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  1. From my way of thinking it is futile. Unless you play under the same conditions all the time. I played on a course a few weeks back with greens that were like putting on concrete. Fast and huge breaks, upper and lower levels, serious 3-4 putt potential. I played the other day on a course that had greens like shag carpet. I was killing the ball to get it out to 25-30 feet. When playing on vastly different greens, various conditioning, high end courses versus local budget friendly tracks, etc.. the only way I can putt good week in and week out is to trust my technique. If I had a putter t
  2. David Orr is top shelf all the way and particularly known or his putting prowess. I spent a day with him and will see him again in the near future. I would go spend 2-3 hours with him improving your putting stance, routine, stroke, etc.. and then go back after a month of practice and ingraining the changes. Do you really want a custom fit putter for your current stroke? If you are a great putter, go for it. But if you are not, give some consideration to what stroke the Edel putter is being it to. I find some forward thinking goes a long way in these matters. A custom fit Edel or a Sc
  3. Typed dialogue is difficult, so bear with me. I am on your side and want you to succeed. Your putter is not the problem. Your lack of distance control is the problem. While a heavier or lighter putter may perform better on faster or slower greens, unless you play on the same greens, which are cut the same, maintained the same, etc.. the equipment change will be a futile pursuit. If you just want a new putter, get one. I am with you here and have around 20 myself. Yamada Emperor or Musashi is my suggestion if you want putter buying advice. ha ha.. Very soft feel and for me personally, th
  4. Nope. Worth every dime and they are very highly sought after for good reason. I am not a fan of Scotty Cameron generally speaking and I own four Tei3's. As for getting her refinished, I just got one back yesterday. The commonly known places for refinish... Kevin Colbert Tom Slighter BOS SC custom shop Kevin Colbert (putterplating.com) $85 "Northern Lights" finish... http://thesandtrap.com/t/58036/northern-lights-scotty-cameron-tei3 -Dan
  5. Working my way through it now. Have not read one word that didn't make sense. A first ever for me with a golf instruction book. I highly recommend his dvd as it compliments the book nicely. The book makes more sense to me after seeing the dvd a few times. Both book and dvd are on Jimmy Ballard's website. -Dan
  6. My journey towards learning how to properly swing a golf club has introduced me to all kinds of stuff. I have attempted to understand books from many of the most well known teachers and players. The norm for me is that I get a pearl or two from each book, dvd, etc.. but I never find an entire blueprint to go by that I can believe in or perform. I also have several 'training' aids in my garage collecting dust. I have a shelf full of books and dvds in my office. Golf is truly inundated with snake oil. Last week I spent two days down in Atlanta with Jim Grant at The Standard Club. Jim wor
  7. Get a Callaway FT-iZ. I bought one last month, never hit such a straight driver. The FT-i you linked in your first post sounds like a trash can lid banging, but is in fact very straight. Shorter than the FT-iZ though by quite a margin. Found mine new from greatergolfsales (or similar) on Ebay for $160 with a Diamanna blue shaft. Incredible driver for folks looking to find more fairways.
  8. I have been impressed with the following balls... Srixon Z star Titleist NXT Tour S Callaway Hex Chrome
  9. I would consider a Rife Aruba or Antigua. You can get them on Ebay new for around $100. Another thought, the older Ping BeCu putters, anser, pal2, etc.. can be found for $75-125 on Ebay in near mint condition. Fantastic soft feel on these old Pings and they don't break the bank. Bought a few from Ebay seller Heinenkugels in recent months. All looked practically brand new, but were 15-20 year old putters. He specializes in these BeCu putters. Then you could also get a stainless Ping that is brand new for $100. Many great choices in that price range. Either way,
  10. I mean it light heartedly of course, but the "fitting" does vary drastically depending on where you get it done. Golf Galaxy is Walmart for golf. David Edel is the most respected putter fitter in the country. You are thinking about the right things. Putting is a weakness in many folks game. The more time and energy I dedicate towards my putting, the better I get. Shot my all time low (81) twice in the last two weeks. My putting is one of the main reasons. I drained two 20 footers today and made numerous 5-8 footers. The driver was not on today. Irons were mediocre. My wedg
  11. Agreed, go for it. But prior to doing so, I would encourage you to take some putting lessons. Be sure to get a SAM putting eval if you can. It will show all the good and bad aspects of your putting stroke. Then with your improved stroke, consider a putter fitting. No sense in fitting a putter to a faulty stroke, but that doesn't stop most folks from doing it. Fix your stroke, then your putter. After working on these issues, an Aimpoint course would yield maximum results in my opinion. FYI, never say David Edel and Golf Galaxy in the same sentence. A custom fit Edel is a Ferrari, Golf
  12. Absolutely outstanding. Love this thing. Extremely well made, small, easy to use (click button one to activate, click again to show yardage). Just love it. I know have an exact yardage for any shot. Easy to hand hold out to 200 yards. I prop my hands on the steering wheel at times to steady it. 150 yards and in, where yardage matters even more, it is super easy to acquire the distance. Leupold has some "Pinseeker" mode, where it locks or something, but I have not had a need to try it. Saw it in the owners manual I think, but not needed. Awesome unit. -Dan
  13. Noodle or Precept Laddie X are my favorite cheap balls. Noodle is my fav of the two. Soft, long, and feel great off the putter as well. Check on Golfsmith and The Golf Warehouse for good deals. 36 balls for $29, 24 balls for $19.99, etc.. -Dan
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