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  1. Non golfers understanding of the game of golf

    To be fair, she has a point. I suppose it also applies well to golf.
  2. Non golfers understanding of the game of golf

    Haha...we're gonna go fast and turn left sometimes. Back in college, my (now ex) girlfriend's mother came to one of my baseball games. My first at-bat, I hit just a regular ol' foul ball, and she stood up loudly cheering for it. Afterwards, I asked my gf what the heck happened: "Mom, why are you cheering? It's a foul ball..." "Well he still hit it...could have swung and missed!" **face palm**
  3. Non golfers understanding of the game of golf

    Haha this gave me a good laugh!
  4. Forum Profile Handicap Indices....

    Jumped up to 12.5 this time around as I've been stuck in the high 80's for a little while now. Working hard to ingrain some tough swing improvements, but have struggled to "just play" when I'm out on the course...recent rounds feel like a constant grind from the first tee shot. My misses have changed from off-the-Earth slices to hooks/straight blocks, which tells me I'm getting a little closer but still not there yet.
  5. POLL: Is Jordan Spieth a Whiny Baby?

    I think he's just intense. It's fun to watch and his desire to win will (most likely) never be questioned. How many debates have there been on Golf Channel regarding a player's "killer instinct" or lack thereof? DJ is probably a good example before he went on his tear as I remember a lot of chatter that he was too laid back...didn't have that burning desire to win. Now that he's won a bunch, and is the same person (at least on the course), that laid back demeanor is viewed as "cool under pressure." As cliche as it is, winning cures all.
  6. Best Shot of the Week

    Holed a wedge for eagle from 115 yds on the 2nd hole (par 5) of a scramble this past Saturday for eagle. Actually caught it a little thin and sent it past the flag, but when it hit the green it zipped back down the slope and happened to drop in...high fives all-around!
  7. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    That's a cool idea...imagine there's a good sized niche out there for it. I'll check it out! Certainly a good idea, tried it a couple years ago but didn't really stick. Figured out that I enjoy learning tennis more than she enjoyed trying to pick-up golf, so wound up going that direction and it's worked out pretty well. It has been a while now though, so maybe I can get her to try it out again.
  8. What keeps you from playing more golf?

    Suppose I could have checked every option here in reality, but voted for the the buddies option(s). I've tried playing 9-hole rounds before/after work by myself, and found that I just don't enjoy it enough to do very often. I love playing with my friends, and decided it's just not worth it to me to squeeze-in or rush additional rounds by myself. I get more enjoyment out of spending an hour in the short game area or working through a small bucket at the range during the week. Also...my girlfriend is not from this area, and she's made a big sacrifice in moving here so we can be together. Don't get me wrong, she loves that I love this game and that it gives me a competitive outlet. However, she's far away from her family and best friends so I make sure to show her that our relationship comes first. Usually means giving up extra rounds to spend time with her traveling, hiking, getting my ass handed to me in tennis, etc.
  9. Decupping Left Wrist

    Working on the same thing, albeit my right wrist as I play lefty. The coat-hanger drill works ok for me at the range...literally grip a coat hanger in my hands along with the club. The sole focus is keeping the hanger in contact with my right forearm throughout the swing. If the wrist cups, you'll lose contact between hangar/forearm. Not really a diehard fan of this one though b/c I've found that the plastic hangars are incredibly clunky and completely change my feel of the club, and the thin/metal ones tear my fingers up. I'm sure there are training aids out there that I just have yet to search for. It's been a struggle to change since I'm so used to naturally cupping that wrist. The past few weeks I've hit the reset button during my practice sessions going back to 1/2 and 3/4 swings with TONS of slow-motion practice takeaways & swings. I've still been finding it tough to execute the motion when actually hitting a ball, so the 1/2 and 3/4 swings help in that sense...along with even pausing before the downswing to A) make sure the wrist is flat/bowed and B) let myself learn/feel that I CAN make contact from that position haha. First 4 or 5 range sessions this way were tough to get through, but am starting to see some progress in ball flight and comfort. To mirror @DaveP043...I'm certainly no instructor. Although, once I became willing to hit/accept some ugly looking shots at the range I was able to hone-in on working toward that one specific change. Good luck with it!
  10. Most "Heroic" Shot You Have Made

    Every time my ball is used in a scramble, I consider it a heroic effort . But seriously...I holed-out a wedge for an albatross years ago in a bachelor-party scramble. The groom-to-be scooped me up and carried me all the way to the green haha. We used a "skirt" to hit from the red tee's on the short par 5, but it still counted as a "2". That was fun!
  11. I've created a way to build a golf swing!!!!!

