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  1. Scott0305


    I'll have my AA by the time my enlistment is done. I'm young I'm single and I'm not worried about fitting in a college environment. All of those concerns I'd have to deal with at any college regardless if I played golf. Also my major is business so if a school doesn't offer that it's probably not a real school. I want to play golf. I've worked hard to get my game where it is. I think I've earned the right to try. I'm just trying to figure out which avenues I take to get broaden my options when it comes time to pick a school
  2. Scott0305


    My needs academically are fairly flexible. I'm a good golfer and I'd like the chance to compete. I'm going to do play, I know that. I'm just looking for information about what kinds of tournaments I can play now to get the attention of coaches around the country
  3. Scott0305


    My name is Scott. I'm about a 2 handicap and play as often as I can. I say that because I've been in the airforce for 4 years since I graduated highschool and have 2 years left on my enlistment. I plan to get out after that and go to school using my GI Bill. I've been looking into play college golf but there's not a lot of information about people in my situation. Basically I've gathered this: I'm eligible to play, I don't really need a scholarship(GI Bill for that) but that I don't have any kind of resume for my playing ability. I've worked hard at my game to get to a 2 handicap, and I think
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