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  1. Awesome final round...could watch that swing on repeat all day. Now that he's earned his exemption, we'll get a chance to.
  2. Really focused on not letting that trail elbow get too far behind during this week's range-work. The exaggerated move in my slow repetitions has been to feel like my elbows/forearms are pinned together through the backswing and at the top. After a handful of hosel rockets, I've seen some decent, albeit incremental, steepness improvements...and it's actually helped to square the face a little more at the top. I let a few rip to finish off today's batch, with most flying within my imaginary fairway and dropping with a little cut in gusty right-to-left wind.
  3. I use a very similar approach with the goal of getting the ball rolling like a putt as soon as possible for most shots in the near-green-in-regulation range. Focusing on the same swing-effort helps me with more consistent "sweet spot" impact, and regular practice lets me know how far each club flies-&-rolls. I struggle with soft, high, finesse shots, and try to avoid those situations at all costs (i.e. leaving myself behind a bunker).
  4. Been a few years since I played there, but if my memory is correct I think one or two of Tiger Tees forced you to play across the main driveway. Fun course that I'd love to play again. Longest par 3 for me was the 8th at Tower Ridge in Farmington, CT. 245-ish but with a very elevated tee and a lot of helping-slope around the green to funnel shots in the right direction.
  5. Thanks for the feedback, @billchao. Good insight.
  6. I've noticed that before, but never given it much thought. I was actually checking out your Swing Thread earlier, and it looks like you're also working on steep vs. shallow...I'm jealous of your backyard set-up! I made a mistake taking that single lesson a couple weeks ago as I just picked a random instructor who was close by without doing any research. Instead of leaving with one key to improve upon, I'm now "supposed to": hinge the club earlier, get the hands high like Justin Thomas, keep my weight on the inner-half of my back foot, initiate downswing with hip & torso turn, all while getting the arms/hands/handle moving in-&-around after contact 🤪.
  7. I don't know why I naturally steepen the shaft as I start down. I thought I understood what the move is supposed to feel/look like, but not much seems to be taking hold once I move from slow, repetitive rehearsals to an actual swing. I'm seeing straight-pulls, pull-slices, and weak fades that progressively become full-on slices with longer clubs. Could use a little help as I'm starting to get discouraged. Short-swing effort is not much different: Even when making an effort to "feel" flatter:
  8. Why you're taking pot-shots at when I'm able to get out and play is beyond me. I wouldn't expect such pettiness from a long-time forum member...but you do you, bud. Hit 'em straight.
  9. I've been taking pilates and yoga classes all Winter. Since starting again at the range a few weeks ago, I haven't felt one bit of tightness/soreness...even swinging on back-to-back days. Fingers crossed it continues that way, but I'm pumped to physically-feel the best I have in a few years!
  10. Very. Finding out the tee sheet is completely full for tomorrow really rubbed salt in the wound.
  11. 5am wake-up, shower, get ready for hour-long drive to the season's first 7am tee time with buddies I haven't seen in months...walk outside to 15 degree windchill and half an inch of snow.
  12. Went for a tune-up lesson this week...figured it was better than beating balls with no clear direction. We worked on using the body to turn my arms through the ball (rather than my hands). This should help to naturally shallow-out the downswing over time, get the handle moving around rather than out-&-up, and improve my impact position. I threw a glove under my trail elbow at the range today to stay connected through the swing. Not sure why the video turned grainy on Vimeo. I'll have to try a different camera next time.
  13. 1st clip is what I've been working on for the majority of my range sessions to get away from "stubborn steepness" habits that have taken hold again after not playing for an extended period of time. 2nd clip is a very modified full-swing attempt. To say it feels like an unfolded lawn chair is an understatement. It's going to take a lot of commitment to get back to where I was circa 2017.
  14. Agreed. I voted "Money" and viewed it from the perspective of a novice. The number of $8-$10 range buckets one would need to buy to even get the ball airborne on a regular basis strikes me as deterring issue, never mind becoming mildly competent enough to enjoy a round on the course (enjoy the actual golf...not just a 4-hour drinking party, which I've seen a-plenty).
  15. Hey all, long time! A lot of changes over the last year and a half: - Got engaged...wedding is in May and coming up quickly! - became an uncle - moved twice - enrolled in a full-time MBA program to study Supply Chain Management and Business Analytics - started doing Pilates (personal opinion, but I would recommend anyone with back issues to consider it) Unfortunately, all things golf (and SandTrap forums) fell on the wrong side of the time-management ax. However, things have settled down so I'm finally able to get back into it ...can't wait. Looking forward to reconnecting with you guys and hitting the reset button on my swing progress.