    No problem...no offense taken, Sir. Best of luck with what you're working on.
  12. I've created a way to build a golf swing!!!!!

    Nice to meet you. I just thought maybe, have you tied this, or perhaps this is something you've overlooked. No that's not the feedback. Like I said in another post. I'll be posting but I'm not spending time defending "critique ", you own the site so this is your house. I'll be respectful and apologize for any unfounded remarks. "Pot meet kettle" is an expression used to advise someone they're being hypocritical...i.e. telling @iacas to find another way to feed his ego while in the midst of pushing some sort of self-created/revolutionary golf swing. Whether seeking praise, confirmation, or hoping people adopt it for themselves and say "man, you were right"...it's ego-boosting behavior. Made no mention of your philosophy because I'm in no position to make swing suggestions to anyone, and frankly don't care how you decide to get the ball in the hole. As long as you respect and enjoy the game (and the people who play it), have at it.
  13. Accidentally hitting into people...

    We almost had a major incident in a scramble this past weekend with accidentally hitting into the group in front of us. I apologize in advance for the lengthy post as it's a bit of a vent-session since I'm still running kinda hot. Began on the 5th hole when our bomber just destroyed a ball on a medium length, blind dog leg par 4...wound up 10 yards short of the fringe. We had not seen a group in front of us at all to that point, but saw a cart drive around the dog leg and wave...shoot, our bad. We drove up immediately to apologize and they laughed, said no worries, and gave our guy a fist bump for such a great shot. At this point, we slowed down so as not to be on their tail. Didn't see them again until the drivable par-4 13th. They were clearing the green as we reached the tee box, let them get completely out of the area and we fired away...no problems. By the par-3 14th, they were gone...having already tee'd off the 15th. We finally get to 15, a blind up & down & up par 4. Having not seen them in at least 20 minutes, we played away. I hit 3rd in our group and piped a beauty right down the middle only to hear top-of-your-lungs screaming coming from out in front of us. Apparently they were still at the bottom of the hill pitching up onto the green. One guy drove his cart back to the top of the hill and just let out some sort of tirade that we could barely understand, which is when we realized how hammered they were. Couldn't believe they were still down there, but waited a good 10 mins before our 4th played. They were still on the green as we finally drove over the hill to my ball. Before we could even attempt an apology to say we had no clue they were anywhere near us (given the previous few holes), two of their guys were hollering every four letter word and name-call possible at us...claiming it's the 3rd F-ing time (which was BS) etc etc. Of course we hollered back sorry, twice, and when they continued to berate us from the top of the hill we snapped right back at them. Ultimately they drove off to the next tee screaming "we'll see you M-Fers again" yada yada. We calmed down, but played the last 3 holes right on their tail. The next few holes visually confirmed how drunk they were...happy gilmore shots, falling down from swinging, taking extra shots in a no-mulligan scramble. We wound up being the first group to finish, and decided to just leave altogether rather than stay for the dinner. We knew there was no way nothing would be said and/or started when they came in and decided to diffuse the situation entirely. Talked to the person running the tourney (whom we know fairly well), let him know why we're leaving early...and he really appreciated the mature decision. Sounds like this was a group who no one really knew, and was clearly enjoying the swing lube. All said and done, I suppose we should have driven out 200 yards from that tee to check the bottom of the hill...there aren't any bells to ring to signal all clear. I felt awful having been the one to hit the shot and was ready to offer them all rounds at the bar after, but that faded fairly quickly after experiencing their drunken behavior, reaction, etc when we tried to clear the air and explain how it occurred from our vantage point. We're all avid golfers and would never intentionally hit into someone for any reason whatsoever. We were bummed to skip the dinner, but all agreed it was a very good decision. Just an unfortunate end to what was an overall good day.
  14. 2017 Travelers Championship

    Nice, glad you guys enjoyed it...great dogs. I was kicking myself for not going yesterday, but still awesome to watch on TV.