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  1. I'm running Ubuntu; so it's not terribly far from OS X (both built off Unix and I can customize Ubuntu to look almost exactly like Leopard) OS X will also run just fine on the Mini 9, I just haven't felt like spending the time backing up files and installing a new OS
  2. It's going to be a while before I buy another Apple product. I bought a Macbook Air and was in love with it. One day the hinges broke. This day was a week after the warranty expired. I Googled around and apparently an extremely substantial amount of people have had this problem with the Air. It's absolutely a manufacturing defect. Apple refused to repair the hinges and even required me to pay $800 to replace the entire monitor... I walked out and have been using a $400 Dell Mini9 ever since :) I'd like a new Mac, but I'm pretty good at holding grudges
  3. I probably would get more done at work normally, but home is definitely more productive at the moment. Our company got acquired a little under a year ago and a LOT of employment and operations changes have been made. There isn't much morale or desire to perform around the office; so we goof off much more than we really should. I probably spend 2 hours every day playing basketball with a little plush ball and a plastic hoop we taped up to the wall, lol...
  4. No, but I am working from home tomorrow so I can watch while I work :D
  5. Today I had a 20-or-so foot putt that just baaaaarely missed the cup at a really nice speed. Right behind the cup... a drop off. I went from almost sinking a 20 footer to 3 putting :(
  6. I cannot BELIEVE I am the only person who's mentioned the Hogan Apex Edges!
  7. lol, why on Earth would you do that! He's coooooooooonstantly in the top 10!
  8. I'm bias, but I think the Ben Hogan Apex Edges are gorgeous http://images.google.com/images?gbv=...x+edge&spell;=1
  9. I don't know how correct this is. It seems to me that putting the ball back in your stance is compensating for not hitting down on the ball properly. If you impact the ball with your hands in front of the club (and havent dropped your right (back) shoulder), you should be able to effortlessly hit down on the ball with the ball in the middle of your stance. I think putting the ball back in your stance is compensating for having a scoop swing that bottoms out in the middle of you stance. If a snap shot of you at address and at impact looks anything alike, you're not hitting the ball correctl
  10. He's been playing fantastic all year. I wonder how many people had him for their fantasy picks
  11. I could have used an extra glove today. Mine got soaked in the rain and was slipping everywhere :(
  12. Right now I hardly put any effort at all... probably 50%. I almost broke 100 today (4th time on a 18-hole, non par-3 golf course :D) and it's all because I just relaxed and took it easy. The last 3 times the length of the course has felt daunting from usually playing par-3 courses; so I swung too hard and fell apart. Nice and easy shaved off 22 strokes from my first time on 18 :D
  13. I should also note that the forward weight transfer should help you not drop your right (back) shoulder
  14. I think if youll just pay attention to keeping your hands in front of the clubhead and ball youll naturally do some of the things you're supposed to. I was a caster and the biggest leap in my iron game came when my instructor said to pay attention to keeping my hands in front of the clubhead through the ball. This pretty much guarantees my divot will be in front of the ball and that I will be hitting down. It also naturally pulled me forward so my weight was on my left (front) leg, my left arm was parallel to that leg and the clubhead and ball were behind (middle of stance). I almost compl
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