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  1. Not exactly the same thing, but I was playing JPX 800 Pros until recently. They were fine, and reasonably forgiving for quasi-players clubs, but they were kind of an odd 'tweener set for me in that they didn't feel as smooth as the MP line but were noticeably less forgiving than the MX-200s I had previously. I wouldn't normally do this but ran across a deal on a slightly used set of JPX 825s in my spec and made an impulse buy, and, while they don't have the solid, muted forged feel that Mizuno is famous for, they feel and sound pretty good for GI irons. But the real difference is that they
  2. Twelve or thirteen generally. My fourteenth club is a 5W, which I hit a bit over 230 but not terribly reliably. It's better for me to avoid temptation by leaving it out, though 230 is not a very common shot to begin with, so it's not much of a loss. The driver sometimes stays home to get me down to 12 if I want to work on my 3W and longer irons while saving a little weight when I walk.
  3. 1. Good contact on a drive that is hooking (or, before I "fixed" my slice, slicing) a bit then somehow hits the great left (or right) turn sign in the sky and goes into its magical second gear of sidespin that carries it a full 85 yards into the woods/water/third fairway over 2. Clubbing down to a 3W after repeat problems with #1 because only a fool could miss the 3W only to demonstrate with a chunk, top, etc., that I am that very fool 3. 20-foot putt left 6 feet short 4. 6-foot putt sent 3 feet long 5. 3-foot putt THAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BREAK! HOW COULD IT NOT BREAK?! IT BROKE WH
  4. Leaving aside some of the shots that others have named that at my low skill level would be nothing short of heroic and thus only occur sporadically (and without any control by me--pure luck), my favorite shots that I actually can produce with some regularity: 1. 3H from 220 out or, somewhat less reliably, 5W from 235ish that lands on and holds the green (easily my favorite shot and probably the only thing I manage to do with some consistency that gets me compliments from playing partners--this is also the shot that is most likely to get me on the board in a scramble when teamed with good pl
  5. Seemore DB-4, replaced a Mizuno Bettinardi C-03 that is overdue to go on ebay. The Seemore is the nicest-looking anser-style putter I've ever seen, and it feels superb. Backup is my grandfather's Ping a-blade, which still puts a nice roll on the ball--though it does so in my office most of the time.
  6. I usually have one 300+ drive per round, occasionally two, seldom three and never more than that. Most reasonably good drives for me are between 260-290, but there are plenty of disastrous hooks where I get too quick on it to pull my true average well below that (though I've no idea what it is). At the other end of the spectrum, shots I hit from, say, 70-150 yards out that land pretty much where I'm aiming (or where I THINK I'm aiming) are a mirror image: one or maybe two per round. Curiously, nobody seems to start a weekly 20-page thread about that, but I know which stat of the two I'd r
  7. I think part of the problem with these discussions (other than the fact that people seem to get inexplicably emotional about this subject) is that true average drive isn't a terribly useful statistic for high handicap amateurs like me. For example, on Saturday I drove the ball pretty well for me and was playing a fairly open course. On the fifth hole, a 405 yd, pretty flat par 4, I had a 332 yard drive according to my playing partner's GPS (a once-a-season occurrence at most for me, and something I certainly could not do again on command). Unfortunately, it was my second shot, after the fir
  8. 140, with a 9 iron, in my fifth round of golf, for eagle on a par 4, the first hole of my Dad's home course. Since most of my shots at that stage were essentially random (nice to know some things don't change all that much), I looked all around the back of the green for the ball, thinking it had rolled off, when my brother went to pull the pin and found it sitting in the cup. Yeah, sure--I meant to do that. Didn't have my first birdie until four rounds after my first eagle.
  9. 3W is a directionally unreliable 250-60, but I love playing that shot despite the odds being against me at my skill level. If I make it on, it feels like found money; if I miss--well, I'm just a hack trying a 3W from the deck, so it's to be expected. My 20* hybrid is a much more reliable 230ish but not nearly as much fun.
  10. Iomic midsize is outstanding. Although not as large as a Winn midsize, it's plenty big enough for those with larger hands, and the sharp square sides really lock the user's wrists. Great, secure feel with lots of tack even on a light, relaxed grip. They can be had on ebay for a reasonable price.
  11. Wedges--definitely yes. As for the woods, generally (there are exceptions where the design incorporates a bendable hosel to allow for a couple of degrees' worth of adjustment) the lies cannot be adjusted, but it doesn't matter so much so long as your woods have a radius (i.e., round) sole. As long as the stock lie/setup basically suits your swing, a degree or too off of your optimal lie won't matter as much as with irons, where a couple of degrees can have surprisingly severe effects (I say this after just having gone through a re-fitting and having all of my irons bent 3° more upright from
  12. Adams sponsors Big Break. Many of the eliminated contestants (Gipper, for example) were wearing Adams hats, too, and they all used Adams staff bags. Also, I think I recall from coverage of the PEI Big Break that they were offered their pick of Adams clubs, too, if they chose to use them. Lots of people in that show were playing the 2009 Speedline (just like Mike was gaming the 9032LS in this season).
  13. www.travisheadcovers.com These are knit headcovers like Jan Craig, but Havala (the owner/maker) can do some nice custom options on embroidery. My dad has had JCs for years, and they're very nice, but Travis are at least equal in quality, 20% cheaper and they come more quickly (2-3 weeks instead of 4-6).
  14. Mizuno makes a nice winter glove--Thermagrip--that is a reasonable compromise between warmth and thinness/feel. It's not as comfortable as a normal setup, but it's definitely better than frozen hands or, heaven forbid, not playing. Also, if you use a pushcart when walking cart mittens are a good option. Just wear your normal glove (or none, if you don't use one) and keep your hands in the mittens until you get ready to hit.
  15. I've noticed very little scuffing/shredding from my CG14s in comparison to some of the wedges that guys I frequently play with use (esp. Vega and Scratch) wedges. At the same time, CG14s are not as spinny as those--a good middle of the road option for those wanting decent feel, some additional forgiveness and a nice heavy head but not the highest spin (or wear on the ball), I think.
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