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  1. Theres some golf club with a grip where you need to put your grip in a certain position, the fingers are already grooved. not sure how much stock I would put into it though
  2. Rib fracture

    Update for those wondering and for those poor souls who will break their rib and read this in the future. Ended up playing a full round of 18 yesterday, shot a few over my index, but otherwise very solid ball striking and hit a lot of fairways off the tee. I think I'm at 13 weeks now and I basically feel no pain.
  3. Rib fracture

    I haven't been playing but just because of my schedule. I'm actually about to go play a little executive course in about an hour or so. I feel pretty confident because it never hurts in the gym anymore. I hope you feel 100% soon, try to give it more rest than you think it needs. Also make sure you are getting proper nutrients, someone with a broken bone may want to look into bone supplements because of the need for additional calcium. I took this pill called bone restore or something to make sure I got an adequate amount of vitamin D, calcium, etc
  4. Haha way to go! I'm coming off a broken rib and got cleared to play, just waiting until finals and graduation is over. Really glad to hear I was able to help. I mostly use it without a ball to just get the feeling. Slow motion a lot too to feel what it's like to store the lag into the ball. Again, glad it worked!
  5. Rib fracture

    Went to the range today hit about 70 balls. Felt pretty good, even hit the driver. Felt a little sore at the end so I stopped there and am icing it now. I hope it's not like this forever, I hate thinking about it. I'm confused if I should keep going or just put it on hold till I don't feel that tight feeling.
  6. Rib fracture

    I'm glad to hear you are doing better as well. I have began taking a bone supplement (calcium, vitamin D, etc) recently along with my multi vitamin pack. I think I'm sore from the gym, I've began my routine again along with abs. I feel a little soreness there but based on what my doctor says I feel like there's no point of stopping because he said where it's at now it's not going to get screwed up from working out and things in that realm. For the most part in the gym I'm doing everything I once was with no problems, maybe I'll feel it for a second but that's it. My friends want to play tomorrow, I'm considering it because it seems it'll be a little sore when I hit balls but completely fine when I get back in the car and go home which is the opposite of what used to happen. The pain used to build day by day after I would play golf (before I was aware of the fracture). Man oh man I can't wait to never talk about this again, what a pain. I wish you the best of luck with healing. And you are spot on about that last 5-10% because I'd place myself at 90+% right now but just having a hard time getting to that 100%. I'm hoping that happens within the next 3 or so weeks (12 total), I would be happy with that.
  7. Rib fracture

    A little bit of soreness this week (week 8 going into 9). Nothing major, but I put golf on hold for this week. How long does it typically stay sore for after its "healed" in your experiences? I'm hoping to not feel anything by week 12.
  8. Its pretty cool that you felt that (where the club face is). I'm not sure if I can attribute that to the grip for myself, but I know the game has gotten a lot easier for me now that I have a connection with the club face as well as a club face that's not really moving a whole lot. I'm coming off an injury, but my index has been trending down as I connect with my club face. I hope you're feeling the weight as much as you can as well because I think one function of a good grip is to be able to feel the weight of the club head throughout the swing. If you've "cured your slice" you can start going to that next phase of hitting draws/fades/low/high/etc with at least some command. A neutral grip will allow you to do that best all things equal IMO. When my grip was strong I just hit draws or hooks, I have a fuller shot selection now that's executable and I'm excited to see if I can lower my hdcp this year with it. Good luck to you and I hope you find the swingyde as helpful as I found/find it. Make sure it aligns with your club face in a neutral way at address so you're not engraining say always being closed/open. Watch the video and read the guide, you just want to get the feel of "L to L" at least as well as visualize how the release puts your club in a similar position as your backswing as far as the L to L portion of the swing is concerned. The picture below, his swingyde would be perfectly connected at both of those positions. It's possible to make a homemade one but oh well
  9. I can agree with that. Although I will say I see people fight slices for a long time, bandage it with a really strong grip and then kind of never leave that grip. I saw his club face as shut at the top but after re-watching it looks like it could be the angle, plus on the downswing it doesn't look super closed at all. I mean I guess anecdotal but I personally used to slice at higher indexs, worked it out, and now I play the grip pictured above and it's extremely rare that I would slice now. Not at all saying oh he should do that too, just trying to add some perspective.
  10. Rib fracture

