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  1. Slow that backswing down. Need a face on video for better analysis please.
  2. Feel your weight shifting "to the target" as your follow through progresses.
  3. Nice looking swing Natalie! Keep it up!
  4. Indeed it is! Thank you, I thought it looked better as well - nice to hear some other confirmation of that! My clubs are fitted. 2 inches extended and 3 degrees upright.
  5. My target line (and end result) for this shot was right over that bunker to the right of the X.
  6. Sorry about that, I didn't realize there were rules for filming, now I know though! Nice attention to detail, my shoulders are actually in line with the target - it's my feet that are always so closed off. If it doesn't affect my accuracy at this point, because I know where it's going, do I even need to worry about fixing it? 99% shots that I know feel right coming off the club are right on my target line...
  7. Well, I battled the snow out there this morning. Practiced on the range for an hour before the round, focusing on trying to stand up more and straighten up my posture. Immediately noticed a difference in the "pureness" of my iron shots. There was still some pretty bad thins I hit, which is to be expected when you change something in your swing, but overall I was very happy with the progress. Standing up straighter allowed me to get my club on the right path much sooner as well. Even started drawing a couple balls on the back 9. Let me know what you guys think, in comparison from the first swing.... keeping in mind this is only 48 hours apart. Better? Worse? How does it look?
  8. Good information in that thread. I booked a round for tomorrow morning, so I am going to get out to the range this evening and before the round and try to straighten up my posture. I shot a 79 on Sunday, but I'm just going to go ahead and assume I'll shoot 90 tomorrow with the adjustments. Will post video tomorrow.
  9. How far do you hit say, a 7 iron? How far do you hit a 7 iron with a shortened backswing? How far do you hit a 7 iron with a normal backswing?
  10. Very fair point. Funny thing about golf is, just when you fix what you were previously doing wrong, something else goes out of whack. All about trial and error though. I'll post my swing from the front, also a 7 iron (don't remember yardage) but this was a slightly unintended fade shot.
  11. Great post, thank you for the reply and information! That image with the line on my swing really puts things into perspective for me. So if I stand up straighter, would that not cause me to start thinning shots more often? I'm going to read this article today!
  12. Focus on more fluidity with your swing, you're a little "herky jerky" on the way down. You need to come at the ball more from an inside angle. Think in-to-out. I had this issue for awhile and what I did to fix is before each swing, do a couple of round about "baseball" swings to get you used to swinging that rounder in-to-out swing.
  13. I've been Playing Golf for: 15 years My current handicap index or average score is: 10 My typical ball flight is: High and straight The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Push fade/Dead pull This is a 7 iron from 177 out, into the wind. Ball ends up about 20 ft left of the pin, on the green. My question is, posture. I feel like I am too hunched over, and if you look you can actually see me line up my club on the ball with the heel and actually strike it with the toe side. Should I stand up straighter at the hips, and move the ball position in closer to me? Or just don't fix what ain't broke? I feel like this is probably the reason I am likely to mishit and either slice/fade or pull the ball. Any advice is greatly appreciated! Videos:
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