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  1. Fine save money, if you can. Personally I have gaps between my 5 wood and 5 hybrid at about the 180 yard range. It is most obvious on par 3's. I can't reach with the hybrid and am over the green with the wood. Apparently you are skilled enough to take a little off the 5 wood so that you don't hit it too far and wouldn't have that problem. If you ever need to fill the gap, so you don't have to manipulate the longer club, then you can go to an extra club. I often fell like I too few clubs at 14. Then I won't hit a 3 wood for a week and wonder why I even carry it. With your set up, you are reasonable to think about adding an extra wedge. I carried a 64* ala Phil for a while, and days when I don't hit the 3 wood, I wish that I had it. You did ask about which irons to look at. I have been using Callaways for quite a long time. Last year I picked up a couple XRs and really like their feel. This year, I don't know, I am going to test drive Tour Edge Exotics and see if I gain anything. Your pro will probably have recommendations following your fitting. Everything else being equal, he will know more about your swing than anyone except you. He also should know his own merchandise, and should be able to make the most reasonable recommendations for you. If he is supporting you with a free fitting, you should think strongly about supporting him.
  2. I think may current sets have a 6 or 7 through 9. Then one or more of the forged wedges are added rather than the stock PW,AW, SW. Many use hybrids rather than 3 or 4 (or 5). The fitting may indicate a non standard length, but this could be done not only because of your height, but also your swing path. I tend to hook with a standard lie, So my prescription is 1* flat and 1/2 inch short. They will check your swing with tape and make corrections of lie and length to try to get your contact point in the middle of the club. I was measured over 10 years ago and was thinking of getting remeasured. Obviously my swing has changed, but I wonder if my fitting will change.
  3. No demo days here. There really isn't much of a commercial retail market here, Everyone buys their new stuff in the States, i expect that there are a number of cheap used wedges available on ebay that were originally part of a set. That may be the way that i will have to go.
  4. Hi All, I am new member here and presently have a steadily increasing 14 handicap. My short game doesn't adequately compensate for my ever decreasing long game. Anyway, I have a bad sand 'allergy' despite lots of instruction and practice. Lately I have been using an ancient Callaway lob wedge which has a very significant offset. I don't know the bounce, but am guessing around 10*. I have two setes of clubs in different locations and would like to find a current wedge in the 56 to 60 range that has a significant offset. I have seen the Ex1 and don't care for it. I haven't seen the Tour Edge 1out, but it also reads pretty gimmicky. Still I am willing to give it a try if it is offset. Any other wedges anyone can rrecommend with an offset. I would actually look at one with lots of bounce for sand and one with minimal bounce for the tight lies I find myself in. T's for your time. JNQ
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