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  1. A couple of memories from a recent visit to Brora in Scotland. More here sunstonelinks.scot/blog Studied at Stirling Uni so also have fond memories.
  2. I picked mid par 3s. But for me it is really the classic links par 3s such as the 4th at Turnberry, 13th at Muirfield, 2nd at Royal Dornoch or 15th (Reddan) at North Berwick. This could be a long list!
  3. Two pictures to kick off. One from a brief visit to Royal Troon earlier this week. This looks across the par 5 16th. The rough looks well set for the Open Championship in July. The other is of the 13th Green at Royal Dornoch from my first game there of the year just a couple of weeks ago.
  4. I love hitting long irons well. There is no feeling like it in golf. I also play a lot of links golf and the flight from a 2 or 3 iron is just beautiful from the crisp turf. I did need to order both 2 and 3 iron as specials for my current set so a little extra cost. But the price for both is less than one new hybrid. I also have all my old clubs including an original Ping Rail 1 iron, one of the classic clubs ever made. Still take it to the range and hit a few for old times sake.