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  1. After shooting 90 on the nose last week, I played yesterday and hit the magical 89! Rancocas Country Club in Willingboro, NJ. Middle tees, 6144 yards, rating of 70, slope is 124. No mulligans, played everything where it lied and putted out. I still hit 38 putts, so I need to bring that down. Driver was fantastic all day.
  2. bubdifab

    What to do?

    I think that I would be alright with that, lol. I hit that and the Diablo, and to be honest I thought the Diablo felt a little better. I am already preparing...
  3. bubdifab

    What to do?

    When it happened at the range I wanted to walk out and get it and the people hitting at the range stopped and were going to let me go, but for insurance reasons I was not allowed to go get it. Why one of them couldnt go out I dont know, but I go to this place all the time as it is literally right across the street from my condo and dont want to start problems and have to drive 15 minutes to the next closest range. The scratches were caused by the club repeatedly hitting the turf, and can not be cleaned off. The range picker did not run over the head. If that had happened, then those people would be taking care of this for me. Ok so heres what happened at Golfsmith. I went into the store with my clubhead in one hand and shaft in the other and asked for the manager. He came up to me and didnt really need to ask what was wrong. I showed him and he said he would make sure "i was taken care of". No I was getting a little more upset the more I thought about how beat up my club looked. So i am taken into the back to see the club supervisor who was a cool guy (hes not the guy that reshafted my club, that guy was not in). What he said was that it is difficult to reshaft Callaway drivers because some of them need a ferrule sleeve to make sure the club is firmly reattached and it is basically a third party sleeve they use. I told him I understood and that the clubhead being scratched is what I was upset about, since I take very good care of my clubs, and aesthetically it looked terrible not to mention it bounced 100 yards down a turf covered concrete range, so who knows what else could be wrong. I went in pretty calm (I used to be a hothead but found out to use it as a last resort because sometimes the right thing happens and you dont have to get out of control, but to have it in my back pocket is a nice thing sometimes) and he basically said he wanted to take it step by step, get the shaft put back on and they will mail it to me (i live an hour away which was another problem I expressed). If I am still not pleased, if the club isnt performing right, or if this happens again, I will get a new club. I will definitely be taken care of when I come back into the store, for the trouble regardless of the outcome. I really like the club and shaft combo, but they dont make the ft-3 anymore and since I am lefty it just makes it more of a pain.
  4. bubdifab

    What to do?

    So I got my driver resahfted 2 weeks ago at a golfsmith thats about an hour away from my house (closest one to me and right near my hometown where my family lives). $100 for the shaft grip and install. I played a couple rounds no problem, everything was fine. I was at the range on Wednesday and on my second swing with the driver, the clubhead popped off of the shaft. There was no break, it was a clean separation of the head and the shaft. The shaft is in perfect condition, it looks like it just wasnt put on correctly. The clubhead rolled about 100 yards down range. I had to wait a day to get the clubhead back, until they sent someone out to pick it up. When I got it back, the head is scratched up big time, and I am pretty pissed about it. I will be going back to the store today, and going straight to the manager. I got it reshafted just two weeks ago. I am newer into golf so I am not too familiar, but I can only assume stuff like this doesnt happen very often with a new shaft having been recently put on by a "professional". Not to mention my clubhead, which I take great care of all of my clubs, looks terrible. Obviously they should reattach the shaft at no charge, but I dont feel that is enough, considering the scratches on the clubhead. I do not know if the integrity of the club was compromised either. I bought the club brand new in January '09. What would you do?
  5. I figured it had something to so with the loft. how about shaft length? would that make any difference?
  6. shaft on driver is Aldila NV 65 .350 Stiff flex shaft on 3-wood is Aldila NV-H 70 Regular flex I literally just got the stiff shaft put on the other day. I went to the range and I hit it well, but I definitely will slice my share of balls.
  7. Derek seems like a major league douche. He is way too cocky. Brian is too, I just think he is a perfectionist, with the whole grass throwing. Eugene seemed like a nice guy but doesnt seem like he has the tenacity to win it. The Irish chick seems like she will go the farthest for the women, and the men its tough to say. Derek is good, but I personally want him to lose.
  8. check out "the elements of scoring" by Ray Floyd. Talks exactly about what you are saying. Interesting book so far, I havent yet completed it.
  9. Forgive me if this has been asked before, I am new to the forum. If there is a link to my question, just paste it and delete the thread. I am newer to the game in the sense that now I am taking it seriously. I played baseball for 20 years, so I am adapting quickly to hitting correct shots and practicing as much as I can. One thing that is killing me is my driver. I always seem to slice it or fade. My 3-wood however is a different story. I hit it straight almost every time I swing it, or I have a tiny fade to it, but it is always playable. Distance is consistent 220-240. Shouldnt the swing planes be the same between the two?
  10. My best deal was my iron set. Hogan Apex Edge CFT full set, 3/4 hybrid, graphite stiff shaft. brand new in box, ebay winning bid was $110.00 plus shipping.
  11. I am curious to see, because I have a similar problem. I can hit my driver straight every once in a while, usually a fade or slice. I have a 3 wood that I hit dead straight, every single time about 230. I cant figure out what my deal is.
  12. I have played baseball for 20 years, and this is the first year I am taking golf seriously. Right now I shoot in the mid-high nineties. My goals for 09 are as follows: 1. Break 90 2. putt low-mid thirties / 18 3. Be more consistent with my drives
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