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  1. Golf Goals for 2017 1 - Establish an official handicap my plan for this is to join a local course, and play there consistently(at the moment I bounce between 4 or 5 in the area depending on tee time availability) 2 - consistently hit low 80, stop above 90 blow outs. this ones tough, I usually hit low 80s but if I'm having a bad round I get into my own head and hit risky shots to try and bring the round back to a solid hit. Plan is to talk to my instructor about shot selection, and also read into this forum more about the mental side. 3 - train weekly and lessons monthl
  2. Update, I went in today and took my 5 iron(steel) and driver(graphite) hit about 20 balls with each and the two hybrids. And was more than happy with the stiff hybrid. So went with the stiff. The numbers looked good on the monitor, I was just having problems with and out to in swing, as I improved that(slowly) All the clubs are titleist (ap1 irons, 915D3 H1) thanks for the advice
  3. the stiffer flex had a larger dispersion than reg, and had some ugly slices. the regular had a dispersion similar to my iron shots
  4. ball flight was his reason, also he said i would grow into the stiffer flex as i became a better golfer, the regular flex was a fair bit higher and shorter than the stiff flex, however with the stiff my slice, which ive been working pretty heavily to get rid off, came out a bit. it didnt in the regular flex.
  5. Hi, i was fitted 6 months ago for a driver and some irons and the fitter was certain that i get a regular flex, as i was a beginner who wasn't getting massive head speeds, i have played a ton of golf lately (18 holes twice a week) and have improved my game immensely, i went in a few weeks ago to get a hybrid and after hitting a few at 80-95 mph head speed, the fitter then (different person) said he thinks that a stiff shaft would be more ideal. i told him i had a regular flex driver and irons but he was still set on the stiff hybrid shaft. im not sure what to do, i like the regular flex on my
  6. I use a ten finger grip and find the overlap and interlock grips extremely uncomfortable, however every fitter/coach ive seen has reccomended that i at least try the other two grips at a range and to see if i have improvements. i cant get past 3 shots with out feeling like the club will fly out of my hands or my fingers will break. is the ten finger grip necessarily going to impede my game?
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