    Believe it or not my woods didn't feel any different than my irons. I had my Zepp monitor thing on my glove and I built up to my typical driver SS with no problem really, I also had a plastic tee and was treating it as if there was a ball there (backyard, no net). The heavy rough thing I'm going to be careful about, especially the places I like to play. I think I'm planning on playing my first full round in mid May or so (12 weeks from injury). Based on how I feel right now I suspect I should be pretty close to 100% if not 100% by then. Well I hope at least.
  11. Rib fracture

    I could have hit both today, I just back off when I get sore. As soon as I'm done I don't feel it anymore so it's definitely possible to hit those clubs because the result is the same anyway. I swung my driver and 3w in the backyard today at my normal tempo and felt fine. Right now I'm really just trying to get back into golf shape since I play at least 36 a week plus range time. This year I think I'm going to cut down on range time, I feel like I get the same amount of work done in front of a mirror anyway.
  12. Rib fracture

    Hit ~50 balls today, started at my 60* and worked up to my 6i, very pure. I felt some tightness there and discomfort when I took a deep breath so I pitched a few more and left. Funny thing is right now I feel nothing which I would imagine is a good sign. It takes a little while for it to get tight there, probably 30 balls or so and then I usually shut it down (today I went to 50). I feel like I'm getting close to being able to play again, I would think another 3 or so weeks should take care of it. I hope that another month or so will do the trick because even though it doesn't hurt after I'm done at the range, I'm weary of "playing through" pain. I don't think that I really need to be spending a lot of time on the range, I just want to get back on the course.
  13. Rib fracture

    Part of me feels that I shouldn't be playing any golf until I get to the point where this feels like it never happened. I have a mental hurdle right now where I feel like it's going to hurt but it doesn't and I feel like I'm not really accomplishing anything by practing like that. Im at 8 weeks now so I'm hoping another 4 will put this to rest. I took the last week off PT because I was busy but I think we were going to start doing some golf related stuff there and they were going to analyze my swing to see if we can prevent this going forward. I think what happened was that I had a stress fracture from overuse that turned into a more distinct fracture this year cuz I jumped right back into my routine after winter and ignored my body which was dumb because the area was sore, I could have prevented it. Based on where I'm at right now (generally pain free, random aching, back in the gym) do you think another 4 weeks (12 total) should do it? Also I noticed you said to ease into it so I guess I should play a little at PT, part of me was planning on not even analyzing my swing until I'm 100% because of the mental aspect of not wanting to hit down on the ball.
  14. Help! Shorten my back swing!

    Sorry for getting off topic regarding the backswing by the way lol It's all just preference like everything I guess. I would prefer for his club to be more over his right shoulder at the top of his backswing (there's a line from the net there in the photo above) and shallow as he begins downswing.
  15. Help! Shorten my back swing!

    Topping the ball is a good sign as far as a steeper backswing is concerned, now you have to rotate and go down and get the ball. I first made the switch when I saw the "A swing" and realized Leadbetter was onto something about the more vertical backswing. The video I posted before, that guy (GG Swingtips) has his own version of this, check him out on Instagram if you can. My swing now (well maybe not this very second, sidelined due to injury) goes above the shaft plane line on the backswing and falls back onto plane as I rotate. I now have a steep backswing, and rotate on the downswing instead of "bump my hips" if that makes sense. I aim for my left leg to be on the same line in a way as is was at address to create more centrifugal force by using the ground on the downswing. Really tough to describe on my phone on a forum. If you were to look at say Sadlowski's swing and draw lines on his legs at address you'll notice he doesn't move his left leg beyond the line it's at from address, rather he rotates using the force he builds from the ground up. I feel there's a correlation between that and him being the longest in the world.