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  1. Rib fracture

    Glad alls going well with you. Have a good round. Thanks for the wise words, exactly the advice I need, am so keen to get back into it but need to take it easy like you say. starting a calcium vit d supplement tomorrow as dr says I have low bone density which might be why the ribs break so easily in the first place. Have a golf holiday to France in 3 weeks so aiming to be fit and well by then!
  2. Rib fracture

    Hi Emtee, how you getting on now? Hopefully you're fully back into playing regularly again? Im 6 weeks post break and managed a 30 ball range trip yesterday eve.. Only wedges to 8i but felt OK.. Little bit sore today but will try again Friday.
  3. Rib fracture

    Hi Emtee, good to see an update on your progress. Sorry you're had a set back this week though. Maybe the soreness telling you you've slightly overdone it, but it should adapt and become stronger. Obviously everyone is slightly different but there could be the odd bit of soreness for a little while still. My break last year was generally ok after 12 weeks, didn't affect my golf swing is how I'm judging it I suppose, but that last 5-10% does take a while. once you've healed (which it sounds like you've pretty much done) your bone will slowly remodel itself over the coming months and adapt to the stresses placed upon it. I hope you can get to a stage soon where you can comfortably play golf without feeling it. It will improve. im two weeks following the new break and feels like healing is going well, first day today with no pain killers and have been piling in the food and milk! plan to start lower body gym work this weekend.
  4. Rib fracture

    Sounds like good progress, you're doing it the right way and backing off when it gets sore. Hopefully you make the 5 or 4i next week. Best of luck!
  5. Rib fracture

    Yea Doc is sending me for some further tests to see if there's an underlying condition to cause my breaks, as you say an ab rollout shouldn't cause it to break .fingers crossed it was just a freak occurrence. Yes, broke other rib last July 2015 and It was pretty much 100% by Dec. It's fine now too and prior to the break last week could do all sorts of activities, golf, all gym work, chopping trees, swimming etc. obviously you need to trust your instinct and your doctors opinion. I too was very cautious first time round at the 8/9 week mark but my doc said it was healed and not to worry too much as long as wasn't doing dangerous activities. If you have health insurance or can afford it get an ultrasound scan which will show how the fracture looks it should be a smooth line (or possibly have a bump from extra healing callus).. Not sure if you hurt your rib on the right or left but if it's on the side of you bottom hand (golf grip) you'll have some compression in your down swing which might make it a little sore for a while.
  6. Rib fracture

    Randomly it just snapped when I was at the gym doing ab roll outs, won't be trying those again for a while!! (Ever!) Was surprised the old break didnt give way but Doc reckons that break is now fully healed and probably stronger than it was before. If you don't feel right then just give it some more time. You'll prob have a bit of lingering soreness for a while still even if the fracture has healed, I think new bone does take a few months more to become properly strong. maybe just gradually build it up at the range like you've tried already. Good luck.
  7. Rib fracture

    Glad to hear you are recovering well. Thought I'd share my experience as it may help people in similar situation. I broke a rib (4th anterior) last year (and just broke the opposite side same rib last week)! Last year it took 8 weeks before I played first round of golf. At that point was only swinging 70% as more than that would hurt. No more than a rescue club. Build up slowly and if it's sore dial the power back. It was probably another month after that (12 weeks total) before I was swinging almost full power and not worrying about the break. In terms of rehab I started stationary cycling and lower body machines after a few weeks, and after 4-5 weeks tested the healing gently with an on-knees press-up. Ouch, only managed 2 but was sore so stopped, gradually built this up along with gentle stretching and bands work to help the supporting intercostals. Main thing is to listen to your body and if it hurts back off. If not then go for it! Time for me to start the recovery process again! Best of luck!