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  1. XE1 Wedge: Have you tried it?

    I currently don't have a Sand Wedge in the bag and quite frankly, I am a little concerned with the 65*. Thought about getting the 56 as well but wanted to see how this works first. At this point, I don't have much to lose but we shall see if I'm wasting my time. Club should get here tomorrow or Thursday and I did plan on hitting the range to test it. If it helps half as much as my Adams driver, I will be thrilled. If not, I will keep looking for something I feel comfortable swinging.
  2. XE1 Wedge: Have you tried it?

    It appears that is now dated information. The USGA has the xE1 listed as approved. Seems, per the email shown above, they were able to work it out and get a new version approved so that should clear this issue up. Version 2 is USGA approved. I am one that doesn't really have the time to do all the things that will make my game better. I just like to do too many other things so spending hours at the range isn't going to happen. Last year, I purchased a new set of Adams hybrid Iron's and then followed up with their driver and three wood from the previous year. I had very old equipment and I can attest first hand that equipment can and does improve ones game, at least someone of my caliber... or lack there of. The game is now fun again and knowing I wasn't going to do the things to improve my game, I chose game improvement equipment and it was the best money I ever spent. Love the game again. Last thing that kills my game is the short chips and sand shots. Just not mentally comfortable hitting them and that just leads to disaster. So.... I just purchased a XE1 and I am a 20 handicapper. I will update what I think after I get a chance to use it. Was ecstatic about the Adams clubs and if I'm not so enthusiastic about this wedge, I will simply send it back but I hope I don't need to. Clearly this isn't a club for low handicappers...it's targeted towards folks just like me and I'm sure that's a pretty big market.