues that way, but I'm pumped to physically-feel the best I have in a few years!
  13. Very. Finding out the tee sheet is completely full for tomorrow really rubbed salt in the wound.
  14. 5am wake-up, shower, get ready for hour-long drive to the season's first 7am tee time with buddies I haven't seen in months...walk outside to 15 degree windchill and half an inch of snow.
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