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  1. anyone? I need to make reservations, THANKS!
  2. I'm going down to Myrtle next weekend with 3 hacker buddies. The goal of the trip is kind of as cheap as possible. That being said, the package lets us pick from the following courses without surcharge: Recommended Courses (available at no additional charge) - I need two from the first category, and one from the after 12 category. Thoughts? Sea Trail - Byrd Sea Trail - Maples Sea Trail - Jones Meadowlands Diamond Back Indigo Creek Wicked Stick After 12:00 Aberdeen Arcadian Shores Carolina National Myrtle Beach National (S&W;) Possum Trot River Hills Waterway Hills
  3. Hard to tell what autographs are "worth" per se. Not to be flip, but they are generally worth whatever someone pays for them. You might want to do a google search on PSA. They are a trading card grading service that has expanded to autograph authentication, thereby making an "authenicated" autograph much more valuable to those in the know.
  4. Everyone in my wife's family knows to get me Golf Galaxy gift cards for a new set of irons. Hopefully, I won't be out of pocket too much when I go to purchase. After all, I've been good this year.
  5. I almost always exchange business cards with "strangers" if I enjoyed playing with them. I don't have a regular group so if my other golf buddy is busy, I'm off on my own. I enjoy playing by myself, but I have a good time with others. I snuck out last week, exchanged cards and got a nice fee out of it because the guy knew I was a lawyer and a nice guy. Just turned out that one of his friends asked him for a recommendation for a lawyer the next day. You just never know who you'll meet.
  6. paid 399 for my taylor made r7 460 this summer. had a large gift card for my bday and i got a free TM hybrid, but still. that's a lot of bank.
  7. Stina Sternberg bio and pics for "Golf with Style" http://www.thegolfchannel.com/20137/
  8. Ask Santa for a set of lessons for Xmas. It will be the best Xmas gift you ever received when you start playing the correct way from the beginning! Good luck!
  9. Really? I always heard good things about Fred Funk. If he's a douche, I blame his connection with U of Maryland. Fear the Turtle my tush.
  10. Was able to clear my schedule today and skip out for 18. Played River's Bend Golf Course in Chester, VA today for the first time. Shot a personal best 83 on a par 71. I made the turn at 39 and foolishly thought about breaking 80. Back nine I played more like myself. I was just throwing darts with my irons and I hit 9 GIR which is very high for me. Not sure how long the weather will allow me to keep playing, but I'm playing some of my best golf of the year. Read Bob Rotella's Putting Out of Your Mind over Tgiving break, maybe that has something to do with it. I was certainly more comfortable standing over the ball today on the greens.
  11. Why stop? Isn't that why they created jackets and cart heaters? ...He says as it's in the high 60s this week...
  12. Forget Tilghman, the hottest chica on TGC is Stina Sternberg on Golf With Style. Woman can wear a sleeveless shirt.
  13. Shot a 90 at the Reading County Club in Reading, PA today. At the in-laws for the holiday and the girls went shopping. So I brought out the clubs. Very tight, small greens, and fun course to play with lots of elevated greens and elevation changes. A course where a little bit of local knowledge would have saved me some strokes...
  14. In case you were wondering, tops on my Xmas list this year are gift cards to Golf Galaxy for my new set of irons fund. That being said, I'm trying to narrow down my selections from the offerings of Taylor Made, Calloway, Ping, Titleist and Mizuno. At a 15 handicap, blades aren't really an option, but I'd like more workability than the super, ultra game improvement irons. Price isn't really a consideration (which is nice for once!). So I turn to you, learned sandtrap forum member, H-E-L-P!
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