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  1. Currently have the modus Tour 120 in my irons, my club head speed is 108-112 with the driver, in my UT I have the aldila rogue black 85g. I hit the UT great but I travel a lot for work and play different courses in different states with a lot of different winds and want to be able to play it more like a true 3 iron at times, I guess my question is would a light steel shaft make it go too high or would using a modus tour 120 make it hard to get in the air at all?
  2. For me I am all about performance and cost, if I can get a good deal on a new club and it performs for me the brand doesn't matter. My bag only has matching iron set 4-A, these are full swing clubs, then I also match my manipulation wedges, 56º and 60º. My driver, 3 wood, UT, and putter don't match and I love every club
  3. So I have the Cobra UT in graphite shaft right now and I'm thinking of getting a steel shaft option, would it make more sense to go with a lighter shaft option similar to what cobra makes as standard with that club or should I match my current iron shafts?
  4. I am about to purchase the srixon 765 irons and because I get them through work for almost cost I'm not going through a certified fitter, srixon offers free shaft upgrade and come with modus3 tour 120 as standard shaft, my real decision is based on the project x 5.5 or nippon ns pro 950. If you guys have any preference or even a different shaft that'd be good too. I am looking to keep the ball lower but don't want to lower spin rates too much.
  5. I actually tested it side by side with the ping, hated the ping, too much offset and felt chunky on every hit. The cobra has a more piercing ball flight compared to a hybrid that I loved. I felt it was a hybrid that looked more like an iron but still had an iron like ball flight
  6. I went to a local golf shop and hit the Cobra utility iron and let me tell you the ball explodes off the face of the club, I hit it in 19.5° loft I was averaging 235 carry with one monster hit of 260 carry. Graphite shaft and it felt great in the hands even my mishits were going 215 the club is forgiving and looooooooonngggg. You guys have to try one out and as soon as I get the $200 I'm buying one and in it goes to the bag
  7. What do you all think of the small head hybrids? I feel like they look better at address but I haven't hit too many yet. I'd like to test those side by side to driving irons and see results.
  8. I know it's due to swing flaws with my 3i and probably my hybrid but that doesn't mean I can't get results from a different club with my swing
  9. I've had a hard time keeping my 3h from completely ballooning in the air. i hit my driver 260 and i have always hit woods better than hybrids. what utility iron would you recommend? i did consider one because of the added forgiveness.
  10. I have been having trouble properly filling my gapping when I get over 200 yards right now I am hitting my 4 iron 205 and my 3 wood goes 240. I am currently playing a 3 hybrid but I don't like the feel of it. Im thinking about adding maybe a 5 wood. i have a three iron currently out of my bag because it is difficult to hit and it only goes about 210 right now.
  11. I actually have the 712 AP1s but how many gram do you think I need to add? I have a 3 hybrid as well but looking for some other options as a backup to keep the ball lower
  12. I'm looking to have something that i can switch out and i also hit my hybrid a little too high for windy days. Last couple of times I've gone out its been a tough wind and my hybrid just gets lost but I don't have my 3 iron in commission right now either.
  13. I've been thinking about getting a driving iron, I currently play a Nike VRS 21º looking to get a driving iron to replace it. I'm looking for one with some forgiveness and easy to hit. I'm a pretty good ball striker, I saw Cobra drops a new Utility Iron on May 1st but not sure if you'd qualify that as a driving iron though, Let me know what you guys think.
  14. I am looking to reshaft my ap1s and I am not sure which shaft to buy. Online I've read AP1s are .355 tapered, can I trim a .370 to fit in the head of AP1s? Does it ruin the integrity of the shaft, steel or graphite?
  15. better to have standard length for shaft? i am also an amateur club maker, what kind of shaft and what kick point have you guys used?
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