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  1. One of my favorite ways to practice my chipping I take a 5 gallon bucket and a bunch of balls. set it at a few different distances and aim for the bucket.
  2. I would buy the irons as a set... I would have to assume that's when it would play a factor...
  3. it's my first month trying this challenge. cold rainy day here... caught up on youtube videos and practiced some simple non swinging drills inside.
  4. sink every putt within 6 feet of the hole. Drive onto the fairway 85% of the time.
  5. I was going to say it sounds like your clubs are pretty new... If anything is damaged or you don't like a specific club I'd start there.. My irons are 30+ years old and let's just say I make a lot more mistakes than they do. haha
  6. I ended up picking up the clubs... too good a deal to pass up.. That being said I love the clubs so it went well.... my current bag looks like this. Callaway Big Bertha Driver Callaway Big Bertha 3 Wood Tony Penna 2-9, PW, and SW Triumph putter? Older putter I believe its brass to be honest. I don't know what to attack next.. Any suggestions are welcome. Obviously I don't need a driver or 3 wood anymore. Also as I mentioned before I don't want any hypbrids. I enjoy swinging the irons and never had a hybrid so I have no problem sticking with the irons.
  7. I came across a guy selling a one year old callaway big bertha 3 wood and driver. He said he'd give me both for 80 bucks. Are these good clubs? Does that seem like a good deal?
  8. general contractor and finish carpenter
  9. Thats funny! I'm a huge Johnny Cash fan I know the song well. There is a play it again sports near me I will check out also a golf smith that's not terribly far
  10. Thanks for all the suggestions so far!! I will look into those irons. I am going to go to a few places today to try and get a feel for things. I have been looking at the hot list of the past couple years and it seems like callaway, taylormade, nike, titleist, and cobra seem to be up top of all the lists. I don't mind spending the extra money on the nicer used set especially if I get a little more life and swing out of them. This is my other curve ball. I've learned on all old clubs and I really don't like the hybrid clubs. I'm much more comfortable with a 3 iron and a 3 w
  11. Hi all, Just joined the site. This is my first year really playing golf and I took a really strong liking to it. I have played about 10 times already this season and went to the driving range a fair amount. My gear is definitely lacking a bit as they are some old hand me downs. I don't really want to buy all new clubs at once since they are expensive but I figured little by little I could build a nice set. I am looking for peoples opinions on which clubs to replace first and some good used club options to look into. I have no problem buying the top of the line club
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