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  1. When he stops complaining every time he gets touched I'll stop saying it, until then it is never false. Even when he goes in for a fight, which has happened twice in his "illustrious" career, all he does is bear hug the other guy. And your pens get the most favorable treatment from the refs in the league. If Kunitz was on any other team he would have gotten a fine and suspension for the hit he put on Timmonen in Game 3.
  2. Yea, it seems very foreign to me when the pros don't tee up their woods on the tee box and often take a small divot with their swing. Anytime I take a divot with a 3w or 5w it typically has a negative effect on the overall shot.
  3. I completely agree. Often times I feel as though I am playing much better than my score indicates. Especially when compared to my golf buddies. However they always tend to be a few strokes better than me when we add it all up. I am convinced they are cheating, there is no other explanation, haha.
  4. San Jose consistently chokes when the playoffs role around. They don't have the staying power when the "2nd season" starts. It's like clockwork. Detroit is by far the best team in the league. You can't go down when you bring back nearly every player from a Stanley Cup winning team and add the best free agent (Hossa) on the market this past offseason. The idea that there are hockey markets and non-hockey markets is true, but the lack of hockey fans in the U.S. is largely due to a lack of knowledge when it comes to the game. Kids don't grow up playing the game or watching it with their parents so they are not accustomed to just turning it on to check out the game much like basketball and baseball are staples of "american past-time". I wish it was different but it the definition of a niche sport these days. Not to mention the 2 "faces of the sport" are 1.a cry-baby, Crosby, and 2. a showman more than a hockey player.
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