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  1. If there was any truth to what she said when she was interviewed after her round at the womens open, then she pretty much said she could possibly see herself playing in the open if she was going to come back at some point. So while I doubt she will return the the tour fulltime, I would almost bet on her returning for a handfull of tournaments in a few years time.
  2. I just dumped my 5 wood for a 4 hybrid. I really liked my 5 wood, but the hybrid hits it exactly the same distance, and is a much more versatile golf club. Switching out my long irons for hybrids was the best thing I could have done for my game. And its nice to have a full bag of clubs I can actually use now.
  3. She threw the ball into the bleachers.... thats a pretty cool keepsake for some lucky person.
  4. How about Annikas final shot in 18....in the cup! Does the last shot you possibly ever take in the biggest LPGA tournament get any better than that? What a way to finish. I was supprised she threw that ball away though, I would have thought that was a keeper.
  5. I also thought she looked great today. I hope she captures her first major tomorrow!
  6. Right now I am playing the NXT Extreme and I think its a pretty decent allround ball. When I have them my favorite is the PRO V1x as well. They are amazing. I also did well with the HX Tour56, and they can be had for fairly cheap right now with Callaways newer ball out. I have to agree with your thoughts on the Nike One. I didnt care for them at all either.
  7. Pro's on the PGA tour use that exact same driver and hit it just fine. I would have to agree with the people who think the problem has to do with the people swinging the club and not the club itself. With that said, if you have your mind made up that you dont like the driver anymore, then by all means get something else. There are plenty of nice drivers to choose from these days. Head to you local retailer and hit as many as you can until you find something your comfortable with.
  8. Usually I would hit my 4 hybrid. Its almost a perfect 200 yard club for me.
  9. Hybrids are to versatile a golf club for me not to have one in my bag. And the fact that ALOT of tour pros prefer them as a replacement for at least one of their long irons makes my decision to carry them very easy. If a professional golfer has trouble with long irons, there is no place for one in my bag.
  10. You might wanna check out Adams A3/A3OS, both recieved gold in their respective catagories in this years golf digest equipment review, and I think deservedly so. They are extremely easy to hit, and very forgiving.
  11. "Other" for me as well. I use the Adams A3 Boxer hybrids.
  12. Are you teeing it up high enough? I picked one up last year, and it has probably been the best club in my bag. I have found more fairways with it than any of my previous drivers, and I find it incredibly forgiving on mishits.
  13. Im not looking to match everything at the moment mostly because I dont think there is any 1 company that has makes every club better than the other. There are definitely companys who make certain clubs better than others though. So a mixed bag makes sense if you buy your gear from that perspective,
  14. I have heard of this kind of thing being done before, and im thinking the coke is going to eat at the finish of the wedge. Im sure its not going to stay very chromlike after its been sitting in coke for a while.
  15. I have used a 3 and 5 wood for years and I would never think about taking them out of my bag. They are my go to clubs when im hitting my driver poorly, and the loss of distance is not as penal as hitting a hybrid or long iron. And your right about Nicklaus clubs. His high end offerings suprise alot of people.
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