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  1. can't really say why, other than people keep paying it. There is one putter that is mighty tempting right now; Odyssey 2 Ball Fang. Test drove one the other day and all I gots to say is wow! But not $249 worth of wow.
  2. I use 3 1/4" tees and tee is as high as I can. You HAVE to make a correct swing. If you release early, it drop kick city. I had trouble, at least for the first 8-10 balls on the monitor because they had a rubber tee in the matt. I was hitting thin. I brought some tees, but this wasn't the tee holding kind of rubber. I finally broke off a couple of tees and stuffed them down the rubber tee and it would grab the full tee then. Other than that, it's comfortable to me. I tee it up so the ball is almost all the way over the driver head, about a 1/4 of it below top of head. Also, tee it off the front big toe. However, with my time running out, I moved the ball back to my right arm/shoulder(lefty) and seemed to gain a few mph on the swing, so there might be something to losing speed way out there on the toe. Maybe because my club head is about even with my hands then and the release has expended itself instead of still releasing at the closer point. Didn't get to play with that, that much. Something I've got to explore a little more.
  3. These numbers came from a pretty beat up CG2. I wouldn't put a lot of stock in the precise accuracy, but just general overall. It told me what I was thinking but didn't want to believe. My club head speed had fallen. 62 years of age and haven't really played in a couple of years. Just getting back into it. Also I was averaging just the best shots in my head, the numbers might be(probably) are off a bit.
  4. no, didn't catch that. did show a profile and it seamed like a nice smooth arc with apex about 3/5 to 3/4 way out.
  5. Well, I confirmed my worst fears..........I'm getting old. Swing speed averaged around 93, a few over a few under. Swing change may have slowed me down a bit. Always said I'd trade 20 yards for the fairway.......may have been wrong!:) Launch angle between 15 and 18 for most part....a few under and a few over. Spin 2100-2550 Ball speed 137 for the most part. Did hit 144 once with 97 swing speed and 267 yards. Carry distance 245-250 and a few yards of roll. Didn't really matter if I hit the 7.5 or the 9°. Guess I'm gonna have to live with it and get better in other areas.
  6. OK, think no slack. All ways keep tension in the swing. If there is slack, you lose.
  7. Hogan's 5 Lesson. Not the be all end all of golf instruction, but a durn good base. READ it. Don't skim over sections or you'll miss critical information. There are some sections that just don't jive, but overall, it's pretty solid.
  8. yep, got some experimenting to do. Been raining all day here, so hopefully, I can find some facilities in the morn to get some numbers and see what's going on. Sometimes I play it a bit further forward........when I want to cut/slice the ball.....my swing starts back in by then. Appreciate the input. When I can get a swing recorded I'll see about posting it.
  9. already play it off my right toe(lefty)
  10. just got home and did some measuring where I hit into my net. Tee is 13' away from target and I hit the face of the target right at 3.5' high. On my calculator that equals a 15° launch angle. EDIT: Maybe I need to go to 10.5 with the SLDR to get closer to 17°
  11. Take this for what it's worth, I'm not an instructor. Practice the backswing. Make it a swing, not a slow lifting of the arms and cocking of the wrists. Make a full backswing a couple of times and let the club head give you a gentle pull at the end. Do this a couple of times, then when the club head gives you that gentle tug, rotate the lower body, knees and hips toward target. Your plane should shift a bit, tilt down and out, ala, Hogans 5 Lessons. Repeat and feel what's going on. Not in super slow motion, just not full speed like you're going to hit a ball. When you've done this and can feel the transition and timing, finish a swing by rotating shoulders and upper body, medium speed until the hands are about all the way down to lowest spot. Feel like the release is way too late. Hit the ball at the last second with the release. If you do this fast, the club head inertia will try to keep the circle/path correct and the release will be started almost automatically. Not really anyway to try to swing, just try to get the feel of not letting the hands take over the swing. Might also think about while at top of back swing, trying to poke the butt end of the club into a big ole bag in front of you.
  12. low or thin is usually my miss, but I discount those not expecting as much. Thanks. Finding a launch monitor hasn't been easy. Be browsing the net and haven't found any real answers. Golfsmith, Golf Galaxy, PGA superstore??????????????
  13. saevel, no don't know my numbers. Going to see if I can get some this weekend. I already have a pretty high launch angle. My drives take off and gets high pretty quick then levels off and drops. I really wasn't expecting too much height difference at 8°, just some spin change. I have a 7.5° that I hit pretty high already. Way higher than anyone else I play with.
  14. Does not compute to me either, hence the thread. I hit the ball solid with positive AOA. The ones off the sweet spot a bit, I discount and am not talking about. But the ones that feel crushed don't get the distance they MIGHT ought to. Maybe my swing speed has fallen off...... Spin maybe be too high, but I can't see how it could be excessive. I'm using a SLDR, built for low spin, a mid-high flex shaft and a positive AoA, do not hit down with the driver. But like I said, I need a session on a launch monitor to know for sure. I'm gonna take my 7.5 and the SLDR with 3 different shafts up to Dallas this weekend and see if I can find some numbers.
  15. I am perplexed. With my driver, I most usually make pretty fair contact. I get a pretty high upward angle of attack. My last swing speed check was a couple of years ago; 105. May have slowed a bit. People ooh and aah when I hit my driver...... only on launch. After all is said and done, some gorilla with a 3/4 swing will out drive me. I have hit 300 yard drives before with my 7.5° Dot Com This. Not norm. I bought a SLDR in 9.5 and hit it fairly solid. Only get about 250. Think I'll crank it down to 8° and see what happens. Question: With say a 4 or 5° upward angle of attack with a 7.5° driver, will it decrease spin more than a 9.5° driver with same AOA. A fellow golfer, a bit better than I am, stated I could use a 4° driver, a bit sarcastic I think and he may play golf better than he knows equipment. But he said I hit it harder and more solid and get less out of it than anyone he's seen. My ball goes high, higher than anyone around, even with the ;7.5°. I have a bit of secondary axis tilt. I'm thinking I may be running out of spin and the ball is just falling out of the sky. Possible? I get absolutely no run out of my drives. I need some launch monitor time, but am 70 miles away and I know.................................post a swing. Any one with any ideas?
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