  16. My goal this year is purely mental: Never give up on a round, no matter how poorly it may be going at any given time. To accomplish this goal, I'll need to improve my focus, commit myself to the "next shot" mentality, and try to take/create positives from poor shots, stretches, etc. I'll also need to develop a "go-to" shot type that I can rely on when my A-game isn't there. Over my first couple rounds so far, I've found that a choked down, 3/4 swing with more club produces a low & tight draw that helps regain the feel of hitting it solid...will continue experimenting with this.
  17. The only driving range encounter that legitimately pissed me off was having a guy next to me ask for some of my range balls after his were gone. A polite or courteous ask wouldn't have bothered me, but that wasn't the case. As I was working on a drill (with earbuds in listening to music), I heard this guy going "Hey Jimmy...Johnny? Steve? Mike!?" getting progressively louder with each name trying to get my attention by guessing my name I suppose. I finally gave him a "What's up?" nod, and he asks if he can have one of my balls to "end on a good one." Rude? Yes. Big deal? Not really, so I chip one over to him...naturally he flubs it. Then he turns right back around and says "Hey buddy let me try another one." No chance, dude...I just mockingly laughed, telling him the previous ball is well within walking distance and to go get that one if he needs another swing. On the way home (in a true George Costanza moment) I wished I would have just silently walked to that flubbed ball and chipped it back to him haha. Swing advice, noise, etc doesn't bother me on the range, however I never have time for blatantly rude people.
  18. This x 100...we'd get along pretty well. Playing a few weeks ago with my group, we're at a point on the course where two tee boxes are right next to each other to the point where we can easily hear the other group near us. One of their players lets one rip with his driver followed immediately by a loud "CRACK!" and an even louder "F@&K!"...only to be perfectly summed up by his buddy who chimed in: "That'll play nicely..." Man, we were in stitches laughing at that one. The guy who hit the shot didn't acknowledge us, but the comic did with a big smile and thumbs up haha.
  19. Welp, another year and another Paskin Challenge in the books with a 3rd straight victory for your truly! We included our other 2 buddies this time, so we changed it from 36-hole match play to 36-hole net stroke play. The Giraffe of Shame was actually decided after the first 18 as the best player of the four of us had a tough first round and decided to go home rather than go around again...so he's getting some extra shame with an official "DNF" haha. With 4 of us now playing, we decided to order a championship belt for the overall winner to take home. Can't wait to sport that thing during our next round as my entire game just clicked over the weekend and I blew the doors off those guys for the first time all year! I'll post a picture when it comes in . P.S. - didn't want to start a new thread for this but apologize for bumping an old one here.
  20. Welp, I also shot 80 yesterday and came up one revolution short on the 18th to break it. Suppose it could've been the 2-footer I missed on #1 as well haha. Still my best round of the year, so I've got that goin' for me.
  21. Know the feeling! Went off at 6:00 yesterday morning and we all hit provisional balls as a "just in case" since we couldn't see anything once the ball left the tee...this was my first Summer-slipping-away feeling.
  22. First time in 3 years I won't be attending, but will certainly catch the tv coverage. Love going back and forth between 17 fairway/green to watch the down-hill approaches, then heading over to 18-tee to see the bombers take it over the center-fairway traps...fun course to walk around (perhaps a little biased as it's the only PGA tour event I've been to). Can't remember if this was last year or the year before, but we were hanging out just off the 8th green as Spieth was evaluating a putt just a few yards away from us. My girlfriend (bless her heart) blurted out "Wow, he looks way cuter with a hat on." He didn't turn around so I couldn't see his face, but he definitely had a little "hitch" as though he started to turn and look but stopped himself haha. Meanwhile, I was already like:
  23. It's been a couple months since I updated this thread, so figured I'd get my thoughts down (though no video to share today). I've been working hard on the suggestions made by @mchepp above, and have finally started to see some small, but positive, results. Outside of the occasional straight block/push left (usually when my tempo is a bit rushed), I've been able to eliminate the devastating misses left. This is good progress for me, especially at my home course where all the OB is located down the left side on many holes. My solid shots have become towering draws, with the misses being hooked or pull-hooked to the right. I'm still toiling in the upper 80's which has ticked my handicap upward, but it's better than the string of 90's I had going. Over the next 6-8 weeks, I plan on taking a break from full-swing work at the range. I've been going hard at it since January, and feel kind of mentally beat-up from it. I want to take this time to work more on my short game & wedge play, and try to find some feeling of comfort with the swing I have right now leading up to my annual 45-hole tournament at the end of September...i.e. just playing golf rather than playing "golf swing." It's been a mental struggle recently to separate the two. After the tournament, I'm pretty much sold on signing up with Evolvr to continue working on swing mechanics through the Fall/Winter months.
  24. To be fair, she has a point. I suppose it also applies well to golf.
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